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People love this place? The brisket is flavorless, not even smoke flavor. What makes BBQ BBQ is smoking it. Brisket can also be roast, which is what I would classify their brisket as, a very flavorless and chewy roast. Ribs are also chewy and mostly lacking in flavor. When I finished a rib, I could hardly see any bone because it was still covered in meat that I was not able to chew off. Why do so many people in Waco love and recommend this place? There are plenty of other BBQ places to choose from in this city and all of them are better than this place.

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Barbecue != Potato
Everyone I know who just looooooves Uncle Dan's always tells me to try the potato. They go on and on about how the big potato covered in barbecue and other goodies is one of their favorite things in the universe, how it's so much food, and blahblahblah.

Guess what? I hate potatoes.

If you're going to call yourself a barbecue restaurant, you better serve some decent Q with no potato within fifty miles of my main course.

Uncle Dan's doesn't. I don't think I've ever been anywhere in Texas that's served me more flavorless brisket than Uncle Dan's. How is that even possible? Was it cooked in the oven without any spices? Boiled for the lulz? Hastily thrown together for the sheer purpose of igniting my rage? I got something that looked like meat on my plate, but it sure didn't taste like meat.

The sides weren't too bad. I'll give them props for having deviled eggs, even if grandma's were better. They just fail at barbecue. If you're a barbecue restaurant, this is inexcusable. Maybe they need to reimagine themselves as a baked potato joint and try to give Jason's Deli a run for its money. Either way, I won't be back.

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Texas Tater!!!
Think of all the good edible things at a barbeque joint. Brisket, sauce, cheese, potato, butter, more brisket, more sauce, more cheese. Now throw that all on one plate and you've got about 2lbs of deliciousness. Grab a side too... if you can handle it.

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