byStephanie, June 2, 2011
Baris is seriously a landmark in Waco. I know the original one is kinda old and dingy looking, but it has so much character. I love the food and I'm not afraid to try new things on the menu because I know I'll like it.

The service can be iffy sometimes when there's a rush, but eventually someone always notices and fixes it.

Ms. Mary is always there too, which is fun. It's nice to see familiar faces when you eat out. She makes things personable.
byStephanie, June 2, 2011
Bangkok Royal
There was a while where it was almost every other day, but I cut it out.I love so many things on their menu, it can be difficult to pick just one thing. This is one place where I really do enjoy sitting down and eating a meal. I also love take out- they wrap everything up in an aluminum box which keeps everything hot and tasty! Warning: those containers are not spill-proof and my car mats are evidence of this. Oops.

I adore the Thai Fried Rice and Pineapple Fried Rice and other things I cannot remember the names of because they are numbers, and I don't do too well with numbers. The fried bananas are a treat! I've gotten a few friends hooked on them.

While many people complain about their staff, I think they're just really laid back. I really never have an issue about it. It's just common knowledge what you're getting into when you eat here.

Yes, I will keep coming back and coming back.
byStephanie, June 2, 2011
I would've never tried Rosati's if it weren't for awesome Christmas parties. Go boss!
Since this was a Christmas party it meant I got to sample a LOT of food from everybody's plates. I had a deep dish slice, Chicago, thin crust, appetizers was delectable. (I really don't remember what all I ate, but I do know one thing, it was awesome.) They know what they're doing.

I happen to think this joint is adorable. It is 15 minutes from BU area...but that's hardly anything. It's worth the drive. I definitely need to go here more often.
byStephanie, June 2, 2011
Have nothing to do on any night of the week? Then you'll probably find some other people with the same issue at Cricket's. It's nothing too special, but the food is good and the beers are too. Their selection of beers is not too shabby. They happen to carry Ace Pear on Draft and this makes me very,very happy. The bartenders are good about making a specialty drink if you know how to make it, which is good. Personally, I like that they have a few activities, like shuffleboard.

I am somewhat annoyed that they still allow smokers (I thought that's why they made the 2nd enclosed bar...) but whatever.
byStephanie, June 1, 2011
I've been twice now and so far I'm really not all.
The food to me always looks great, and then I eat it and it's not. They use some spices that just do not flow well. I had a sandwich that was overwhelmed with horseradish and the same with a salad. I tried not to be too upset because that's mainly my fault (I hate horseradish) however, I did ask about the sandwich and the gal said nothing about it. Oh well, I don't necessarily blame her either.

The only thing I ate here that was good was the pasta side and the pizza my boyfriend didn't get to finish because I stole it from him when I gave up on the salad.

I more than likely will not be back here.
byStephanie, June 1, 2011
I love the look of this little baby bar, but seriously, I cannot body surf every time to get a drink. Ok, not really, but it is extremely difficult to get around in this bar. Usually all the chairs/tables are taken and there is NO ROOM at the bar to even attempt to get a drink.

They're famous for their fish bowl drink (which comes in a fish bowl) and God knows what is in it.

I'd rather go somewhere a little more chill. Somewhere where people aren't making out two inches from my face.
byStephanie, June 1, 2011
I know, I'm going against the grain here...but I'm not super impressed. It's SELF SERVE and I still have to wait 30-45 minutes? I seriously must come on the wrong mornings, afternoons, and nights because the line is always INSANE.
Not to mention, and nobody chew my head off, but I'm not crazy about the flavors. (Kudos for getting to try them beforehand though!) I'll stick with Oso's downtown. They seem to understand me.
byStephanie, June 1, 2011
I seriously have never seen a Panera with a drive thru, nor any other restaurant that may be similar (i.e. La Madeleine). There's nothing I love more than getting off work, grabbing my pup for a ride to grab a bite to eat. Thanks Panera for understanding that some people really just need to stay in their car to grab food. (Yes, I'm that lazy.)

