byDavis, September 19, 2011
Well, I have had pizza, sandwiches and soup....skip the soup. Pizza here is pretty good and fresh tasting, but I seriously don't like cubed ham out of the package on my pizzas! Newks, please use canadian sliced bacon instead...that would make the pizza yummy! Sandwiches are good as well and the salads I've seen go by my table look good and are pretty big, as they should be. But this place is still overpriced for what you get...and you can get the same or better other places not as pricy!
byDavis, September 4, 2011
3 Spoons is good as far as self serve yogurt places go, but lets face it, it is overpriced and the lines are way too long. You can get faster service and less time waiting in line on LaSalle at the 'other' place as well as a lower price per ounce. It is the only place in the Highway 6 mega-mess so it has a huge corner on that market....somebody needs to open up another at the other end and compete!
byDavis, September 4, 2011
Apple wheat....that's all I want when I go to Cafe' Cap!! The rest of it is just stuff and yes, sometimes the service is less than desirable, but if you got up that early on a weekend to work, I don't think you would be little miss sunshine either!! Never had a bad meal there, despite the occasional bad service.
byDavis, August 27, 2011
you are hooked! The original schmaltz is best and filling. Skip the rest. And yes, it is very crowded at the noon hour, so try to go before or after, or as one reviewer suggested, call ahead.
The combination of meats, cheeses, and toppings on that yummy, chewy bread is fantastic! I can't finish a whole one, so I take it home for dinner and experience the taste twice.
byDavis, August 27, 2011
When this place first opened, I got really excited...a seafood place! Uh, not. Yes they have seafood, but NOT the kind I like to eat. Most of it is fried and quite frankly, the place is really oriental. We tried the steak. Don't do it when you go...it is tastless and tough. We tried the fried catfish...it's pretty good if you like catfish. We had sides, hushpuppies, mashed potatoes...all ok but not great.
It is located near Cavenders in the same place as a previous chinese buffet, same decor, same furnishings. (needs repair)
If you like fried stuff, this may be your place....if not, skip it. Red Lobster has it beat by a mile.
byDavis, August 23, 2011
We have been dining at the 'circle' for nearly 20 years and have seen the changes, good and bad. The past few years have been mostly good in the food and service department, with a few exceptions (very few). the best addition was brunch! They have one of the best eggs benedicts around and the rosemary potatoes are yummy.
Second to brunch, they have THE best happy hour in town....you can get appetizers half price and drinks ($2 margaritas). A party of 6 can get away from there for only 20-30 bucks! The newest appetizer is a plate of chicken fried steak bites with gravy and it is good and filling.
Sometimes the service is lacking, but generally it has been good.
byDavis, August 23, 2011
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Clay Pot
OK, can I re-review this place?? Over the past few months, Thanh and Phong has been making changes to this place, and I am so excited!
First they got some cool new lights and table decor, but the best change is the food! Some of the same old favorites and some NEW ones!!
They have a new lunch menu and it has Bahn Mi...3 kinds! I tried the pork, and I gotta say it was yummy! The pork was tender and it has shredded carrot, slices of cucumber and sprigs of cilantro, with a sprinkle of a vinegar dressing...so good...and served warm. She also added a new noodle dish with the roast pork and a sauce that I am going back to try real soon!
They have a 'special' of the day now, as well.
Thahn is always open to talking about her dishes and what customers like and don't like about them, and looking to improve them. I like that!
byDavis, August 22, 2011
I give this a good rating, and I can 'cause I am the reviewer, unlike those that give a rating with NO review. Lame.
I have gone to this O.G. since it made landfall on Waco Drive. I have always been satisfied with the food and service, except on a few and far between occasions. It IS a chain, so it should be consistent at least and it is.
We went this past Sunday and beat the after church crowd (our preacher was really fast this time, unlike usual) so we didn't have the long wait that usually accompanies the first Sunday Baylor is back in session.
It was neverending pasta bowl week..YAY! I don't know why I like that since I can never eat more than one serving...
I had the new Roasted Mushroom Parmesan sauce. A creamy parmesan sauce with roasted mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes.
I had it with a shell like pasta, but should have opted for a linguine or angel hair as the pasta was too thick for the sauce. But the sauce was good and tasty.
