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Nice place!
Dropped in to this place a few weeks ago to kill some time before the dinner hour started on a Saturday.
I like the fact that they open at 4pm and have a nice selection of appetizers for you to purchase with your drink. Certainly don't want to drink and not eat something.
We had the house made Sangria, which was pretty good, since we both have lived in Spain and are extremely critical of what people try to pass off as 'Sangria'. I like the fact that they serve it over ice, I like mine that way. We also had a fruit, cracker and cheese plate. We really filled up on this! My only criticism of this would be the lack of fruit....there was fruit, but not as much as we would have liked. It was a small portion compared to the crackers and cheese.
Service was great, considering there was only one person there, but we were the 1st to arrive. Great decor and extremely clean.
Ambiance was great, as well. We will go back!

Fair Selection and Yummy Bites
I went to Klassy Glass for the first time a couple months ago. I went during the lunch hour and had a pleasant experience. The staff was so friendly, we ended up talking to them for an extra half hour even after we were done. They have a lot of great stories, and just generally good spirited. (haha, get it?) It's definitely the place to go and meet some friendly new people around town without it being awkward. We sat and they let us taste some wines before deciding on our actual drink choice, and then we ordered from the menu. I believe I had the chicken salad croissant with chips. It was very refreshing and the perfect light lunch to go with a nice glass of wine. They don't always have the largest selections (that may change as they grow) which is why I rated it good. Had the atmosphere been a little down, I may have rated it average, but there is something about the people that make me give it a higher rating.

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