byDavieGBBQ, April 8, 2012
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I must say I am glad to see Fat Ho Burgers back open, I love local joints and want them to thrive, I want to see locals succeed. If you haven’t heard by now Fat Hos is back up and running…. Well jogging is more like it. We definitely remember the hype, both good and bad; it was recognized by multiple National News Sources, it was the talk of the town, everyone had to go down there and check in, they had a line around the block for a couple of weeks. But eventually it died down and they kept a semi-steady flow, until suddenly they closed.

I have heard my fair share of reasons as to why they closed down, but for now, that really doesn’t matter. What matters now is that they are back, with less pizazz & hype, and the question on everyone’s mind is…. “Are their burgers better?” Well hopefully I can provide you with a sufficient answer….

So earlier this week, after I read about it in the paper and checked out their times, I decided I’d stop by after work and give it a try. It would be my latest “fun filled” adventure to say the least.

They opened up in a little gas station over on East Waco Drive that I really never knew was there, even though Id driven by it several times. Had it not been for the sign outside, I would’ve drive right past it. I pull up and park up front, there is limited parking mind you. I step out and smell the grill going, and hear a great chatter inside.

I step inside; to my right in the back there are people slaying the electronic slots, to my left the counter, in front of me is the kitchen area and where you order your food. Remember this is a gas station and convince store first, burger joint second… so there really isn’t a place to sit and you’ll be getting your food to go. I step up, glance over the menu and decide to get a Wide Load Feisty Ho. Wide load means it comes with fries, their clever name for the combo. The Feisty Ho is their “spicy” burger. The Burger and fries runs me about $5.64 or something along that line.

Right before I placed my order, I checked in on Foursquare for fun and I like to use it to for a time of reference. The reason I bring this up is because earlier today I was looking through their Facebook page and saw a comment that “they get your burgers out to you in 5 minutes.” By my calculation it took them nearly 10 minutes to get out my burger, and at the time I was the first person to place an order. An older couple came in a little afterword. Now I don’t think you have to have a burger popped out in 5 minutes or less, we aren’t trying to beat McDonalds, but you can’t keep a customer waiting for more than 8 minutes for a burger joint.

So I get my burger and fries and head on home to chow down. One of the first things I notice in the car is the aroma, it smells good. You get the greasy, sweet, and grilled scent… the aroma from the toasted bun and the fries. Once I get home, I open everything up. The first thing I notice is that they got some new fries; they have upgraded from the crinkle style to a Cajun seasoned style. Not only did they greatly approve upon the quality of the fries, they also increased the amount you get… which is nice. These tasted so much better than the original set of fries they were selling.

Next I go after the Feisty Burger; which at first baffles me as I try to figure out a way to get the burger out in one piece. All the cheese and grease has pretty sealed the burger in the foil bag, which the burger was pretty much crammed into. If I may suggest something, it might be nice if they were to change this-- Get foil wrappers for the burgers, instead of the bag. After I get the burger out, it smells great and I can see a big difference in quality but it is still very lacking in presentation. The burger looked like it was just thrown together, heck all my jalapenos and bacon were all bunched together on one side. I prefer to have the extras spread out over the burger. That’s what I strive for when I make burgers at work and at home, that’s something that many burger joints try to achieve. Again, they have pictures posted on the Facebook page of these nicely dressed burgers, and then there is my mess that I received. As my Chef taught me “You Eat With Your Eyes.”

So I finally dig in and man it is a definite improvement. This burger tastes so much better than the original one I got from the original joint. They are using a thicker, juicer, overall better quality hamburger patty and it was cooked suitably. They have new sourdough buns, which are nicely toasted with an enjoyable buttery sweet taste. They weren’t nearly as sparse on the extras this time around; plenty of mayo, jalapenos, pickles, lettuce, and they DIDN’T forget the bacon this time around! Yay for bacon! I must say, this was such an improvement. The burger was really pretty good; I enjoyed it, every single bite. This pulled a complete 180 on their product quality. You get the gooey hot cheese, the juicy grilled burger, the toppings and the awesome bun.

You can tell Miss. Evens spent some time doing research while they were closed. They limited their menu, they didn’t just rush into anything, and they came out with a much better quality product. Now if they can only work on the presentation some, this shouldn’t be that problematic. If they keep improving like this, I honestly believe they could be considered one of the top burger joints in Waco. I know that sounds like a huge jump and for some it might be hard to fathom, but I stand by it and hope only for the best for Miss. Evens and Fat Ho Burgers.

Though I must admit, this new place isn’t near as inviting as the last one. It is really congested inside, it is in the “other side” of town and I could see this being a factor in loss of possible clients. None of this, obviously, bothers me. I’ll go just about anywhere for some good food. My fellow readers, I ask that you not let any preconceived ideas or thoughts or what you might have heard, keep you from going by and trying one of their new burgers. We gotta support our own! I know I will be going back to try another one soon enough.
byDavieGBBQ, March 1, 2012
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Yesterday was a regular day at work; prepping, smoking, flipping. But after work I felt like going out for a bit to grab a drink and a bite. I originally started out at the Salty Dog, got a vodka tonic from my girl Leslie and chilled out on the patio for a bit talking to my cousin. I was really hungry; I hadn’t eaten much all day, so I had come upon a small dilemma… where to eat? I could’ve eaten there and grabbed one of their Dog Bowls or a Burger; but earlier that day I had talked to one of my friends I went to culinary school with and he is now one of the head chefs at 135 prime. Chef Cayman Colunga, he has been bugging me for months to come out there and try out the 135 experience, but I was hesitant due to the prices. Tonight that didn’t matter; I was hungry, had some vodka running through my veins and decided ‘who cares about the price.’ So I paid my tab at the Dog and headed over to 135 prime; dressed in my nice cargo shorts and official USA soccer jersey. (USA did beat Italy for the first time ever)

The place has a nice crowd, but I get to pick where I want to sit… which is always nice. I sit in one of the retarded booths that are formed out of the middle wall, that way I can see everything going on from my side…. And no one can sneak up on me. My waiter/server is Thomas, real nice guy and on his game. He recommended some wines, but I went with a Fratelli Moscato-- which is a sweet, semi carbonated wine. I looked over the menu and there were several things I would love to eat, but I went with the item that would allow me to try out a little bit of everything; the Chef’s Weekly Special.

