bywtkphoto, June 3, 2013
I love burgers and this place has great ones. It's a perfect in between of the flat, diner style burgers and the really thick other style burgers. The double cheeseburger is perfect if you're really hungry and a side of sweet potato fries is very tasty as well. Not that big of a place but it has two good size TVs and a projection screen with sports stuff on. I add this place to my favorite burger places in Waco now!
bywtkphoto, September 18, 2012
I love fried seafood stuff and the fried seafood stuff here satisfies me. Most of the fried items I have had here I have enjoyed. I'm especially found of fried oysters and these don't disappoint. Have also had the red beans and rice, the jambalaya, and the etouffee and enjoyed those as well. Each of those could use a bit more flavor, but I just load in the hot sauce to help out. Outside of those items I have not been very adventurous with the menu so can't give my two cents about anything else unfortunately. But I will keep coming back here to get what I like and keep enjoying it.
bywtkphoto, September 18, 2012
People love this place? The brisket is flavorless, not even smoke flavor. What makes BBQ BBQ is smoking it. Brisket can also be roast, which is what I would classify their brisket as, a very flavorless and chewy roast. Ribs are also chewy and mostly lacking in flavor. When I finished a rib, I could hardly see any bone because it was still covered in meat that I was not able to chew off. Why do so many people in Waco love and recommend this place? There are plenty of other BBQ places to choose from in this city and all of them are better than this place.
bywtkphoto, July 10, 2012
Captain Billy Whizzbang's
Went here for the first time today. Found my photo on the blog today of me right before I took my first bite of a delicious cheeseburger so I thought I should write a review.

Only having been in Waco for a year, I've heard about other burger places a lot. Tried them and some were good and others were overhyped and not very impressive. Then I heard about this place. When I first heard about it I thought with a name like Captain Billy Whizzbang's it would either be awesome or not awesome.

I have been wanting to try it for a couple months now and just never got around to it. Fortunately a big group of people from my church (UBC) were going for a weekly local lunch spot group. I arrived a little late and we had already packed the place pretty good. I was pretty excited to try the Whizzpig so I settled on a single patty cheeseburger all the way with mayo. Wasn't very hungry so I ordered no fries. I sat down and torn into my burger. Woah! It's great! The patty is a mix between the diner type patties that are flat and smushed on a grill and the thicker type really meaty patties. The flavor is great and the meat is juicy. The cheese is melted and filling the spaces in the patty below. Perfect. The rest of the burger is great. Fresh veggies and a good bun. Luckily my wife ordered tots and she couldn't finish them. They were really crispy, which is huge plus for me.

I know five stars might seem like a lot for this place but I love it. It's my new favorite burger place in Waco, right next to Cafe Homestead. The fact that this place isn't so hyped up like other places helps a lot too.
bywtkphoto, June 23, 2012
Bangkok Royal
This review is strictly for the Panang Curry. My favorite dish in Waco. I usually get it to go and I think the to-go has more food. Two meals! I love this stuff, I pretty much drink the sauce from the to-go container when the chicken and peppers are all gone. If I could change anything about it, I would make it more spicy, maybe you can, I'll ask next time.

I do have one complaint though. When I get it to-go, there is usually a line to pay, but not a line of to-go orders. I think it is for dinner only, but when you dine in, you have to go up to the front to pay. Sometimes I get there and my food is ready to go on the counter but there is a line of sometimes ten people to pay that are dining in. Since it's a lot of college students, they mainly pay separately and that takes a long time. I usually have to wait to pay around 8-10 minutes when I go in and have waited over 15 minutes before. I would cut in line (if I notice my order ready on the counter) but I don't want to be that guy. If management reads this, please consider changing your policy and let dine in customers pay from their table. You are my favorite place in Waco right now and I would give you a five stars if it wasn't for this.
bywtkphoto, June 23, 2012
Atmosphere is real nice. Waitstaff is very nice and efficient. I first ordered a gin martini. The martini was good although a bit too dirty when I asked for slightly dirty. For food I ordered the orange vermouth scallops with greek style fried potatoes and a caesar salad. The salad was good and I could tell the dressing was made there. My entree was very good. I love scallops and these did not disappoint at all. Cooked just right and marinated perfectly. The bed of rice it was on was very good as well. The greek style potatoes were awesome. They were cooked so much they kind of melted in your mouth.

