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Great food, everything was fresh and the customer service was awesome!
texas travelerby

really good food, really good service, really good atmosphere, really really really bad parking situation. had to park 4 blocks away. and there was a deliver truck (18 wheeler) out front delivering groceries through the front door. but the food is worth the pain to get there.

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My family went to try Portofino because we like to go to the local "non-chain" places. We like Italian food. I was disappointed with the food. I ordered one of my favorite dishes Chicken Marsala. (actually I prefer Veal but when in Rome) My wife and child got the Fettuccine Alfredo. Their dishes were nothing special and mine was less than that. I cannot verify it but I am under the belief that at least their Marsala sauce was from a can. It was the worst Marsala sauce I have ever had including that one from the TV dinner I had that one time. That said, I see a lot of people leaving with pizza and I am hoping that they do their pizza much better than their "Italian" food.

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Good for Date Night on a budget
We decided to venture out last night to Portofino's, not knowing exactly where it was. Thankfully, a GPS got us there without an issue. It's in a little old shopping center so it's easily visible. We walked in and there were literally 2 tables sat, so we were sat immediately and put into a secluded area. The waiter immediately lit the candle on our table and got our drink order. I ordered the Eggplant Parmigiana, which would have been great had the eggplant been ripe. However, it wasn't terrible, in fact, it was still pretty good. I can't tell you what veggies are out of season, but I'll cut them some slack. The waiters were all very professional and kind, and it was a quick, fun meal. I still prefer Baris, but if you need a change of scenery or maybe a little more elegant atmosphere, then this place will suffice. I'd definitely go back for another try!

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A gem!
This is a nice, locally owned Italian restaurant. We have eaten here several times and never been disappointed. The eggplant parmigiana is delicious as is the baked manicotti. Nice, crisp house salads and wonderful rolls, too. No liquor served; bring your own wine. They will open it for you with no corkage fee.

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