This consisted of a 4 course meal;
+First: Seasoned prime ground beef empanada, served with chili con queso sauce.
+Second: Spinach salad. Fresh spinach, dried cherries, candied pecans and freshly sliced strawberries, tossed with strawberry vinaigrette.
+Third: 12oz New York Strip, with sweet caramelized onions and smoked Gouda. Served with dauphinoise potatoes. (Dauphinoise potatoes are, simply put, like Gratin: using thinly sliced and layered potatoes and cream cooked in a buttered dish rubbed with garlic)
+Fourth: Layered lemon meringue Tart-our-Tart. Layered with a cherry compote and lemon curd, and topped with a meringue, garnished with candied citrus peels.

The ground beef empanadas were awesome; the ground beef was tender, juicy and seasoned perfectly. The pastry dough was dainty and flakey, perfectly cooked and great flavor. Along with the fresh queso and jalapenos, I could’ve eaten a whole plate of these for my dinner alone. I tried to eat them slowly and savor them…. But they were sooo good they didn’t last very long.

The salad consisted of a couple hand-full of fresh spinach, couple of sliced strawberries, a few dried cherries thrown in, the dressing on the side and I had them hold the pecans. It was a fairly basic salad, but nothing like the salad the lady across from me was eating, which consisted of 4 tomatoes slices and a ¼ head of Lettuce… left intact. I really enjoyed the strawberry vinaigrette, which seemed like it had a bit of cream added to it. IT had fantastic flavor and consistency that paired perfectly with the spinach and berries thrown in. I’ve always been a fan of strawberry dressings; they are great for the summer months.

Now for the main course, the big ole steak and potatoes. The potatoes were great; cooking nice al dente. The cream sauce had great consistency and cheesy flavor, and a hint of garlic and butter. Though I nearly burned my mouth diving in, that would’ve ruined the rest of the meal, but I saved it. I ordered my steak med-rare, hot, juicy and pink on the inside. Pretty much every time I’ve ever ordered a steak anywhere they get it wrong (Outback Steak House is horrible at this)… but 135 prime nailed it. Cooked it just I would have, had I cooked it at home or for a customer even. There was a little excess fat on the steak, but that wasn’t too bad. What mattered was that it was tender and juicy and tasted great. Topped off with those grilled onions and the tasty tasty smoked Gouda. Was one hell of a steak.

Last but not so much the least, was dessert. A mini pie looking gadget, topped with lightly toasted meringue. I dive in and I get an initial hit of lemon (reminds me of my mother’s lemon chess pie), then come along hints of orange and then blast of the cherries that are thrown in. It was a nice little finish to the meal. Thank goodness it wasn’t very big either, I was stuffed by the time I was done with everything.

Over all I had a really good time. I ran into some people I know, got to enjoy a great meal, and kinda caught up with my culinary friend (and thank god he didn’t burn my steak… haha). The waiter, Thomas, did a great job; was on top of it the whole time, great to talk too about food and wine. Got out of there for just under $60, and it was well worth every penny in my opinion. I can see why they stay so steady; heck they were packed on this Wednesday night. I’ve now eaten at every high end restaurant in Waco, and since my favorite one closed down, the 135 Prime has now become number 1. So if you haven’t been yet, stop by for a nice special occasion or pull a “for the hell of it” like me. Ask to be sat in Thomas area and then yell at Cayman to not drop your steak on the floor ;)
byDavieGBBQ, January 19, 2012
The Olive Branch
The Olive Branch; A locally owned and operated (by a Baylor Graduate non-the less) Bakery & Café that specializes in fresh breakfasts, a diverse lunch menu (including home-made soups and freshly made sandwiches), homemade desserts, and specially blended coffees. They are located in the heart of Downtown Waco, in a huge building that they easily fill up with college students and workers there to chill, dine and study.

I have dined here only a couple times; once I dined in, the second time I snagged something to-go. For their lunch menu they have a pretty nice, but select men, that consists of salads, soups/pasta, sandwiches and combos of the aforementioned. The both times I gone by, I went a little early to beat any rush they might have… and man did I time it just right. Only a few minutes after I placed my order and sit down did the rush hit and the place start to fill up (and they are a roomy place.)

The first time I dined in I chose their Specialty Combo: which is ½ of any Branch specialty sandwich served with a cup of soup, &/or a small salad-Caesar, garden or fruit cup. The sandwich I chose was their Santa Fe Sandwich: Guacamole mayo, sliced turkey, chipotle jack cheese, tomato, & lettuce- Served on our homemade wheat bread. I got that sandwich with their small Caesar salad. The sandwich was served on their homemade wheat bread which was pretty tasty… not bland or chewy like you get at some places, with fresh lettuce, and other veggies. It came with a decent amount of turkey & cheese…. But I was a tad disappointed on the guacamole mayo spread. A big part of any Santa Fe sandwich is a nice guac kick, but I didn’t really get that and I was a tad disappointed on the front. Not to say the spread wasn’t good, it was alright. So over all on the sandwich I was decently pleased. The salad was filled with nice fresh & crunchy lettuce, little bit of cheese and a nice homemade Caesar dressing… it was alright as well. It was a filling, nice & light, slightly healthy lunch… which is what I was aiming for that day and I decided I’d come back at least once more to try some other stuff. Oh and did I mention I chowed down on one of their giant homemade cupcakes…. I honestly can’t remember the flavor name of the cupcake. But I do remember strong hints (aroma and flavor) of fresh french vanilla, a nice creamy frosting and a touch of ground cinnamon. That was the best part of the healthy lunch.

The second time around I kept it simple and went with their Traditional Combo: Choose 2 or 3 items; ½ Traditional Sandwich, Small salad: Caesar, fruit cup, or cup of soup. I chose a Ham & Cheese sandwich and a cup of their freshly made Broccoli Cheese soup (also came with a bag o’ potato chips & pickle spear). I ordered my Ham n Cheese sandwich on their freshly bake croissant bread (next time I wanna try their French), topped with lettuce, marinated shredded carrots and mayo. The croissant bread was nice and flaky and good flavor. The sandwich had a nice amount of ham, slice of fresh cheese, nice fresh lettuce and handful of shredded carrots which added nice crunch & slight flavor pop. The soup was the best part. I love Broccoli n Cheese soup. This soup had a nice consistency and creamy texture, had nice fresh chunks of properly cooked broccoli, which still had some nice bite to them, not all soggy like some places. The soup had a great fresh cheesy flavor. I wished I had ordered an extra bowl of it and another hunk of sandwich, as they went very well together… great for dunking. Will definitely be getting that soup again, especially with this cooler weather upon us.

