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Lunch Hour Rush Downtown
I've only been to the downtown location once, but it was crowded. The food tastes the same as the other location, but it was extremely hard to find a table. Since there were seven of us in my group, we stood around staing at people waiting to pounce on the first person to leave. We finally squeezed around table near the corner. So, you better get there early before the lunch rush. Calling ahead is always a good option! Or better yet, make the 5-10min drive to the Valley Mills location. They're even open later.

Once you go.....
you are hooked! The original schmaltz is best and filling. Skip the rest. And yes, it is very crowded at the noon hour, so try to go before or after, or as one reviewer suggested, call ahead.
The combination of meats, cheeses, and toppings on that yummy, chewy bread is fantastic! I can't finish a whole one, so I take it home for dinner and experience the taste twice.

The Schmaltz
"The Schmaltz." The sandwich named after the restaurant is a "fantastic first timer's sandwich" they said. Well, I just kept on getting it because it is that good! Perfect bread, meat, cheeses, veggies. It's a sandwich that makes you happy. And I like to be happy.

Wonderfully Sinful
It's local, family owned, and has been around FOREVER.

The food is made to order but these sandwiches are in high demand- lunch hour here is CRAZY

I would suggest calling ahead.

the place itself is very small and usually crowded so seating can be an issue, but it is truly worth it

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