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I love this place. When I first started coming here almost 3 yrs ago I would never of thought i would ever like sushi. yes i work here but thats beside the point. i truely love the food. the fish is always fresh cause we get deliverys twice a week of it. and its not made till you order. only thing i dislike is some of the peoplewho go here think there at a big chain restaurant. we are just a small family run place. the owners are the greatest and are very hands on.
so before you come out to visit just remember we do get very busy sometimes for lunch and dinner. so sometimes you have to wait a whole minute. thank you for all the love that yall show us and we do have a facebook.

New lunch specials
I have always enjoyed the Teriyaki chicken lunch special, but they now also feature two sushi specials for $7.99 (drink not included). Each special includes three 5-piece rolls; I couldn't finish it all and took the leftovers to-go. It's a lot of tasty food for a good price.

Low-carb choices - just axe the rice
I don't eat rice, but I had a delicious bulgogi (Korean bbq) with a side salad that was plenty filling without all the starch. The dish came with stir-fried bell pepper strips and slices of zucchini, and the seasoning was tasty without being too saucy.

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Good enough?
Most reviews I see for Teriyaki Park are full of disclaimers and excuses about Waco being too small to support 'good sushi'. So lets really be honest - mediocre food is mediocre regardless where it gets served. Teriyaki Park serves average quality sushi. It isn't terrible, but it isn't really great either. The people are nice, so that's a plus. The real deal breaker is how dirty the place is. The last 2 times I've eaten there have been terrible. Dead roaches on the floor (at least they are dead right?), rotten food stuck in the cracks and underneath the tables (don't spill your drink unless you want to be covered with spoiled food runoff).

I am a big supporter of local business, and I want to like Teriyaki Park, but it isn't healthy to exempt a restaurant from cleanliness standards just because its local.

First Choice Sushi in Town
I moved here recently from Fort Worth and I had been to Teriyaki Park a couple times before doing so. This place is nice and fairly inexpensive. The sushi at Teriyaki Park is pretty much standard fare. It is not bad in the least. If you go here, though, make sure that after your sushi or entree that you order some green tea ice cream.
The green tea ice cream is light and sweet with a nice earthy taste from the tea. Eating this delicious dish is not at all like eating vanilla or chocolate ice cream. The green tea ice cream looks amazing too. The green of the ice cream matches the walls so well. I would not be surprised if they went in with an order of their ice cream to a paint store to get it matched.
Teriyaki park has a nice small shop feel to it and the staff is friendly. I would recommend this sushi shop to any of my Fort Worth friends passing through town.

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