byjdavis83, August 19, 2013
This is a great place to go for lunch! Quick and friendly service! Great pizza at an awesome price. I had the meat stromboli and a slice of cheese pizza. Both were incredibly delicious (though I could have foregone the slice because the stromboli is huge!)

The only down side is that there isn't a ton of seating, but just grab it to go and you'll be fine. I also like the pizza a little better than shorty's, but you can't have a beer here.

I'll be back for sure!
byjdavis83, July 3, 2013
I have not been here since they opened so I'm not sure when these went on the menu, but their tacos are spectacular!

I had the Bulgogi tacos. Nice! 2 tacos were plenty to fill me up and they had such a great flavor! I will definitely be back soon to try the other flavors!
byjdavis83, December 3, 2012
Stuffed. French. Toast.

I would leave it at that, but that wouldn't be a helpful review now would it? So allow me to elaborate.

This was my first visit to an Egg and I and while I was perusing the menu, all sorts of items seemed delicious. Garden Frittata, Everything Olé, an assortment of Benedicts, heck, even the not-so-breakfasty items seemed like a win. So our waitress, (who had the patience of a saint) indulged me in taking the time to read every word of the menu. Like I said, it was my first time and I wanted to get it right.

2 cups of coffee in, I saw it:

"Stuffed French Toast
Two pieces of French toast filled with diced pork sausage, melted cheese and scrambled eggs. Served with ranch potatoes."

Yes, please!

I made my decision and was NOT disappointed! Every delicious bite was reminder of how great my choice was. The balance of egg, cheese, and sausage was perfect. The French Toast, warm and fluffy with just the right amount of powdered sugar. My first bite was as-is, but on the next mouthful, I drizzled a small amount of hot maple syrup. And that is how I will eat it for the rest of my life.

Stuffed French Toast: What the McGriddle wants to be when it grows up.

p.s. the ranch potatoes are really good too!
byjdavis83, March 1, 2012
Tom's is like the 1987 Buick Grand National of burger joints. (Read here if you want some background: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buick_Regal#Grand_National.2C_T-Type_and_GNX)

There's nothing super special about it from the looks, but once you've experienced it, you understand it's full potential. Tom's makes a great burger. It's just a comforting burger that doesn't leave you feeling sick because it was too greasy, and it doesn't try to be something it's not.

If I was Don Draper I would start the brainstorming process by saying: "Tom's. True to itself. True to you." or something like that. Where's my lucky strikes?
byjdavis83, January 31, 2012
Clay Pot
Bahn Mi!!!!

They have em here now (actually have had em for a while) Lunch only but they are SOO good!!! They make a pork meatball version and it is my new jam! such a delicious sandwich. I ask for easy cilantro (as it can be a bit over-powering) but that is it!

Try one :-)
byjdavis83, January 4, 2012
The Coffee Shop
Friendly service, a-ma-zing food stuffs!!!!
I don't really remember what my breakfast dish was called but I'm pretty sure I had a little bit of everything on the menu.

Go eat here.

Now! (if possible)
byjdavis83, January 4, 2012
Had the Coach's Gut. It was everything I expected for a barbeque joint item with the word "gut" in it.
Good food and good prices in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

All in all, I think the Coach is making a valiant effort.
It's a brand new team and in those situations, the coordinators and assistant coaches need a bit of time to get all the players on the same level.

I'm looking forward to future seasons from this place!
byjdavis83, November 19, 2011
If you've ever been to Rosati's then you know how ridiculous the parking lot of this area is. And if you live just outside of Jimmy John's deliver area you know how lame it is to have to drive to a great sandwich shop.

That said, this Jimmy John's gets it done! I took a trip through the drive through earlier today. It was odd because the only entrance/exit brings you right by the drive through, however, you are required to drive all the way around the building, order and then exit by driving completely around the building again. As terrible as that sounds, I was in and out with my sandwich faster than Queen could get through half of "Play the Game."

I recommend the Vito, no tomato, e-z onions. It's a delicious and filling meal just under 5 bucks.
byjdavis83, September 16, 2011
This place has fantastic pieces of meat. Let me clarify that by saying that (as other reviewers have mentioned) these are freshly made patties! No frozen meats here. Just delicious, diner-style burgers and fries.

I recommend going for the double-double, meat and cheese only the first time. Gives you the full flavor of the meat without any other stuff getting in the way! Just make sure you get a tasty beverage to wash it down with!
byjdavis83, July 5, 2011
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The Olive Branch
I'm not sure I ever really liked this place. Food was alright. Sweet stuffs are pretty good but the service and regular lunch items never impressed me. Each time they close down I think "it's about time!" but all 3 times i've been let down to find they just opened in a new location.

