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Bad service. Bad food.
Went here for the first and last time last night. First the problems with the service. We had a large group but if you have space for large groups you should be able accommodate them. I never got the drink I ordered. I had to ask for it again later and got it an hour after we placed our initial order. The hour in between our food order and our food arriving we barely saw the waitress, and the front room was barely filled. I wondered to myself if our waitress was making our food so she couldn't come out. Finally got our food, I'll get to that later. This next part is something that happens way too much in Waco. I am relatively new in Waco so a lot of places I go to are new to me. I finish my food and I am sitting there. The wait staff takes my empty plates and I am still sitting there. I am asked if I want anything else and usually say no because I am full. Still sitting there, waiting. Finally have to wave someone over or get up and tell someone we need to pay. Oh, we have to pay up front. You should always let your customers know that you don't pay at the table and if you don't you should notice how bored they are sitting at an empty table waiting.

Now for the food. I got number the fajita enchiladas covered in queso with rice and beans. Tortilla (flour tortilla?) was incredibly tough. I shouldn't have to cut a tortilla with a knife. Within the tough tortilla was the even tougher beef fajita meat. The beef fajitas you get at Taco Cabana are about the same quality but more tender. Queso wasn't bad, but that's easy to make. Rice and beans were usual. Everything was barely warm. The salsas tasted like spaghetti sauce with a bit of spice added. Probably out of a can. What's with Mexican food places in Waco serving up pathetic salsa? My wife got the spinach and mushroom enchiladas. Again, food from a can. Canned mushrooms this time. Barely any spinach.

When I had to pay for this all I could think was just how much money I wasted. I could of gone to much cheaper places for better food. Or my wife and I could of made our own Mexican food and it would have been better.

Great Food, Horrible Service
The only thing that keeps me and my wife going back for more is the food. Our favorite dishes are the Pig Rock and the Beef Fajita Nachos. Aside from that, the service there is terrible. As an example, we dined there for a late lunch today, 12/10/2011, and order our drinks and an appetizer at the same time. As the only guests there, we waited a while before ordering a meal to split and literally our appetizer was immediately followed by our entree. Our table is now overcrowded with chips and salsa, drinks, the appetizer, the meal and the extra plates we requested. To top it off, the chips for our nachos were soggy and, from my experience in the restaurant business, that means they probably sat in the back and waited for the Pig Rock to be ready in oder to bring them out together. They charge for additional tortillas which could probably be overlooked if it didn't take 15 minutes or more to get the additional tortillas. It seems to take forever when you need something from a server and the servers are often sitting together in a corner booth and after something has been requested and makes you feel more undervalued as a customer. I hear that they are opening a second location downtown. I can only hope that the great food will follow and the horrible service will get lost along the way.

Delightful and Price Worthy
Centrally located in a smallish building off of Valley Mills Drive in Waco, is Mi Tequila, Mexican food restaurant. The food is reasonably priced and the staff has plenty of information to offer on the dishes. My experience with the food and service was good.

Fresh homemade chips and two salsas are brought to the table upon ordering. One of the salsas is a warm and mildly spiced and the other is a cool and quite spicily seasoned. The corn tortillas are deep fried and a perfect golden yellow. The chicken is delicate and juicy, not dried out as I have experienced at some restaurants. Their warm flour tortillas are mouth watering. When ordering guacamole, the waitress, will make it fresh at the table. This is an absolute delight to watch.

Upon receiving the bill at the end of our meal I was pleased to notice a fair price. For a meal of five adults and three children our bill came out to be approximately sixty five dollars. This was including leftovers that filled three large to-go boxes. I recommend that anyone looking for an enjoyable meal with an accommodating price try Mi Tequila.

Not for me.
I don't like to give bad reviews but I had lunch here and it was not good. The chips were tough and my food was barely edible. I had a lunch plate; lots of cheesy sauce and tough tortillas. Italian dressing poured over lettuce got into everything on plate.

Order the pig rock!!!!
Great food, great prices. Always a good meal. I recommend the Carne asada or the pastor tacos. If you're eating with one or two other people, do yourselves a favor and order the pig rock. It's enough food for up to three people and comes in a massive, sizzling rock shaped like a pig. Could it get any better than that?

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