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Just an "alright" breakfast
I was already hesitant to eat breakfast here, just due to the fact that I had already seen so many bad reviews.. & I can honestly say, some of those "bad reviews" were true. The main thing that was upsetting is the host had told me it would be a 10-15 minute wait.... well 10 minutes had gone by & I was noticing that people who arrived after us were being seated. So I looked at the "name list" on the podium. They had crossed out my name & I wasnt even seated. When I confronted the host about the problem, her response was "oh well, sorry" Like really? & then our waitress probably only checked on us 2 times... & the breakfast was not worth $9 a plate... Horrible customer service... probably won't be going back.

3 words...
Stuffed. French. Toast.

I would leave it at that, but that wouldn't be a helpful review now would it? So allow me to elaborate.

This was my first visit to an Egg and I and while I was perusing the menu, all sorts of items seemed delicious. Garden Frittata, Everything Olé, an assortment of Benedicts, heck, even the not-so-breakfasty items seemed like a win. So our waitress, (who had the patience of a saint) indulged me in taking the time to read every word of the menu. Like I said, it was my first time and I wanted to get it right.

2 cups of coffee in, I saw it:

"Stuffed French Toast
Two pieces of French toast filled with diced pork sausage, melted cheese and scrambled eggs. Served with ranch potatoes."

Yes, please!

I made my decision and was NOT disappointed! Every delicious bite was reminder of how great my choice was. The balance of egg, cheese, and sausage was perfect. The French Toast, warm and fluffy with just the right amount of powdered sugar. My first bite was as-is, but on the next mouthful, I drizzled a small amount of hot maple syrup. And that is how I will eat it for the rest of my life.

Stuffed French Toast: What the McGriddle wants to be when it grows up.

p.s. the ranch potatoes are really good too!

Best Breakfast in Waco
I hate it when you talk a place up to your friends and then a place doesn't live up to expectations. When I heard The Egg and I was coming to Waco, I immediately got excited and told everyone that they should get excited about it. Being from Tyler originally, I've eaten at Tyler's Egg and I several times and began a love affair with their huge menu and range of breakfast flavors.

Due to some reason I don't know, it took me a few weeks to finally get over to check it out, and I lured a 10-top of people to come with me. I was nervous but excited. Was this going to live up to the hype? Am I crazy? Do I put faith in it being up to par in the restaurant's first few weeks? (See the majority of BJ's reviews...)

As soon as my party sat down and opened the menu, smiles happened all across the table. I think I heard "Whoa, this menu is huge" and "This will take Cafe Cap out of the rotation" within a few minutes of sitting down. People were sold on the menu alone. Then the food came. And then they ate it. And it was AMAZING.

The Eggs Benedicts were a big hit across the board (they have about 6 or 7 variations). Serving sizes are huge. You can also "load" your side of potatoes if you want to elevate your awesomeness. Lucky for me, their fall special is a pumpkin and pecan waffle and it was hands down the best waffle I've ever had. With one quick meal The Egg and I made 10 people repeat (and regular) customers. This is a way bigger deal to Waco breakfast connoisseurs than the Hewitt Cafe Cappuccino and I hope everyone gives it a try.

My only complaint is they close at 2 on weekdays and 2:30 on weekends. As a big proponent of breakfast for dinner, this makes me sad, but Cracker Barrel usually does the trick when the craving hits.

P.S.-Also, to clarify the title of this post, I did say the best breakfast in Waco. I say that because Homestead is a little outside Waco... Calm down people.

In a hurry, so ate takeout
I can't give this an 'eggcellent' yet, but that is mostly because it is early in the process, they are packed, and things are taking a long time. The food is quite good, even takeout and eaten 15 min later in the office as it was.
I ordered the philly benedict for myself. Overall I give it very high marks, the muffin could have been a bit warmer and melted the cheese, but otherwise it was very good, and something I will eat again!

Another in the office got a deluxe egg sandwich, wished it had been over easy eggs but otherwise said it was great and enjoyed the potato. If you want the deluxe egg a bit runny just ask I am sure they will gladly do it.

My only reason for giving it lower marks right now, is that they were very very slow for what should be quite fast. I am however not marking off too much as they are new and I not only hope for, but expect improvement in the speed of the cooking portion of the process. I waited about 25 min today, which I think is too long for breakfast/egg dishes, but it is early and that will improve!

I'd much rather go to egg and I than to denny's or IHOP, the location is great for me, and the environment is good and friendly, I expect I will eat some early morning end of day 'dinners' at breakfast hours there in the month months.

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