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Oh Chicago, how I miss you!
Chicago-style pizza is my weakness. We used to order it all the time in college, so I was so excited when I realized there was a Rosati's right here in Hewitt. We went on a Friday night with a group of eight and they were able to seat us right away. We order two deep-dish pizzas. Our waitress perfectly timed the drinks and appetizers so the 20-40 minute cooking time flew by.

For appetizers we ordered garlic bread with tomatoes, spinach and cheese and an order of poppers. The poppers weren't anything special, but the garlic bread was great. It had big slices of robust tomato and just the right amount of cheese. I was able to (miraculously) eat two slices of pizza--usually one slice is enough for me. We ordered two extra-large pizzas and each took home a to-go box. The location is clean and friendly, but kind of inconvenient if you live on campus.

NOTE: If chicago-style deep dish isn't your jam, I'd go with the thin crust. The thin crust is so flaky and light. I've always gone with that for parties and had a great response.

Unlike Anything Else in Waco
I did a film project on Rosati's and got to try a lot of the menu because of that. The funny thing was, I can't think of anything I tried that wasn't fantastic. Even the hot dogs were great, and I'm usually not a huge dog fan.

The Chicago-style pizzas are like nothing else I've ever had. I don't even like tomatoes, but that chunky sauce that's over the whole pizza is just tangy and wonderful. The Chicago-style pizzas are also HUGE. If I order one just for myself, I have enough left over for lunch for the next week. They're well worth the wait. The regular pizzas are delicious as well. I don't think it's possible to go wrong with anything on the menu, and I'm the pickiest person I know.

The music on Thursday nights is also wonderful. Bruce Carbonara is a talented dude. It's impossible to leave without a big silly grin on your face.

Truly a Pizza Palace
I would've never tried Rosati's if it weren't for awesome Christmas parties. Go boss!
Since this was a Christmas party it meant I got to sample a LOT of food from everybody's plates. I had a deep dish slice, Chicago, thin crust, appetizers was delectable. (I really don't remember what all I ate, but I do know one thing, it was awesome.) They know what they're doing.

I happen to think this joint is adorable. It is 15 minutes from BU area...but that's hardly anything. It's worth the drive. I definitely need to go here more often.

Good option
It's a good little place in Hewitt.

No child could eat all of the Kid's size pizza. It's a good portion for anyone.
Vanilla Briceby

Home to the best Chicago-style pizza in Texas
Several years ago, when Rosati's entered the Waco restaurant market, I immediately fell in love. How deeply in love, you ask? (Or perhaps you didn't, but I'm going to share anyway). Let's just put it like this — Rosati's instantly became my annual birthday destination.

I'm a big fan of deep-dish, ooey-gooey Chicago-style pizza, and I've eaten the real thing at places like Geno's East in Chicago. And trust me, Rosati's serves the real thing. It's the best I've had outside of the Windy City.

If you order the Chicago-style, you'll have to wait about 45 minutes or so for your ginormous pie, but that is noted on the menu. The other pizzas don't require as much time, and they're excellent as well, including the double dough variety. I've also eaten their sandwiches and calzones on rare occasions, but it seems almost criminal not to order a pizza.

It's that good.

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