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Tasty Yankee Food
I'm Southern. I grew up Southern (not the racist kind) and even after a fair amount of travel I remain Southern. I was taught as a child to distrust anything that smacked of carpetbagging Yankee influence. However, I must admit I have a bit of a weakness for bagels and lox. Somewhere buried deep inside is a longing for smoked fish and schmear of which I am often ashamed.

Fortunately my occasional Yankee tendencies were suppressed by not having a decent bagel place in Waco. But then Baylor got an Einstein Bros. My blissful separation from smoked salmon had been shattered, and I had to have a freakin' bagel.

It was good. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Not because it was a great bagel on its' own but because it was warm, creamy and ready to eat. That first bite was an explosion of vinegary, under-spiced, salty, Yiddish, Mets-cheering, subway-riding, Chrysler building, Yankee goodness. Unfortunately, Southern practicality soon regained control and I realized that I had just paid nine dollars for a decent bagel and bad cup of coffee. It wasn't even very good by normal Einstein Bros. standards.

Halfway through the second half I was ashamed that I had betrayed my heritage by eating this salty piece of fish.

But, heritage aside I enjoyed it. I don't like that I enjoyed it, but I did. Anything in a food court just won't be as good as a stand alone store, but Baylor's Einstein Bros. Bagels is a bit of an exception. If you decide to go, make sure you're there at an off hour because the line goes out the door (figuratively speaking) at peak times. Their sweet and savory bagels are the best in Waco, and apparently they have sandwiches. So if you don't mind crowds of students and are craving a bagel hit it up, just remember it is possible to eat Yankee food without having to act like one.

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