Over all I give this place a pretty good rating. They focus on freshness & quality over quantity & ease. They are always friendly & efficient; they want to make your experience enjoyable. I can’t wait to get up one more and try out their breakfast menu. If you are ever looking for something a little on the lighter, maybe slightly healthier side this is a nice little deli to hit up… and then ruin it all with one of their huge cupcakes and sweet tea… cause that’s how you roll. Look for them on FB and Waco Board, you can win free soups off them.
byDavieGBBQ, October 24, 2011
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World Cup Café is a local joint that has been around for nearly 5 years. I had never really heard of them until I saw their advertisement on Wacoboard.com. They opened around the same time I headed off to college at TAMUG. They work with Mission Waco and apparently TSTC to help train students from the culinary department (something I noticed both times I went in, as I knew both chefs); which is great deal I think, since it isn’t always easy to find a good job right away in the food industry.

I’ve eaten there twice now; once for lunch and once for breakfast. For lunch I chowed down on their “World Cup Burger” and some sweet potato fries. For Breakfast I chowed down on the Colcord and some French toast.

The first time was lunch, they had a decent crowd. I sat at a side booth and glanced over their menu. They have burgers, sandwiches, chicken fried steak, melts, specials for the day, a kids menu, even a light and healthy section and plenty of side items. I ordered their World Cup Burger, which they claim is their customers #1 choice. The burger consists of a seasoned 8oz patty, American cheese, pico be gallo, mustard/mayo all between grilled parmesan sourdough bread and one side of your choosing (I chose the sweet potato fries). The fries are above average run of the the mill sweet potato waffle fries; sweet, nice and crispy with good sweet potato flavor. Now the burger… that was something to be reckoned with. The cheese was nice and gooey, the pico was fresh and flavorful, the meat was nicely cooked with slightly crunchy edges… and the bun was just awesome- great cheesy parmesan flavor, nice and crunchy… a great bun indeed. Altogether, it’s probably one of the best specialty burgers I’ve ever eaten and I can see why it is a local favorite. When you take a bite you get a hit of the crunchy parmesan, then you move down into the soft and gooey cheese all melted into the pico which carries a little kick of its own.

I usually almost always order pancakes when I go out to eat for breakfast, cause I love my own French toast and waffles too much to eat others…. But today I decided to venture out and try some one else’s. For the breakfast I ordered the Colcord, which consists of; 2 eggs cooked to order (I ordered mine poached, runny), hash browns, toast/biscuit, and you can add a meat for a little extra. I decided not to add any meat to stay one budget. But I did order some French toast to go with it… it’s a carb kinda day. I ended up with a full plate; The eggs were cooked just perfectly, nice and runny so I can sop it up with the hash browns and toast. The hash browns were pretty good, not as crunchy as I usually like them… but they still had a good texture and great flavor. They went real well with the eggs and a little bit of ketchup… just a touch. The regular toast was nice and toasty, wasn’t burnt nor really dry, throw a little hash browns or eggs whites on it, was delicious. The French toast was really good; 2 full slices of Texas toast, battered up and fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with syrup on the side. It was good to eat with just the powdered sugar, it was good with the syrup, but it was best with the egg yolks and a tad of syrup. Near the end of my meal, I wasn’t sure what I was going have as my last bite… so I made it a little of everything- hash browns topped on the French toast and soaked up what was left of the egg yolk…. Was one last delicious bite.

The atmosphere is pretty nice; the customers are all generally pleasant; the manager is very nice and courteous, and most of the customers seem to be regulars and like to chat it up with everyone, even the cooks. The only downside to this is if it gets busy, it seems the employees get kinda caught up in the moment (if that makes sense)… -- the first time I went it took a while to get my check and my to-go order for my pop; cause they seemed more focused on chatting. But even I get caught up sometimes at my job, and get a tad behind, but not very often. It comes with the territory of the business. So, besides that one time wait, I’ve had two very good experiences while dining in at World Cup Café, and suggest you give them a try… and Ill will be going back soon to try some of their daily specials and to snag another one of their World Cup Burgers.

-Oh and apparently they have plenty of coffees to choose from. Obviously I am not a coffee drinker, can barely stand the aroma of it.
byDavieGBBQ, October 3, 2011
Today I was in the mood for some breakfast, something I don’t eat very often… cause well, I like to sleep in late. But I had to get up early this morning anyway… there are a couple of places I usually snag it, but I decided to try a different joint. Last week I ate lunch (and enjoyed it) at Cupp’s Drive In and noticed they also served breakfast… so Cupp’s it was.

I get there around 8:30am and it looks closed, so I call’em up. Apparently the cook is running a little late… So I wait outside jamming to some Darius Rucker. He arrives in a few minutes later, and while Im finishing up the song an older couple pulls up and a nearby resident stops in to eat there as well… now I don’t feel completely awkward. These people timed it just right. So I pop in and glance over the menu; I decide to order 2 flapjacks, bacon and hash browns with an ice cold Coke. While waiting for our food, we all discuss Dallas and Baylor’s catastrophe the day before… let’s not get into that though… no fun.

Halfway through taking orders they realize they need to make a quick run to the Heb for a couple of supplies… been there, done that. I know how it goes. Least they had enough to make my order… cause we ALL know, the world revolves around me and I get MY food! Right? No? Dangit!

My food arrives not to long after throwing it down… looks and smells delicious. 2 decent sized flapjacks, 3 good strips of bacon and a mound of hash-browns. One thing I noticed while chilling is the brand of pancake mix they used… it’s one of the most common household brands used… but not every house has a flattop that’s been seasoned with bacon fat, burger grease, egg run off and everything else they throw on it. Giving everything they cook on it bits and pieces of that awesome flavor. I dug in; the flapjacks were pretty good, for the previous reasons, they were also nicely cooked… not runny and not burnt. Just the right amount of crispy edges. The bacon was really good, nice and crispy with good flavor. The hash-browns were a tad disappointing- crunchy on the outside but a little soggy on the inside. Still, with a bit of pepper and some ketchup they were just fine. I munched it all down, left feeling deliciously full.