This is the best food I have in Waco so far. With so many places disappointing me a lot, it's nice to come to a place that I enjoy and am excited to try new dishes at. I moved here from San Francisco and if this place was in San Francisco I would still be very pleased with it and go there often.
bywtkphoto, June 21, 2012
Went here for the first and last time last night. First the problems with the service. We had a large group but if you have space for large groups you should be able accommodate them. I never got the drink I ordered. I had to ask for it again later and got it an hour after we placed our initial order. The hour in between our food order and our food arriving we barely saw the waitress, and the front room was barely filled. I wondered to myself if our waitress was making our food so she couldn't come out. Finally got our food, I'll get to that later. This next part is something that happens way too much in Waco. I am relatively new in Waco so a lot of places I go to are new to me. I finish my food and I am sitting there. The wait staff takes my empty plates and I am still sitting there. I am asked if I want anything else and usually say no because I am full. Still sitting there, waiting. Finally have to wave someone over or get up and tell someone we need to pay. Oh, we have to pay up front. You should always let your customers know that you don't pay at the table and if you don't you should notice how bored they are sitting at an empty table waiting.

Now for the food. I got number the fajita enchiladas covered in queso with rice and beans. Tortilla (flour tortilla?) was incredibly tough. I shouldn't have to cut a tortilla with a knife. Within the tough tortilla was the even tougher beef fajita meat. The beef fajitas you get at Taco Cabana are about the same quality but more tender. Queso wasn't bad, but that's easy to make. Rice and beans were usual. Everything was barely warm. The salsas tasted like spaghetti sauce with a bit of spice added. Probably out of a can. What's with Mexican food places in Waco serving up pathetic salsa? My wife got the spinach and mushroom enchiladas. Again, food from a can. Canned mushrooms this time. Barely any spinach.

When I had to pay for this all I could think was just how much money I wasted. I could of gone to much cheaper places for better food. Or my wife and I could of made our own Mexican food and it would have been better.
bywtkphoto, May 21, 2012
I prefer thick and juicy burgers made over flames. DUBL-R makes theirs the greasy way. A thin patty smashed on a flat grill cooking in it's own grease. When you get your burger it's pretty fresh as it was on the grill one minute before it was in your mouth. The fries are basic fries, nothing special, but that doesn't mean they aren't good. This is a great traditional burger dive. Friendly staff too!
bywtkphoto, May 15, 2012
Cafe Homestead
I feel as I shouldn't write this review as I can't remember what I've gotten for breakfast there. I know it was good, but just can't remember. What I do remember is the hamburger. Best I've had in Waco yet. I prefer the thick and juicy burgers and this did not disappoint at all. When I eat a burger I have a process. I eat most of it like a burger should be eaten, together. Then for the last few bites, I take the burger apart. I take note of how fresh the veggies and bun are, how good the cheese is, and how good the meat is. I mainly pay attention to the last one. With most burgers, the meat alone can't pass for anything I would prefer to eat. This meat though is great. It's quality, not too greasy, not dry, and cooked how I like. The flavor is great!

Also, they have the best coffee I've had in Waco, I remember that about breakfast.
bywtkphoto, May 15, 2012
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I moved to Waco from San Francisco in July. My two years in SF really turned me into a beer snob. The assortment of amazing bars there was, well, amazing! When the time came to move to Waco, I was afraid of the selection of bars I would find. Soon after I move here, I come to find an amazing bar within walking distance of where I live.

My first big appreciation is that they don't put in cheap domestic beers to take up tap space, I'm pretty sure there are 15 taps. There's always a good assortment of craft beers. About half from Texas and the other half from other parts of the country or the world. I have never gotten a bottle, but I think it's a pretty extensive selection.

Second, they rotate in different beers all the time. I have my favorite beers, but I love trying new ones. I have tried so many new beers here.

Third, the atmosphere. It's great lighting, a great pub feel. It kinda feels like everyone knows each other, which they usually do. Met lots of great people here. The patio out back is great too.

Fourth, the bartenders are nice guys and know their stuff.

This bar would be a great bar anywhere, so glad it's in Waco!