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Buzzard Billy's by Kodi.A
Buzzard Billy’s may not be a five-star caliber restaurant, but the atmosphere was relaxed and more laid-back than typical sea-food eateries that I have attended. When going to a non-fast-food restaurant, one would expect people there to be dressed in some sort of semi-formal attire, but not at Buzzard Billy’s. At Buzzard Billy’s, I saw all sorts of dressing ranging from men in torn up sleeveless shirts ,women in low-cut tops and mini-skirts to people in formal clothing taking a lunch break. This range of dressing depicted the carefree environment of the restaurant and put me at ease. There was no pressure to dress in any specific way so it made me feel as if I was getting served at home. On top of that, there were TV’s playing shows ranging from news to sporting events so people could be entertained and have a great time as if they were all sitting down at home. The whole set-up and atmosphere was welcoming but there were definitely negatives in that whole experience.
My experience at Buzzard Billy’s had quite a few positives, but there were some lingering negatives that hindered me from enjoying my food and stay to the fullest. First off, when I sat down in the restaurant, I couldn’t help but be irritated at the high level of noise. I understand that people get loud at restaurants occasionally but the noise level was unbearable to the point I was almost shouting at my waiter for my order. In addition, when I finally got my order to my table there were flies buzzing around my face and food. Almost every minute I found myself swiping at a fly attempting to fly across my face or land on my food, and it got to a point where I couldn’t manage a conversation because I couldn’t hear or was too busy swiping at a fly or some other insect. The distractions hindered me from fully enjoying what should have been a laid-back time. Although despite these distraction, the taste and presentation of the food compensated for the distractions and irritations.
The taste of and presentation of the food made Buzzard Billy’s more appealing despite the drawback of noise and flies. As the flies flew and the noise flared, I still somehow managed to enjoy my food. The restaurant seemed to have a southern, Louisiana theme to it so therefore on the menu they had “Cajun” and other names typical to a Louisiana background. I liked the presentation of the menu and the names of the food because they were things that were foreign to me, so naturally I was interested in trying something new. The seafood had a little more spice than other restaurants, so I knew they were trying to distinguish themselves with a dash of Louisiana spice. In addition to this dash of spice, the food was simply amazing; the fish was soft, tender, tasty and everything that I could have ever expected or wanted. In fact, it was so soft my fork sunk into the flesh of the fish as if it was butter. The presentation was simple, the taste was too the point, and it was humbly perfect.
Buzzard Billy’s may not have been the most serene environment, but as a result of the set-up, food, and view the restaurant is a must go

It's just...okay.
You know the "okay" meme face? That dejected little stick figure whose resigning himself to a less-than-stellar fate?

That's pretty much how I feel about Buzzard Billy's.


Maybe I spent too much time in the eastern part of this state, but every time I come here, I can't help but to think that Cajun food can be so much better than this. I know it can be. I've tasted it with my very mouth.

Now, it's not offensively bland, like Uncle Dan's BBQ or a Luby's "So You Have an Ulcer" platter. There's a little spice, though I will need to add a bit of Tabasco or something to heat it up a bit. It's just...okay.

The pros? It's one of the few places in Waco that doesn't completely botch seafood dishes. Ordering fish doesn't automatically mean it will be fried. During crawfish season, you can order a big ol' bucket of the things, which is awesome. The view is nice, as the restaurant hangs right over the Brazos overlooking downtown. So, for lack of competition, it ain't half bad.

It's a bit noisy inside and service can be inexplicably slow at times, but, whatever. The overall experience is still just okay.

Head east, young man. Head east.

Good Stuff
I love fried seafood stuff and the fried seafood stuff here satisfies me. Most of the fried items I have had here I have enjoyed. I'm especially found of fried oysters and these don't disappoint. Have also had the red beans and rice, the jambalaya, and the etouffee and enjoyed those as well. Each of those could use a bit more flavor, but I just load in the hot sauce to help out. Outside of those items I have not been very adventurous with the menu so can't give my two cents about anything else unfortunately. But I will keep coming back here to get what I like and keep enjoying it.

Fish with a View
Some of the best fried seafood can be found here! I feel the catfish is the best in town. Every time I get it, it is fresh and you get lots of it. They have a nice lunch menu and recommend going there then because it gets very crowded at night.

They are located right on the Brazos River and provide a great view, especially if you eat outside on the patio. I wish there were more places on the river!

If you are looking for something spicy, they have lots of Cajun dishes like Crawfish Etouffee. I am not a fan of spicy food but everyone who eats it with me, love it!

Service can be slow sometimes but that only gives you more time to enjoy the scenery of the Brazos. It is one of my favorite places to eat in Waco!

Fried but friendly
This features a large, spacious dining room that is perfect for parties or large groups. It is festively decorated and literally directly on the lake side. The hush puppies are generic but satisfying. There seems to be much variety- till you try to find something plain or non-fried... But if you aren't worried about health, this place isn't terribly expensive and is fine for a country night out with friends or family.

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