Earlier in the week I stopped in to try one of their burgers and pick one up for my dad while he sat at home waiting on the guys to finish up fixing our laundry room. They had a nice crowd when I pulled in. I order a bacon cheese burger for myself, a BLT for my dad and a large fries to split. The burger was pretty good; they use fresh patties that they pound out on a marble counter and then throw on the flattop. The meat has good flavor, and the way it’s pounded out, it forms crispy edges around the meat. The bacon was pretty good too; good flavor and crispy. The fries were alright, I’ve never had this brand before. They weren’t anything special, had decent flavor… with a little salt and pepper they were good. Will definitely be grabbing another burger there soon.

The people there are super friendly and it has a great atmosphere. I talked to the manager there a bit and apparently she and her brother run the place for their mother. Their mother bought the place back in the early 80’s after working there under different owners for a couple decades. Since she bought it, its been family owned and operated serving up great food to Baylor Students, Travelers off I-35 and local Wacoans.

So if you are every down by Baylor or traveling down I-35 and are craving some good breakfast or good ole burger stop on by Cupps Drive In- Another Great Breakfast & Burger Joint Waco has to offer.
byDavieGBBQ, September 29, 2011
For the next 3-4 weeks, I’ll be eating out a lot more. Finally having the kitchen totally revamped; new floor, new appliances, new lighting, new walls, cupboards, counter-top…. new just about everything. Once it is done, it should be really awesome. Today was the start of it… started ripping up part of the floor boards. So pizza delivery for dinner, cereal for breakfast and for lunch I tried Lee’s Drive-In.

You can find this little joint over off Elm, right behind Jasper's BBQ. In this little square half block you can get the best of both worlds- BBQ and Greasy Goodness. Lee’s is a literal drive in—not drive though, not walk in… you actually drive up, park, get out and go place your order at the window. They give you a ticket, and then you either go back to your car or chill out side till they call your number over the speaker. Pretty nifty.

They have your basic menu; Burgers, ham & cheese sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, Korny dogs, fried fish, etc. Also got cookies, sodas, and shakes. One of their newer items, which seemed really interesting, is Chicken Tails. I love chicken tails, Ill snag them at work every once in a while when our rotisserie chickens still have their tails. But I was in a burger mood today; ordered me a cheese burger with mayo, lettuce and pickles with a side of fries.

On the way home I notice the bag my burgers in is starting to get a grease spot… always a good sign. Got home and dug in. It smelled great, just like a burger should. It was a pretty dang good burger; the meat was cooked perfectly, tender and juicy with great flavor. The veggies were fresh, the bun was nicely toasted and something about the mayo was really interesting. The mayo had a light golden hue to it, and was really sweet. I wonder if they mixed honey mustard or something else into it… but it was really good. It was a pretty tasty burger, and will definitely being going back for another one. The fries were your run of the mill plain fries that need salt, pepper and a little ketchup. Next time I go I really wanna try their Chicken Tails and maybe one of their shakes.

So over all it was a pretty good meal. There aren’t many burger joints in that part of town, so if you are every down there and craving a burger, hit them up. Just something a little different than usual.
---And Ill update this once I try the Chicken Tails and whatever else I might try next time.
byDavieGBBQ, September 17, 2011
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So after a week of having fellow employees telling me that I need to try Heitmillers, a place Ive driven by probably 100 times, and I didn’t even know it existed. They are a locally owned and operated steak, who has been in Waco for decades, and only changed hands of ownership once. Apparently they are well known for their selection and cooking of steaks, as well as their giant chicken fried steaks.

On my first day off, my father and I decided we go try it out. He had been to the original one, but not this new one. Apparently they used to be hole in the wall with great food; but due to expanding the highway and the government had right of way or whatever it was called, they had to close the old one and relocate. Turned out to be a great deal for them it seems; they got a great location right off I-35 and right between 3 Local Colleges (TSTC, MCC and Baylor), and their new place is just huge and max out. Big enough for over a 100 people, huge ole cast chandeliers, frosted windows, even a big ole gift shop. The only big down side to the size of the place was the acoustics; not exactly nice on the ears… really messed with my dad hearing aids.

As we walk in I notice to the side, a sign with the daily specials- CFS or CFC with corn or green beans and mashed potatoes. Which is perfect, cause I wanted to snag one of those. I almost will never order a steak at a restaurant… only on very special occasions and only if I know the chef… cause I can cook a steak like there is no tomorrow. Since there are two of us we split it up; I get the CFC and my dad gets the CFS. I order mine with corn and loaded mashed potatoes, he orders green beans and regular mashed potatoes.

While waiting for our food, we chill and talk about politics and football. Notice a few movers and shakers of Waco are enjoying a lunch there, together. Blow bubbles in our chocolate milk. Check out the cute waitresses. You know, the usual stuff.

Our food comes, looking delicious and all… couldn’t really smell it, the place is really well ventilated. The first thing I notice is the size of my dad chicken fried steak… it is about the size of a football. My chicken fried chicken is only half the size, weirdly enough it looks like a pre-made frozen one. I try my CFC; it is fork tender, juicy, good flavor and the batter is nice, flavorful and crunchy. It was a pretty decent chicken fried chicken, but not the best Ive ever had. Next I tried the corn, which, just by looking I could tell it wasn’t fresh corn… even tasted like canned corn…. Which was really disappointing, too many places used canned over fresh or frozen. Then I snag a bite of my dad’s chicken fried steak; fork tender, good flavor, very nice batter. Definitely one of the best CFS I have eaten. Last but not least, the loaded mashed potatoes- gravy, bacon, cheese, chives; The mashed potatoes were made from scratch, they alone had really good flavor and mashed texture. What was odd though was the use of freshly chopped chives, but they used canned bacon bits…. Kind of a downer. But Bacon is Bacon…. Except to-bacon and tur-bacon.