My hubby had the Pizzaiola Meat Sauce. A pizza-inspired red sauce with Italian meats, mozzarella and fontina cheese. It really did taste like pizza, it had pepperoni and sausage and had a kick of red pepper.
The breadsticks were hot and fresh, but the salad was so-so. They have gone back to mostly iceberg (they were adding alot of romaine at one time) and as anyone who reads my reviews knows, I detest iceberg. It could use more tomatoes and olives as well. That was a disappointment.
Otherwise, we had a very satisfying meal and some to take home!
byDavis, August 19, 2011
Barbeque...well that elicits all kinds of varying opinions. And not to be outdone, I am quite verbal about my taste in the art of slow smoking a hunk of meat!
My first preference, after 20 years in the area, is sadly 30 some miles to the west in Clifton...However, we don't get there often and the price of gas makes it a 'just gotta have or I'll die' trip out of it. So, a few years ago I discovered Papa Bears. It is a definite second for me!
Today I 'dined' (explanation of surroundings to follow food review) on Papa's friday (every Friday, ONLY on Friday) special...smoked brisket, sausage and RIBS!!! This was accompanied by a mound of his house-made mashed tater salad, and a small bowl of house-made pinto beans. All for $6.50! The rib (1 large) was yummy and not over smoked, the brisket was the same and the sausage had a good kick of spice...maybe a bit too much for the timid palate.
They serve you a seperate bowl of his BBQ sauce for drizzlin', dippin' or downright drownin'! All of it comparable, and maybe a bit better than the chain on I-35, without the larger cost.
It is a dive at most, simple old laminate top tables and cheap chairs. Food is served on older melamine ovals with real forks and knives, Decor is truckstop, meet yer buddy for lunch kinda place and Papa, will call you by name if you come often enough.
He also caters and we have used his services at our offices...it is always good. Have had his smoked chicken, turkey and THE best prime rib to ever grace a smoker, yummo!
If you do go on a friday for lunch, get there early as today, the brisket ran out by 1pm. We got the last, ha, ha!
byDavis, August 19, 2011
OK, we went last weekend, mainly because we had a coupon that was expiring (I LOVE coupons)and to ride with the top down on my hubby's newly purchased 'stang' down Hwy 6. We really didn't expect much, but were pleasantly surprised!
My hubby ordered a sirloin and I, a burger.
It was actually very good, the steak was juicy, tasty and tender, but a tad overcooked for how he ordered it. He got a side of mixed veggies that were not canned and were cooked right, and a baked potato that came with butter, bacon bits and sour cream at no extra charge.
My burger was d-lish! tasty, not overcooked and not too thick, with fresh tomato and lettuce. I opted for the 'hog chips' instead of fries. They are house made kettle style chips and were very tasty but a tad over cooked....some were close to burned.
There weren't many in the main restaurant, but there was a wedding reception going on upstairs, which could have accounted for the slight overcooking of the few items previously mentioned!
They have good prices on their beers as well. tap and bottle.
My only complaint, is that they serve iceberg (head) lettuce, and I detest it. I cannot see why a place would even want to degrade their food with that addition, when it wouldn't cost much more to switch to a leaf or romaine. Beware restaurant owners...if you serve any iceberg at your place, it will NEVER get an excellent rating from me!
byDavis, August 19, 2011
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I admit. I am a fan of mediterranian food. Introduced to it at the tender age of 16, I have looked for it in every place I go...lo and behold, there is some in Waco! Now admittedly it is Lebanese, not Greek, but they are similar in some things. I find the cucumber yogurt 'salad' D-lightful, even if it really is cucumbers in yogurt/dill sauce and NOT a salad. I love to dip the pita in it after I eat all the cukes! I also am a fan of dolmades, but at D's they call them stuffed grape leaves. Not cute to look at but packed with rice and meat and rolled up. (greek version of our cabbage roll)The spanikopita (phillo dough layered with spinach mixture and baked) is a piece of heaven.
Took a greek friend there recently and it was given 'good' marks (seeing it was really Lebanese) but bad marks for price for amount of food. I do agree there....it is pricey, but it is a one horse show for this town. I hear 1424 serves some greek, so we will venture there and compare!! Stay tuned!
byDavis, August 19, 2011
One thing is sure at this place...it will be consistent. I tend to like Cathay House, because you always know what you will get...no surprises here! The food is generally fresh and has a good flavor. The buffet on Sundays is best, but is on the small side compared to the mega buffets of other 'chinese' places around Waco. But even with the small size, I prefer it to the others for taste and freshness.
