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Breakfast, Burgers and Drive
Today I was in the mood for some breakfast, something I don’t eat very often… cause well, I like to sleep in late. But I had to get up early this morning anyway… there are a couple of places I usually snag it, but I decided to try a different joint. Last week I ate lunch (and enjoyed it) at Cupp’s Drive In and noticed they also served breakfast… so Cupp’s it was.

I get there around 8:30am and it looks closed, so I call’em up. Apparently the cook is running a little late… So I wait outside jamming to some Darius Rucker. He arrives in a few minutes later, and while Im finishing up the song an older couple pulls up and a nearby resident stops in to eat there as well… now I don’t feel completely awkward. These people timed it just right. So I pop in and glance over the menu; I decide to order 2 flapjacks, bacon and hash browns with an ice cold Coke. While waiting for our food, we all discuss Dallas and Baylor’s catastrophe the day before… let’s not get into that though… no fun.

Halfway through taking orders they realize they need to make a quick run to the Heb for a couple of supplies… been there, done that. I know how it goes. Least they had enough to make my order… cause we ALL know, the world revolves around me and I get MY food! Right? No? Dangit!

My food arrives not to long after throwing it down… looks and smells delicious. 2 decent sized flapjacks, 3 good strips of bacon and a mound of hash-browns. One thing I noticed while chilling is the brand of pancake mix they used… it’s one of the most common household brands used… but not every house has a flattop that’s been seasoned with bacon fat, burger grease, egg run off and everything else they throw on it. Giving everything they cook on it bits and pieces of that awesome flavor. I dug in; the flapjacks were pretty good, for the previous reasons, they were also nicely cooked… not runny and not burnt. Just the right amount of crispy edges. The bacon was really good, nice and crispy with good flavor. The hash-browns were a tad disappointing- crunchy on the outside but a little soggy on the inside. Still, with a bit of pepper and some ketchup they were just fine. I munched it all down, left feeling deliciously full.

Earlier in the week I stopped in to try one of their burgers and pick one up for my dad while he sat at home waiting on the guys to finish up fixing our laundry room. They had a nice crowd when I pulled in. I order a bacon cheese burger for myself, a BLT for my dad and a large fries to split. The burger was pretty good; they use fresh patties that they pound out on a marble counter and then throw on the flattop. The meat has good flavor, and the way it’s pounded out, it forms crispy edges around the meat. The bacon was pretty good too; good flavor and crispy. The fries were alright, I’ve never had this brand before. They weren’t anything special, had decent flavor… with a little salt and pepper they were good. Will definitely be grabbing another burger there soon.

The people there are super friendly and it has a great atmosphere. I talked to the manager there a bit and apparently she and her brother run the place for their mother. Their mother bought the place back in the early 80’s after working there under different owners for a couple decades. Since she bought it, its been family owned and operated serving up great food to Baylor Students, Travelers off I-35 and local Wacoans.

So if you are every down by Baylor or traveling down I-35 and are craving some good breakfast or good ole burger stop on by Cupps Drive In- Another Great Breakfast & Burger Joint Waco has to offer.

Would you like a little burger with your grease??
If you like a true dive, this is it. Now I am not a snob and love to eat at small hole-in-the-walls....but after a 'meal', and I say that lightly, here, you will need a triple bypass as well as a hot shower to remove all the grease you collect from your visit.
I asked for my bun 'without' 'butter' and I could have sworn they thought I was from outer space. Granted, that is exactly why most people go there, for the grease, not to be looked at strangely, but I was with others who out-voted me on lunch that day.
I will say however, the burger was tasty and edible, but definately not a healthy version of the humble burger! If you value your arteries, don't make Cupps a weekly habit!

Best Diner feel in Town
I love Diners and this is the best one in town as far as atmosphere.

Their hours make it hard for me to fit it into my schedule, but that's also what makes it work as true diner.

Love the people there.

Favorite item: burger with egg over medium

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