Over all I had a really nice experience and enjoyed the food, and will be going back to try some other items on their menu…including the Calf fries. Who knows I just might even snag a steak; as I do recall they have a ½ a CFS with a Steak deal. So ya, if you are ever down in the MCC/ TSTS area or are heading to/from Dallas or maybe you just want a giant CFS or Steak… go ahead and give Heitmiller a try. I doubt you will be disappointed.
byDavieGBBQ, September 1, 2011
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I’ve been eating lunch at Vitek’s since I was a little kid. I remember going there with my father and cousins, ordering the Gut Pack and chilling outside on the bench tables. I remember one time we were all chilling out side, and a bunch of very pretty Baylor students sat across from us; one of my cousins cracked a joke so funny, I ended up shooting big red out my nose... so NOT cool... but ya.

Back then V’s was a pretty small place; a single line for food, limited seating inside and out, a smaller menu… a perfect little BBQ joint. The Baylor students loved it, the locals loved it, and people would come from out of town to try’em out. Then while I was living in Galveston, I believe they had some family difficulties and closed it down for a bit. They eventually reopened it and then soon after remodeled the entire joint; now it’s a giant, nice, clean looking joint, with a bigger menu, more seating, live music, etc. Its great what they’ve done to the place, and they are doing better than ever.

They are known around for their Gut Pack which consists of; Fritos, beans, cheese, brisket and BBQ sauce. It’s like a super deluxe Frito Pie. I’ve always gotten the Gut Pack, sin frijoles. The name sure does fit; it fills you up and tastes delicious. If you don’t think you can devour a full one, they do sell a smaller version…. Wah wah wah.

Today I decided to try something else. So after looking over the menu, I choose to go with the 2 meat plate; Grilled Turkey, Homemade sausage, potato salad, slaw, wheat bread and a large Dublin Dr. Pepper. Sounds delicious... be jealous.

The first thing I try is their homemade sausage; this was some of the best sausage I’ve ever had. It had nice texture of a mild grind, the casing wasn’t too chewy. The sausage was nicely seasoned with pepper, garlic and other spices that were less prominent. Next I tried the grilled turkey; it was pretty good, nothing really special about it. They must just grill the whole turkey breast, and then slice it, since the grill marks were just on the side. It wasn’t dried out or bland, it was good for what it was. The potato salad was very good; nice and chunky, with some potato skins thrown in, a nice amount of mustard and with a hint of jalapenos or tabasco sauce…something gave a nice little kick to the potato salad. My least favorite dish was their cole slaw. It was fresh, too fresh in my opinion. The slaw looked juicy enough, but it hadn’t set long enough so the veggies weren’t very flavorful. All I could taste was the cabbage and other veggies, I couldn’t taste the dressing. I think cole slaw should be allowed to sit for a while so the cabbage can absorb the dressing.

Over all Viteks is a great place to grab lunch and a Waco Institution. The food is great, the service is excellent and friendly, the same goes for the atmosphere of the place. I think next time I’ll try the Brisket Tacos that Luke from WacoBoard told me about; didn’t even know they had them.

So if you are ever looking for some good Q, should definitely check this place out.
byDavieGBBQ, August 10, 2011
So apparently this place has been around since April 2008, and only a few blocks from my parents place… I somehow never knew it existed until I became a member of Waco Win Board. They are an eatery that “offers specialty cupcakes to match your tastes in flavor and appearance.” Today I had some spare cash and decided to go give them a try after running my errands.
You walk in and a hit with a sweetness in the air. It’s a small little joint, with a front area with the Cupcakes, shirts and other items and a side area where you can sit and enjoy the Awesomeness that awaits you. There are a couple of young ladies in line choosing their poison, so I browse a little until it my turn. They have a nice selection to choose from; not only in flavors but also sizes. I know I wanted to pick up at least two to try, but then I saw they had mini Cupcakes for only 90cents a piece. So after talking to the young lady at the register, she was very helpful, I obviously decided to buy one of each kind, in the mini form. I ended up leaving with one of each of the following: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Oreo, Peanut Butter, and Margarita. They didn’t have one of the Neapolitans in mini form…. So next time I go on a Wednesday I’ll have to “force” myself to get a regular size one…. What torture.
Before I get to “dissecting” the cupcakes, I should probably say I’ve never been a big fan of sweets- cakes, pies, pastries, etc. I’m not a big eater or baker of such items; though I did take the Advanced Pastry Class at TSTC under Chef Fahler. I keep my cooking to the other realms of the culinary world, so my knowledge of all this stuff is very limited. But that doesn’t change my taste buds.
So let us now dive in to my thoughts on each individual Cupcake:

--Vanilla: Before biting into it, I breathed in the aroma… what struck me was a hint of fresh vanilla and sweet sugar. The frosting was light and sweet, with a hint of vanilla… not over powering like some places. The cake portion was also vanilla, tasted like white wedding cake and was very moist… even after sitting in my room for a couple hours.

--Chocolate: To be honest chocolate is probably my least favorite flavor when it comes to cake and cupcakes….unless it’s paired with something else that helps to calm down the chocolaty flavor. This cupcake was straight up chocolate. So I was a little reserved about eating it, and probably why I ate it faster than the others because I didn’t want to be over "chocolatfied." But I really enjoyed it, was the best chocolate cupcake I’ve ever had. It was smooth, creamy, moist and not overly chocolaty.

--Strawberry: I love strawberry flavored desserts and candies. This was probably my second favorite out of the batch I bought. It reminded me of Bluebells Strawberry Ice-cream. The aroma itself reminded me of it, I couldn’t wait to take a bite, and the smell was strong enough to give you that taste in the back of your tongue… but not overpowering. This cupcake was very well made.

--Oreo: Who doesn’t love Oreos and Milk? It’s one of the best treats on a hot day for a sweet treat. You get a light chocolate aroma coming off it, with a hint of vanilla from the frosting. The frosting really tasted like cookies n cream ice cream. Was pretty awesome. Coupled with the moist chocolate cake and the Oreo slice on top… was a most excellent cupcake.

--Peanut Butter: I love peanut butter, and it doesn’t help that Im allergic to it. Just gotta remember to pop a Benadryl before I indulge myself in the awesomeness that is Peanut Butter. So I had very high hopes and expectations for this one, based on the ones Id already eaten. Topped off with a M&M, you get a hint of peanut butter aroma and chocolate. The frosting was very smooth & creamy, tasted just like fresh peanut butter. This was my favorite cupcake out of the bunch.