Crank out desserts only and I might like it more, but as a whole, it's not for me.
byjdavis83, June 29, 2011
I had Jasper's for the first time today. In fact, I finished consuming the last bite of my pecan pie no more than an hour ago. I ordered the Big Creek (chopped beef brisket with 2 ribs. no sides.) Since the Big Creek comes with no sides, I had to get a pecan pie, right? I mean, what's the point of eating delicious barbecue if you don't get to finish it off with something sweet?

The ribs were amazing. I'm hesitant to eat ribs usually because I've had too many that I need to fight with the bone for the meat. Not these. The meat came off the bone with such ease. Perfectly seasoned and lightly coated with sauce (I don't like 'em dripping all over the place.)

The brisket was good, but what set it off was the gravy, sauce, jous, whatever you want to call the bowl of liquid goodness that it came with. Without hesitation, I topped a slice of bread with a pile of brisket, a few pickles and some onion strips, then folded it up (taco style) and let it dip its legs in the delicious pool of awesome. Feeling I committed a sin against Jasper, I confessed my action to the owner, only to find out that's how you're supposed to do it!

The pecan pie was really good. Tasted homemade. I've had better but it doesn't influence my rating. It's not like it's called Jasper's Pecan Pie shop.

Friendly atmosphere and service along with amazing eats! They just gained a loyal customer.
byjdavis83, May 16, 2011
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Clay Pot
I absolutely love this place! It's not "authentic" Vietnamese, but it's flippin' good!
The chicken fried rice, Garlic Chicken, and Cha Ca are my favorites (for now).
As other reviewers posted, the Pho is awesome! Great food to help when you've got a cold.

I always feel happier after a delicious, hot meal from Clay Pot!!

P.S. In regards to another post, you don't ONLY sit on the floor, they mostly have tables and chairs, but there are a few low tables with pillows to sit at. Good for some but I prefer a chair.
byjdavis83, May 15, 2011
Went here for the first time last night and I have to say, I may have found my new pizza and beer place (as long as that beer is Shiner, Dos Equis, or Bud Light. That's about the extent of the beer menu)

Pizza was fantastic! Great sauce, just enough crunch on the crust, toppings were extremely tasty and not over loaded. The service on this visit was great too. Quick and friendly and our pies came out faster than any other sit down pizzeria in town.

I do have to say, this is NOT the place to experience new beers with your pizza. It's a PIZZA shack. It's Great pizza with decent drinks. Grab your pie to go and head a block or two over for the good drinks.
byjdavis83, May 3, 2011
Cafe Homestead
It's far out there (especially if you live in Hewitt or Lorena) but the atmosphere, staff, and food all make the drive worth it. Food is fresh and home made. Staff is friendly and helpful. Atmosphere is amazing. Quiet and simple.

Save room for pie, and have them set a slice aside before your meal (a lot of times it will be gone once you're done.)
byjdavis83, May 3, 2011
A wonderful local/family owned establishment. Everything is good, but my favorite is the chili topper. A huge, beef, potato, and cheese burrito topped with (you guessed it) chili. If you go for breakfast, grab the bacon egg and cheese.
byjdavis83, May 3, 2011
I agree with tyebarrett1, the service can be slow, but the pizza is great.
I like to go in with a game plan. Order pizza bread right off the bat (you'll need it if you are super hungry when you get there) and a pitcher of beer. That should tide you over till you pie arrives. Be prepared for TONS of toppings if you go with meats. They don't mess around at Rollo's!
byjdavis83, May 3, 2011
"The Schmaltz." The sandwich named after the restaurant is a "fantastic first timer's sandwich" they said. Well, I just kept on getting it because it is that good! Perfect bread, meat, cheeses, veggies. It's a sandwich that makes you happy. And I like to be happy.
byjdavis83, May 3, 2011
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Think of all the good edible things at a barbeque joint. Brisket, sauce, cheese, potato, butter, more brisket, more sauce, more cheese. Now throw that all on one plate and you've got about 2lbs of deliciousness. Grab a side too... if you can handle it.
byjdavis83, May 3, 2011
I love tacos al pastor and they do em right here! Great flavor on the meat. Fresh tortillas. MMM. And they are open late for when you have that craving. I've tried a bite of the diablo and that's all I needed. I like to think I can handle spicy food fairly well but this thing is nuts. Just stop by and grab a taco or two. You'll like em..unless you hate tacos.
byjdavis83, May 3, 2011
It's a chain I know, but the food is pretty good. The time to go however is on the last tuesday of the month. Call up and reserve a spot for the wine dinner. 4 course meal. Different wine with each course. Menu is usually off menu, occasionally there has been a modified menu item.

40 bucks a person ($35 if you're a pasta points member) but it's worth it. You'll be there a long time though but if you add it up $40 for 4 courses, and 4 different wines is a steal.