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Mother of SLICE.That's some really good pizza.
I finally got around to trying out Shorty's today. Dude, I'm a fan.

I originally ordered a slice of the spinach and garlic pizza, which was awesome. Pretty cheap, too--$4.something for a HUGE slice and a coke. The garlic was mostly in the olive oil that they used in the place of the usual red sauce, so it just added a nice, subtle flavor to it. Perhaps the biggest surprise was their wheat crust. I usually don't eat my crusts because they're bland and meh, but Shorty's wheat crust was slightly sweet and marvelously fluffy. It was perfect.

I got a "bring food" text while I was sitting there. 'k. I decided that I was bringing a buffalo chicken pie whether they wanted something else or not because I was lovin' this pizza. It was good, too. Too often, buffalo pizzas tend to lose all of the heat of the sauce somehow--maybe with too much cheese or maybe with too much bread. Not here. The buffalo spice still had a bit of a mild kick to it and the thin crust made sure that you still tasted that kick. The chicken was tender, flaky and tasty. I didn't like the white crust as much as the wheat, but it was still okay. I guess I'll know next time to order it on wheat because that wheat crust is better than cake.

Inside, it's cozy and warm--lots of green, BU memorabilia and dark wood. The patio has regular chairs and tables, but inside, it's all fluffy barstools on high tables, which is kind of neat.

Don't fear the bubble. Get your butt to Shorty's and nom some absolutely delicious pizza.

By far, the best pizza in Waco.
I eat here at least once a week. The atmosphere is laid back, and the owner is a really friendly guy. The patio is pleasant and dog-friendly.

I am a strong believer that the most important element of pizza is the crust. The crust at Shorty's is fantastic. It is always chewy, tender, and crisp--all at the same time. This place is exactly what Waco needs. The fact that Pizza Hut has a higher ranking on Wacofork is a travesty. This place seriously has some of the best pizza I've ever had.

Prices are reasonable and there are some pretty good daily deals. As others have said, Shorty's could improve their draft beer selection. But seriously, this is the place to go for pizza in Waco.

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Not worth the money
To all my fellow college students who are living on a budget and who are always on the hunt for a good bang for your buck type food deal then there is one place you should avoid. That place is Shorty’s Pizza Shack located on 12th street right next to Baylor University. I must admit that the atmosphere was great. The service was better but the pizza was lacking in taste for the amount of money you will spend.

After eating there I believe that the pizza is overpriced for what you receive. The pie itself passed the smell test the eye test the feel test and if it could talk it might past the hearing test but as far as the taste test goes, it failed with flying colors especially when you are looking for the best pizza for your budget. The pie was missing the most important element of a pizza or any food for that matter. It was missing flavor. For the price you paid that’s the one thing that cannot be compromised. It can look poorly put together or feel dry but you cannot compromise the taste when you are going to spend fourteen bucks on a pizza. In my opinion they are a good 10 dollar pizza but they pale in comparison to Dominoes, Papa John’s and other top pizza chains. I honestly enjoyed my time there and a couple of beers helped wash down the pie and also wash away the taste. Since I’m college student I always have to watch what I spend and I walked away from Shorty’s feeling like I wasted money.

Great service and good taste
After seeing reviews others had said about Shorty's, I decided to give it a try. My group each ordered their slice of the day. The pizza came a lot quicker than we expected and was hot and tasty. The price was even better with my two slices topping off at barely $4! The service was really good, but then again Baylor was out and there weren't too many customers. It would be a great place to watch the game, but I must caution and repeat what others have said: it can be tiring when sitting on the bar stools with no back for a couple of hours. Overall it's a good joint with interesting hat collection along the top.

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A lot of Fun
Shorty's is a fun place to sit with friends and eat good pizza; especially to watch a game.

Some of the color on the TVs could be better and depending on where you sit, a light can hang too low and obstruct your view but it's my TOP place to watch and game, eat pizza, and a half pitcher.

Pizza is light and foldable. Size of slices varies, but it's typically really good!

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