--Margarita: The most interesting one of the bunch. Topped with a small lime slice and lime green frosting you get a sweet citrus aroma. The frosting tasted like a mix between key lime pie and a virgin margarita… if only they would add a little tequila flavor to it… oh ya. The cake had a slight vanilla flavor to it, and like the others was moist and fresh.

Over all I really enjoyed my Cupcake experience. The lady working the register said I would be back... and she was right: Not only for my personal indulgence, but also to get some for friends, work, parties, whatever. If you like cupcakes you definitely need to check this place out.
byDavieGBBQ, July 25, 2011
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The Eyes of Texas are Upon You
Part 6

Two days ago I finally made it to Jaspers BBQ, probably Waco’s oldest BBQ joint.
It has changed hands a couple times, or at least once that I know of, but it still has its following.
Every time I have driven by it, the lot was decently full and this time was no different.

So me and my father pull in and find a place to park, wasn’t too crowded and the lot is decently sized. We go in and get in line, which is about 4-5 people, and check out the menu. They sell meat by the lb, 1/2lb, complete plates, sandwiches and sides. The offer the basic brisket, sausage, ribs and bologna; with the classic sides of beans, slaw and potato salad, deviled eggs, and they don’t serve bbq sauce… but offer this stuff they call gravy (we’ll get to that later).

I order the brisket plate with slaw, potato salad, white bread, pickles/onions, bowl of “gravy” and 3 deviled eggs. The brisket isn’t sliced like most places, they just do a rough chop on it. They serve a decent size scoop of potato salad and slaw, with enough pickles and onions as requested. Once I paid up, one of the guys carried my plate and sat me at a table… as well as my fathers. Was rather unexpected and nice, none of the joints Ive been to have had that.

The first thing I try is one of the deviled eggs. They are made with dill relish, which give them a less sweet taste, but they still had a very nice flavor and consistency. I really liked the potato salad; it is a mustard mix, with chunky potatoes and still a creamy texture, complete with a nice sweetish flavor. The slaw was alright, not as sweet as I like and was a but tangy, but the veggies were still fresh and crunchy. The brisket was alright, nothing really special…. and maybe it was just the cut I got, but it was a little dry…. It still had a decent flavor and texture. My least favorite thing was the “gravy” which is a juice/sauce I believe is made from the brisket juices with some added hot sauce and seasoning (one of which I believe is cumin, cause it kinda reminded me of Mexican food grease.). I don’t mind the beef juice being used as a sauce, that’s usually one of the best things to use, but I didn’t care for flavor of this recipe… nope didn’t like it at all.

The overall atmosphere of the place was great. All the employees were very nice and helpful. They constantly had a line trailing toward the door, was never really long but stayed consistent. Right before I left I decided to pick up a shirt, but they were out of mediums… so they offered to sell me the one stapled to the wall and gave it to me at a discount… worked for me. Ill deff go back to try more of their stuff, cause I feel I just got a bad batch of brisket…. and that happens sometimes. I mean come on, they've been around nearly a Century, they have to be doing something right!
byDavieGBBQ, July 25, 2011
Veronicas restaurant, a small quiet Mexican restaurant owned and operated all by women. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7 to 9 on most days. Their menu consists predominately of Mexican food, but also have some American foods. The waitress there are very nice and friendly, the atmosphere of the place is very nice too and all kinds of people eat there. Ive eaten there one time before this and really enjoyed it, so Im not sure why its taken me so long to go back…. hopefully next week I can go back for breakfast.

While waiting for your food they bring you some tortilla chips and a couple salsas. They bring you one green and one red; the green is a home made jalapeno based salsa, it was alright but I didn’t really like the strong-ness of the jalapeno flavor. The red one was much better, it’s a very like chili salsa and it too is home made. It has a much more subtle flavor that is nicely rounded out with the peppers used. I know some people that like to just eat the salsa with a spoon.

The first time I went I ordered their combination plate, which consists of a taco, chalupa, enchilada, rice and flour/corn tortillas. It was about a year ago, but I do remember that the meat for all three were beef and everything tasted really fresh, was well prepared and had great flavor. This time around I ordered the Asado De Peurco (Pork Roast) in red sauce with rice and flour tortillas. The tortillas are fresh and I believe home made. The rice is nicely seasoned and well prepared, deff not over cooked like some places.. The pork was nice and tender, could just peel the chucks of meat apart with no trouble and it wasn’t dry. The sauce the pork was cooked in was very flavorful, it had hints of cumin and peppers in it that blended nicely. You mix it with the rice and wrap it up in one of the tortillas… its pretty awesome. Probably some of the best Peurco Ive ever had.

Ill expand on this review more in the next week or two after I try out their breakfast. But I would still definitely recommend Veronicas for some great authentic Mexican food from a great local restaurant…. Probably one of Waco’s best locally owned restaurants. They get pretty steady around lunch time and there is very limited seating, so get there before 12 or around 1. if you wanna grab lunch and miss the crowd.
byDavieGBBQ, July 25, 2011
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This place my dad has been telling me about for while, just never took to time to pop by and check it out till today. it’s a nice little place down on Colcord, not far from Burger Barn.
You walk in, it’s a nice quite atmosphere and nicely decorated. They have their Mediterranean menu, their Daily Specials and an American Menu (hamburger, chicken tenders etc- for those who bring their kids or those who eat like kids).

So we walk up to the counter to look over the menu and talk to the guy…. asking him what’s in everything and how to pronounce it all. He was real nice, helpful and informative. After looking it all over I settled on the Lamb Kabob on a bed of rice with two sides- spanakopita (sautéed spinach & feta rolled up in buttery filo dough) and I had to try their mashed potatoes, it also came with 2 slices of unleavened bread… and for dessert I ordered one of the lady fingers.
So I place my order, go sit down and wait. Wasn’t very busy when I first got there, but by he time my food rolled out, the place was nearly packed. Had people from all walks of life coming in, which is great to see. They call your number and bring over to you. First thing I noticed was the awesome aroma filling the air from my dish as it approached. You could smell the bell peppers, the seasoning, the lamb… was awesome.

