byLeah_V, August 13, 2011
The chicken is alright but there are no real side choices- you MUST have fries (which were terrible). It relies on a 'secret sauce' but when you live in Waco and there are about 7 Bush's chickens with a much larger menu, lower price, and expansive customer base.... this place won't last.
Plus no yummy sweet tea here?
byLeah_V, August 13, 2011
This features a large, spacious dining room that is perfect for parties or large groups. It is festively decorated and literally directly on the lake side. The hush puppies are generic but satisfying. There seems to be much variety- till you try to find something plain or non-fried... But if you aren't worried about health, this place isn't terribly expensive and is fine for a country night out with friends or family.
byLeah_V, May 1, 2011
Home made greasy burger-in-a-basket for not much cash!
this place is truly a hole in the wall but it is so worth a visit.
The combos are cheep and the whole place is very local

It is usually crowded at meal time and that is a great popularity indicator here!
I personally used to go here for off campus lunch- they are quick, cheep, and so worth it.
byLeah_V, May 1, 2011
It's local, family owned, and has been around FOREVER.

The food is made to order but these sandwiches are in high demand- lunch hour here is CRAZY

I would suggest calling ahead.

the place itself is very small and usually crowded so seating can be an issue, but it is truly worth it
byLeah_V, May 1, 2011
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Common Grounds
The parking is terrible but it is a trendy Baylor hangout.

It's almost always packed so it is hard to get your order taken sometimes.

There are concerts there too for hipster indie bands and Christian singers, etc.
byLeah_V, May 1, 2011
It is expensive and the dishes are simple but the staff is awesome and you DO get HUGE portions and can take half home.
It is low lighting and pretty apt for large groups, a night out with friends, or a party/celebration.
byLeah_V, May 1, 2011
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It is right by Baylor and Cameron park so it is close to my school.
They are this cute tiny place between Wild West and Wing Stop - it's great for lunch and you can watch them make your food. The sauces are wonderful and there is made to order sushi.
Some stuff is pricey on a college budget but it is worth the trip.
byLeah_V, May 1, 2011
Bangkok Royal
They can be a bit slow on busy nights but the food is worth it :)
they have plenty of appetizers and dishes to choose from and you can select by number so you don't have to say the names ;)
Also, great curry and noodles, etc.