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Good for what it is
The food is reasonably priced, and usually good. Pizza's especially. I used to love going for the alfredo sauce, but last time I went it wasn't on the menu. Now THAT was awesome! They "had" the best alfredo sauce I'd ever eaten. No more. Service is usually pretty bad, no refills on tea and drinks. And parking? Fugettaboutit! And no, you cannot park at the restaurant next door.

Best Italian Restaurant in the Waco area
If you love the real deal, then Baris Restaurant is for you. The stromboli is to die for, and the pizza is excellent too. We lived in Waco for several years, but we had to move for work. We still go to Waco a few times a year. When we go, we always have to stop at Baris. We wish that we lived closer so we could eat there more often! The owner and staff are very friendly and polite. Try their food. You won't be sorry!

It's good...
When I eat at Baris, I often come away with just a general "okay" feeling. It's certainly not great, but I'm never unhappy with what I order, except the chicken marsala- I'm not sure what went wrong there, but it had no flavor at all.

They've done a good job bringing out kid dishes before the main meal when requested. Although, I do wish their dining room was a bit larger. I often feel that having a high chair makes for an awkward experience for other guests, servers, and our family.

Great Pizza
We had guests in from out of town and they were hungry for pizza. We suggested Baris and were not disappointed. The pizza has a wonderful thin crust with crisp bottom and just the right amount of cheese, sauce and toppings. It is always a great value and has the local touch and character that no chain could ever duplicate.

Could you please blast that with pink sauce?
Baris' pink sauce is the long lost nectar of the gods--a substance so creamy and delectable that it could make just about anything edible. Okay, so maybe not anything per se, but it might stand a chance against the evils of, say, celery. Rumored to be Baris' take on vodka sauce, it's one of my favorite substances in the universe.

Every town needs a Baris--an inexpensive Italian-American eatery full of cheesy goodness. Like many other Waco favorites, it's probably not the most authentic representation of Italian cuisine. They're very heavy on the sauce with their pastas and I've even heard that the delicious spicy tomato house vinaigrette is more Albanian than Italian. Who cares? It tastes good, plus the extra sauce on everything means that there's something to dip those terrific fluffy rolls in.

I have a hard time tearing myself away from the tortellini pink, but when I do, it's all been far better than the prices on the menu would suggest. They definitely make one of the better pizzas in town. Baris shines for quality cheap eats, and it's worth dealing with their cramped nightmare of a parking lot to eat there.

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