The first thing I tried was the mashed potatoes, I like mashed potatoes a lot so I had to give them first shot. They were alright, nice texture, decent flavor, served with classic white gravy. They weren’t anything special but… they definitely weren’t bad either. They serve a chicken fried steak, so I bet they go better with that than my lamb. Next I tried the spanakopita (he told me how to pronounce it a couple of times, I still cant get it… hahaha). It was freaking great, the dough was the flakiest dough Id ever eaten, lightly sweet, crisp, was just amazing. If I could’ve made my dough that flaky in pastry class I would’ve been set… ;) . The spinach and the feta cheese stuffing had a great flavor, nice and creamy texture, these were definitely made from scratch. Then I tried the rice on which the main dish rested upon. Its not your plain white or brown rice, it’s a Mediterranean style rice I suppose. It was pretty good, welled cooked and a decent flavor Now we come to the main dish… lamb kabob with grilled squash, zucchini, shallots and red bell peppers. The lamb was well seasoned, perfectly cooked with still a little pink in the center, tender and flavorful. Some of the best lamb Id every had. The veggies were seasoned as well, nicely grilled, nice and sweet. Really loved the bell peppers and their nicely blacked edges.

Over all I had a great experience and will most definitely be going back again, real soon. They have all kinds of interesting things on their menu, even the classic falafel. And as soon as I try the dessert I purchased I add it into my review.
byDavieGBBQ, July 25, 2011
The Eyes of Texas are Upon You
Part 3

So today my dad felt good enough to go to lunch with me and he wanted to try out this BBQ joint out in Bellmead, he had heard of it in the past, but never made a trip out there. Originally we were goin’ to Food For Thought, but I decided I needed some real food, not some organic vegan stuff… at least, not today, today I needed some real protein.

So we find the restaurant, but parking was exactly easy, it was a full house, front side and back. Luckily one opened up while driving around the block. So we park and head in. Its is fairly crowded and we are greeted by a guy behind the counter. Real nice guy and friendly, kinda funny. He tells us the daily special and hands us a menu to glace over. They have a nice variety to choose from, 7 different meats, 9 sides, potatoes, sandwiches and couple salads. I ordered the “Pig Out” Plate, which is 3 meats and two sides. I picked brisket, ribs and chicken for the meat, cole slaw and mashed potatoes for the sides. So we tell we get our drinks and take a seat, waiting for them to bring us our food. After sitting for a while, waiting, there is a nice and steady flow of people coming in… which is generally a good sign. The place had a overall great atmosphere. The guy behind the counter, probably the owner was very friendly. Walking around checking up on customers and striking up conversations.

Finally our food comes, my dad got the brisket plate and well my plate was massive. Came with a big ole chicken breast, a nice size rib and a few slices of brisket, along with a nice size serving of mashed potatoes (w/ gravy) and cole slaw. So the first thing I try is the mashed potatoes… they were alright, nothing really special about them, but they were still good. Next I tried the slaw, I loved the slaw. It has a slightly creamy dressing, rather sweet and the veggies were fresh and crunchy. I could’ve eaten a full bowl of this stuff. Then I tried the brisket, I don’t think they put a rub on it (if they do, it is very light) it had a decent smoke ring and subtle aroma, was fork tender and had a nice overall flavor. Was a little dry at times (like much lean brisket can be), but nothing a little bbq sauce couldn’t resolve. Speaking of sauce, they serve it in empty Louisiana jalapeno bottles, it isn’t a thick bbq sauce and it a little sweet. I liked it. The rib was good, could peel most of it just right off the bone (but probably could’ve been cooked a little longer), had a nice smoky flavor and covered with sauce… was pretty good eats. But my favorite meat was the chicken. They clearly smoked the chicken for at least park of the cooking, as it not only had a smoky aroma to it, but you could also taste the smoke from the skin to the meat. The skin was nicely seasoned, well smoked and crunchy, and I love chicken skin. The meat was juicy and tender, had a nice smoke flavor to it as well and it went great with the sauce.

After eating all that, believe it or not I still had room for some dessert. So I ordered their blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Was a great way to end the meal.

Over all I enjoyed the meal and will deff go back to try some of their other meats as well as their other sides (tater salad and mac specifically) and potatoes.
So if you are ever in the Bellmead area, give them a try.
byDavieGBBQ, July 25, 2011
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So today my dad & I went to Double-R burgers. It had been a couple of years since Id been & I was craving a burger so what better place to go.

When you first walk in you’re hit with the aroma of fried food and burgers. Then you are greeted by a couple of nice ladies who seem to enjoy their work and have a good time. I ordered their double-double with cheese, pickles and mayo with a side of onion rings. Before I sat down I noticed they pulled their patties out of a large plastic tub stacked up, fresh (not frozen)… as they should be.

Went and sat in the back where they had some air flowing, was a little warm in the front where the cooking is. As we waited, there was a rather loud table behind us of these older folks. Couldn’t figure out how to arrange the table for everyone to sit down. Then out of no-where, one of the ladies pulls out a hand full of diet Dr. Peppers, like the bloody Mary Poppins of soda. Was freaking hilarious, then half way through our meal I see her pull out like 3 more. Craziness.

The food came, wasn’t a very long wait… and it got busy while sitting there. The burger was hot and steaming the rings were fresh, looked like hand battered… not like any frozen I’ve ever seen. Once the burger cooled down enough to bite down on, it tasted pretty damn good. The meat was flavorful, juicy, well cooked and still steaming minutes after words. I noticed they toasted the buns, top and bottom… a lot of places don’t toast the top portion of it. The onion rings were nice and crispy, had a good flavor and the onions weren’t chewy. Really enjoyed the meal, and believe they have the best burgers in Waco, will definitely be going back again soon.
byDavieGBBQ, July 25, 2011
So today was a lovely day outside and I had it off from work, so I decided to smoke a couple racks of ribs. Got up early and started them around 8-8:30, and smoke them low and slow. While smoking them I decide to read a new BBQ I got about various BBQ joints rather than focus on recipes. Well a few hours in, I was getting hungry and didn’t want to cook anything or drive too far to pick something up.

Well I remember seeing an interesting fried chicken joint over on Franklin just a couple blocks away. Actually I’ve known its been there for a couple years now, I just haven’t bothered to go over them. Well today is the day I finally decided to try it out.

