byPubCrawler, September 5, 2013
Whatever that wonderful man who owns Louisiana Catfish and Chicken does to his food ought to be weaponized. It would make all of our enemies so fat and happy that war would be a thing of the past.

In all seriousness, I grew up on fried catfish and have had it all over the South and this is some fine catfish.

It can take a little while to get your food because they only start cooking when you order, but if you call ahead you can avoid the wait. The restaurant has great hours, and you can really tell that the folks that run the restaurant have a deep appreciation for all things fried. You also can't get any more authentic than a place that serves catfish tails and chicken backs.

So, the next time you're out looking for a local restaurant to support or just a mess of fried angel wings to chow down on, forget Raisin' Cane's or the fast food nation. Go to Louisiana Catfish and Chicken.
byPubCrawler, August 26, 2011
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I'm Southern. I grew up Southern (not the racist kind) and even after a fair amount of travel I remain Southern. I was taught as a child to distrust anything that smacked of carpetbagging Yankee influence. However, I must admit I have a bit of a weakness for bagels and lox. Somewhere buried deep inside is a longing for smoked fish and schmear of which I am often ashamed.

Fortunately my occasional Yankee tendencies were suppressed by not having a decent bagel place in Waco. But then Baylor got an Einstein Bros. My blissful separation from smoked salmon had been shattered, and I had to have a freakin' bagel.

It was good. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Not because it was a great bagel on its' own but because it was warm, creamy and ready to eat. That first bite was an explosion of vinegary, under-spiced, salty, Yiddish, Mets-cheering, subway-riding, Chrysler building, Yankee goodness. Unfortunately, Southern practicality soon regained control and I realized that I had just paid nine dollars for a decent bagel and bad cup of coffee. It wasn't even very good by normal Einstein Bros. standards.

Halfway through the second half I was ashamed that I had betrayed my heritage by eating this salty piece of fish.

But, heritage aside I enjoyed it. I don't like that I enjoyed it, but I did. Anything in a food court just won't be as good as a stand alone store, but Baylor's Einstein Bros. Bagels is a bit of an exception. If you decide to go, make sure you're there at an off hour because the line goes out the door (figuratively speaking) at peak times. Their sweet and savory bagels are the best in Waco, and apparently they have sandwiches. So if you don't mind crowds of students and are craving a bagel hit it up, just remember it is possible to eat Yankee food without having to act like one.
byPubCrawler, July 15, 2011
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By no means an exaggeration, my assertion that Diamond Backs has the best cocktail bar in town is backed by two simple factors: their liquor quality is unparalleled, and their bartenders know how to make their drinks. I went in there recently for the happy hour specials and ordered El Martini, a familiar style of drink which gives the traditional gin martini a Mexican twist. I've seen this same scene repeated at bar after bar across the state, a bartender or bar-owner decides to offer a drink that combines the delicate balance of the martini with the raw sour shot to the face that is a typical margarita. The results are, predictably, somewhat akin to teaching a hippo to tapdance. Overcompensation for the bright flavors of the lime juice and the strength of the tequila means that the last few dregs of the hybrid drink are almost exclusively olive juice and Cuervo Gold.

Not so at Diamond Backs. The mexican martinis were delicious, and potent enough to make me start to think about the 25 year old Single Malt Scotch (in and of itself a sign of a great bar) batting its' eyes at me from the back row.
byPubCrawler, July 11, 2011
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First of all, as a regular at this establishment when the previous comment was posted, I feel as if a formal apology is in order. I'm sorry you had a bad time, I'm sorry you thought the service and selection was lacking, I'm sorry you aren't assertive enough to grab the bartender's attention, and I'm sorry you aren't talkative enough to make any friends at a pub.

As a patron of pubs in multiple states and countries I can assure you that assertiveness and friendliness are two qualities that pub goers must possess in order to have a good time. Anyone choosing to visit Barnett's in the future must keep this in mind- if you walk up to the bar and sit meekly you will be ignored for a bit, if you shake the bartender's hand and introduce yourself you may eventually end up with your own seat and a mug ready for you when you sit down. As for the "clique-ish" feeling experienced by the other reviewer, I can assure any other patrons of Barnett's that people of all races, creeds, religions, and political persuasions are welcomed openly by the staff and regulars. Please, sit at the bar, strike up conversation with a stranger and have a beer.

Barnett's features a wide selection of beers an liquors for any palate and persuasion as well as a menu small menu of pub food. However the size of the menu and kitchen do not speak as to the quality of the food. The shepherds pie is wonderfully hearty and the sandwiches are absolutely tops. However it is the side dishes and desserts that make this pub stand out as a restaurant. The two I am speaking of in particular are the Irish Nachos and the homemade Bread Pudding. The nachos are made of potato crisps in a Guinness cheese sauce covered with bacon, chives, and sour cream- best served as a side to a Dublin Club (ask for the sandwich special). The bread pudding is made by the cook, and wonderful woman that we at the pub call "Mum" and it is absolutely to die for. The pain of having had Mum's bread pudding is that it appears infrequently and in limited supply.

In the interest of giving a fair review it is my unfortunate duty to report on the decline of Barnett's Pub I have recently noticed.

There was a time when Barnett's had +50 quality beers available, the atmosphere was more cheerful and friendly, and uniquely for Waco patrons could bring a beer out to the street while they had a smoke.
Due to what I understand began as a desire to offer quality liquor as well as quality beer the pub's owner applied for a liquor license, and with that came new rules prohibiting street side consumption and the inevitable inclusion of a fruity cocktail menu at the bar.

Going in there recently I have to admit that the atmosphere has changed. Any Friday night there are likely to be the usual compliment of those inebriated young ladies one might expect to find at any other bar in town. The shelves that once held beers now hold cheap liquors, and most of those people that make a pub interesting are nowhere to be seen.

Lamentably this scene has edged towards the norm for Barnett's, I can hardly stand to be there anymore. But every now and then on a quiet Tuesday or Wednesday night the true denizens of the pub come out, and on those rare nights Barnett's turns into something really special.