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Totally underwhelming...unless you're there for happy hour.
I never understood how Diamondback's passes for fine dining. Sure, the food is decent, the bar is top notch and they sometimes have a nice jazz quartet in the corner, but I always just feel like I'm eating in an annex to Cricket's. Maybe it's the sort of rustic decor. If you want a quiet place to have a special meal, you're going to loathe the high ceilings and loft-like feel to this place. I always find myself talking a bit louder than I'd like to be in a place like this because it's such an open space.

The food on the main menu is pricey--a bit too much so outside of happy hour. My steak was good, but not exactly memorable. I think I enjoyed the side caesar I got with it more since I think I could taste a little hint of anchovy in there.

Happy hour is where Diamondback's shines. All the appetizers are $3, if my memory serves me right--and they're all very yummy. At $3 a plate, it's hard to go wrong.

The bar, as stated earlier, is top notch. I judge bars by how they make my martini. I want decent gin. Very dry. Shaken, not stirred (tee hee), and keep your dang olives and olive juice out of it. So, it's basically gin with a couple drops of vermouth in there. Not only do they have a decent selection of gin (among other things), but the bartender complied with my list of unreasonable requests just fine. (No, I don't actually ask for it shaken, but I will get all "son, I am disappoint" if I don't see a shaker come out shortly after my order goes in. There's just some things you DON'T do, man. Stirring martinis--which end up less cold as a result--are one of 'em.)

Anyway, I got deliciousness, therefore, I was happy.

My only complaint on the bar side would be with those stupid metal martini glasses. They're cute, they're rustic, we get it, you're trying to be "Texan," but stop it. You've got to draw a line somewhere, and this is where I'd do it. Why? Because I can't see the water line in my drink very well. Even though I'm just spilling clear liquid on myself, Betty Bowhead with her frou-frou Pineapple Mango Cranberry Appletini is going to inevitably drizzle radioactive hued booze all over something she doesn't want to, and then we've got a sticky mess on our hands. I keep intending to order my drinks in a nice, clear lowball glass (hopefully these aren't metal, too?), but I always forget. Curse you, bizarre steel glasses. CURSE YOU.

Great happy hour, overpriced dinner
I love Diamondback's Thursday happy hour of $4 select appetizers and $4 select drinks. The service is usually sub-par if you sit outside on the upper deck, but considering it's so cheap, it is not usually a huge problem. I have been twice during non-happy hour times, and felt like the food was average but overpriced. Would HIGHLY recommend happy hour, but I would not recommend regular hour times.

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Best Cocktail Bar in Town
By no means an exaggeration, my assertion that Diamond Backs has the best cocktail bar in town is backed by two simple factors: their liquor quality is unparalleled, and their bartenders know how to make their drinks. I went in there recently for the happy hour specials and ordered El Martini, a familiar style of drink which gives the traditional gin martini a Mexican twist. I've seen this same scene repeated at bar after bar across the state, a bartender or bar-owner decides to offer a drink that combines the delicate balance of the martini with the raw sour shot to the face that is a typical margarita. The results are, predictably, somewhat akin to teaching a hippo to tapdance. Overcompensation for the bright flavors of the lime juice and the strength of the tequila means that the last few dregs of the hybrid drink are almost exclusively olive juice and Cuervo Gold.

Not so at Diamond Backs. The mexican martinis were delicious, and potent enough to make me start to think about the 25 year old Single Malt Scotch (in and of itself a sign of a great bar) batting its' eyes at me from the back row.

Truly a relaxing experience
Whether I'm going on a very rare hot date to Diamondbacks or enjoying the fabulous Happy Hour, I never leave unsatisfied. You seriously cannot beat the drink and food specials. Even if you cannot afford to have a meal here, you can still enjoy some tasty h'ordeurves.

The service is great and the atmosphere is always a delight. If you catch it at the right hour, you can even enjoy some live jazz guitar.

Lastly, if you ever get the chance, order the bananas fosters. You'll understand what I mean when you do.

Great Wine - Best Happy Hour in Town
This place is notorious for their wine selection - don't come here for beer.

Their dining menu has some great items and sitting down is great for special occasions,

BUT the Happy Hour is by far the best in town - Happy Hour priced Sushi and Kobe Beef Sliders are the bomb!

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