I am a fan of their soups and lo mein. I agree with others about the seating but it is, what it is. A small place with good food. Price for the buffet is pretty darn good as well.
If you like a true dive, this is it. Now I am not a snob and love to eat at small hole-in-the-walls....but after a 'meal', and I say that lightly, here, you will need a triple bypass as well as a hot shower to remove all the grease you collect from your visit.
I asked for my bun 'without' 'butter' and I could have sworn they thought I was from outer space. Granted, that is exactly why most people go there, for the grease, not to be looked at strangely, but I was with others who out-voted me on lunch that day.
I will say however, the burger was tasty and edible, but definately not a healthy version of the humble burger! If you value your arteries, don't make Cupps a weekly habit!
byDavis, August 18, 2011
I like Uncorked. I am not wild about it, but I like it! I have been in some great wine bars so I am a bit picky. this however is a good one for our area.
I am particularly fond of the Agave wine margarita...it is a house specialty and they are good at it! The sandwiches and fruit/cracker and cheese plates are nice as well.
Great place to unwind on a Friday evening if you live in the Hewitt/Woodway are.
byDavis, August 18, 2011
Considering it is a chain, each one can be a bit different. This one is usually fairly consistant and serves up decent fresh hamburgers with a wide variety of toppings from the bar, that you get for yourself. I like the veggie bar, but am always a bit wary due to the fact that anyone can add their germs at any given time. But I suppose that can happen if they do it for you, as well.
My favorite thing about Fuddruckers, is the fries...really good, and I am not a fry kinda guy!!
The price is comparable to all the other 'fresh' made burger joints so no complaints there.
The cookies are yummy!
byDavis, June 24, 2011
Sironia Cafe
Never had bad food here. I really don't know why every one seems to think it's so pricy....did you really take a look at your bill at say....Five Guys, or Sam's on the Square? Really people....quit whining! For heaven's sake....it is NOT mickey 'D's (and they are pretty pricey as well!). There is something about the flavor of the vermicelli salad that keeps me ordering the trio. AND those muffins are a bit of heaven in a basket! The soups and quiche are super, as are the yummy desserts.
What more can I say, you just can't go wrong here with the food! However, sometimes the service is a bit lacking!
byDavis, June 24, 2011
Dropped in to this place a few weeks ago to kill some time before the dinner hour started on a Saturday.
I like the fact that they open at 4pm and have a nice selection of appetizers for you to purchase with your drink. Certainly don't want to drink and not eat something.
We had the house made Sangria, which was pretty good, since we both have lived in Spain and are extremely critical of what people try to pass off as 'Sangria'. I like the fact that they serve it over ice, I like mine that way. We also had a fruit, cracker and cheese plate. We really filled up on this! My only criticism of this would be the lack of fruit....there was fruit, but not as much as we would have liked. It was a small portion compared to the crackers and cheese.
Service was great, considering there was only one person there, but we were the 1st to arrive. Great decor and extremely clean.
Ambiance was great, as well. We will go back!
byDavis, June 24, 2011
I am sure this is good for others, but not for me. I found the Bun Xao a bit on the salty side and the meat tough to chew. It was fresh, but would have liked to see a bit more veggies in the bowl. As with most eateries, everyone has their own taste and preferences....and this wasn't mine.
byDavis, May 10, 2011
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Thought I was in for a treat...not. Burger meat lacked flavor and I don't think one should have to top their burger with tons of things to get a great taste. (like a steak) It should stand on it's own. I will not go back.
byDavis, May 10, 2011
Clay Pot
I frequent this establishment nearly every week. Maybe it is the spring rolls and tea that keep me coming, but you can't beat the 'at home' feeling you get from the owners. My fav dish is the pad thai and chicken fried rice. I will agree that the chicken seems a bit ready made, but given the tiny size of the kitchen, I am guessing that it is a small compromise for other pressing items. I can handle it! (gladly) There is NO place in Waco....and I mean NO place that can top Thanh's fried rice! Like others I did not give it an 'excellent' rating due to the fact that I have never found ANY restaurant that deserves that rating.