I feel at times Panera can be overpriced, but I just love me some soup and sandwiches. Occasionally a salad when I'm feeling guilty about eating awful foods.

If you join the rewards program, they really do give you rewards. Usually a free pastry item or drink, but hey, every little thing counts.
byStephanie, May 31, 2011
Whether I'm going on a very rare hot date to Diamondbacks or enjoying the fabulous Happy Hour, I never leave unsatisfied. You seriously cannot beat the drink and food specials. Even if you cannot afford to have a meal here, you can still enjoy some tasty h'ordeurves.

The service is great and the atmosphere is always a delight. If you catch it at the right hour, you can even enjoy some live jazz guitar.

Lastly, if you ever get the chance, order the bananas fosters. You'll understand what I mean when you do.
byStephanie, May 29, 2011
I'd like to think that I like frozen yogurt better than any of the frozen desserts. It may be a phase, but it's Oh so good! I had the Georgia Peach and Original Tart. I don't really ever branch out to the crazy flavors.

The location is great and so that's definitely a plus!
byStephanie, May 29, 2011
I went to Klassy Glass for the first time a couple months ago. I went during the lunch hour and had a pleasant experience. The staff was so friendly, we ended up talking to them for an extra half hour even after we were done. They have a lot of great stories, and just generally good spirited. (haha, get it?) It's definitely the place to go and meet some friendly new people around town without it being awkward. We sat and they let us taste some wines before deciding on our actual drink choice, and then we ordered from the menu. I believe I had the chicken salad croissant with chips. It was very refreshing and the perfect light lunch to go with a nice glass of wine. They don't always have the largest selections (that may change as they grow) which is why I rated it good. Had the atmosphere been a little down, I may have rated it average, but there is something about the people that make me give it a higher rating.
byStephanie, May 29, 2011
What can I say, I love me some JJ's. Luckily, I've had it in the previous years, but when I heard it was coming to Waco I was probably more excited than most. If you've had it, and then it got taken from you, then you may have been just excited as I was!
I have to stand up and say it's never been noisy or overcrowded when I go, even on Sundays after the church rush. I'm sure if you had that experience it was because it was new, and like all new things in Waco, everyone must try it at exactly the same time.

Anyways, I usually get the Beach Club or the Country Club. Every now and again I'll branch out, but those two have always been delicious. The delivery option is also AMAZING. C'mon, how many places besides pizza joints deliver around here?! Maybe I'm just lazy....(or work 7 hours a day without lunch), but this is a great option.
I will pick this over Subway any day.
byStephanie, May 26, 2011
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We decided to venture out last night to Portofino's, not knowing exactly where it was. Thankfully, a GPS got us there without an issue. It's in a little old shopping center so it's easily visible. We walked in and there were literally 2 tables sat, so we were sat immediately and put into a secluded area. The waiter immediately lit the candle on our table and got our drink order. I ordered the Eggplant Parmigiana, which would have been great had the eggplant been ripe. However, it wasn't terrible, in fact, it was still pretty good. I can't tell you what veggies are out of season, but I'll cut them some slack. The waiters were all very professional and kind, and it was a quick, fun meal. I still prefer Baris, but if you need a change of scenery or maybe a little more elegant atmosphere, then this place will suffice. I'd definitely go back for another try!
byStephanie, May 25, 2011
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Cafe Homestead
This, by far, is one of the best restaurant experiences I've ever had. I usually tend to get the burger and nibble off the bf's plate. Their sweet potato fries are cooked perfectly and the burgers are indescribable. I always leave satisfied and a little too full.
While waiting for my food to arrive, I usually browse the goodies (i.e. pecan pie bars, homemade ice cream, cheeses, breads, etc.) I usually buy a few of these as well since Homestead is quite a bit aways. It feels good to eat at a place where organic is offered.
If you ever have any extra time, you should definitely go for a walk on the grounds. I've taken a liking to the baby goats.