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Teriyaki Park


First Choice Sushi in Town
I moved here recently from Fort Worth and I had been to Teriyaki Park a couple times before doing so. This place is nice and fairly inexpensive. The sushi at Teriyaki Park is pretty much standard fare. It is not bad in the least. If you go here, though, make sure that after your sushi or entree that you order some green tea ice cream.
The green tea ice cream is light and sweet with a nice earthy taste from the tea. Eating this delicious dish is not at all like eating vanilla or chocolate ice cream. The green tea ice cream looks amazing too. The green of the ice cream matches the walls so well. I would not be surprised if they went in with an order of their ice cream to a paint store to get it matched.
Teriyaki park has a nice small shop feel to it and the staff is friendly. I would recommend this sushi shop to any of my Fort Worth friends passing through town.