So I prep my smoker to allow me to leave for a few minutes to hop on down a few blocks and pick up a quick bite. As I pull in I have 3 cars follow me in an 2 leaving, so they definitely have steady business… as this is how I’ve always seen it there… decently busy. They have a fairly decent menu, much like most fried chicken places, but they also have catfish and some other odds and ends. I decide to the #1, which is 3 pieces of chicken (I got 2 huge thighs and 1 drumstick) and 3 rolls, I also had them throw in a side of their cole slaw. This all came out to be around $5.50, which is not a bad price not at all.

I get home with my food, grab a vanilla coke, check on my ribs… then pop down to eat my lunch. From first looks, the skin is nice and golden, not greasy and seems crispy. The rolls looks nice and fresh. The cole slaw is creamy and fresh. First I try the slaw, the veggies are fresh and crunchy, the sauce is creamy and sweet (with a flavor at the end that is still baffling me), and its one of the best cole slaws I’ve ever had. Next I tried the roll, its your basic dinner roll, but it was nice and fresh…. not all dried out like some places serve. Last but not least I tried the chicken. The first piece I tried was the drumstick. The skin is nice and flavor full, not greasy at all, with a slight crunch to it. The meat is extremely juicy (not at all dry) and nearly perfectly cooked and had a nice fresh chicken flavor. This goes for the thighs as well. The chicken was just extremely well cooked and needed no seasoning to give it flavor. This is some of the best deep fried chicken Ive ever had, and I mean ever. Most places serve overcooked and dry chicken, or chicken that’s overly bland or overly seasoned.

I will definitely be going back for more chicken and slaw, as well as to try their chicken tenders, potato salad and even catfish. So if you are ever in the downtown are, I highly recommend for you to give them a try one day for lunch. Yum!
byDavieGBBQ, July 25, 2011
So today after a week of finding out about this place called Real Deal Soul Food I finally got a chance to try it out. Soul food is one of my favorite styles and wish more places served it. But not very many places in Waco and surrounding areas serve traditional soul food, so I was really excited to hear about this place… . I tried to go here last week, but apparently Google gave me their old address.

They apparently used to be over on Clifton street and used to get great reviews from the locals… Im not sure why they had to move. So while searching for The Real Deal I ran across a place called Pop Walton’s… but we’ll get there later.

It is a nice small place, right off I-35 & New Dallas Highway. We go inside and the crew working all welcome you in, find a table and sit. They have their menu written on the wall; its real simple, you choose one main item and 3 sides. They have a lot of great items ranging from ox tails, meat loaf, baked chicken, yams, mac, and squash… and so much more.

A friend of mine goes here often and she tells me they have great meatloaf… and I love meat so I chose the Meatloaf with a side of yams, mac & cheese, corn bread and sweat tea; my dad chose the Smoked Ribs, yellow potato salad and yams…. he didn’t want his 3rd side.

So while we are waiting on our food the lady brings out some corn bread and our sweet tea. The corn bread is cooked in a skillet (cast iron Im betting), and it was delicious. Nice and crispy, nicely sweet and great flavor… was some great Corn Bread. Not much later, our food comes out nice and steaming… Looks great and smells great. I get 2 big slices of meatloaf (covered with some ketchup), and big servings of each side. I try the meatloaf first, its nice and hot, juicy (not dry like some places) and has a great flavor. They probably could’ve cut back some on the ketchup, since the meat was so juicy and flavorful. So next time Ill ask them for that. It also has no veggies in it, besides a chopped onion here and there, which I like… cant stand veggies in my meat loaf. This was some of the best meatloaf Ive ever had. They yams are chucky style, cooked nice and tender, with a very sweet flavor… I really enjoyed them. The mac and cheese consists of shell noodles, which are cooked al dente, the cheese is nice and creamy with nice flavor (and definitely wasn’t Velveeta like some places try to get away with). The corn was alight. I also stole one of my dads smoked ribs and a bite of his yellow potato salad. The ribs were great, the meat was tender and the flavor was nice. The potato salad was nice and creamy, with just the right amount of mustard, will definitely get that as a side next time.

When we first got there, we were the only people there. But while eating our meal, the place started to fill up… which is great to see. Over all I really enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere. Ill definitely be going back to try EVERYTHING on their menu! I think next round Ill try their Salisbury steak. If you enjoy Real home-style soul food, I highly recommend you go give them a try. For both our meals, we paid around $21, which might seem a little pricey for a local joint…. but they are well worth it.
byDavieGBBQ, July 24, 2011
Captain Billy Whizzbang's
About once a week I stop in at Capt Bill for my Western Billy Burger. Its one of my favorite burgers off all time. I’ve been visiting Capt Billy for as long as I can remember, and have known a couple of its owners, as its changed hands a couple of times lately. Usually when a place changes hands quality goes down, in order to cut cost and start anew. Luckily with this last change of hands this hasn’t happened. I’ve worked very close to the new owners, so when I heard they were buying it, I have a lot of faith in them.
They use good quality meat, and I’m not sure, but it looks like they get it in pretty fresh. I’m just assuming this, based on the size and shape of the patties, pre and post cooking. I almost always get the Western Billy Burger, which is a single meat, bacon, onion ring and BBQ sauce. I love it, and they know when I walk in, 9 times out of 10, that’s what ill get. The burger patties seem like they are also seasoned with salt and pepper, which a lot of places don’t do. But I think it adds an extra dimension to the flavor profile.
Lately though Ive been getting their grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, honey mustard and some mayo, all on their cheese & jalapeno buns. The chicken is also juicy and flavorful, well-seasoned. The lettuce is fresh and the honey mustard is very good. But those jalapeno cheese bun are just amazing. Ive worked with those buns before at a previous job and really loved them. When I saw that the Capt was carrying them… it was just amazing. They are great with chicken sandwiches and amazing on burgers. They add a very nice pop to them both, with their sweet and spicy flavor and hint of cheese. These are deff worth the extra dollar.
For sides I usually get their tots or onion rings, I like the flavor and quality of them. I’m very picky with my fries, and don’t get them at most places. Their overall menu has a good selection for the size eatery they are. Their new waffle fries are pretty amazing too; they have a light seasoning on them and are nice and crunchy.
The service is great, they are very friendly and fast. Even on their busiest of days I never wait very long. It’s a locally owned and run, no chain or big company, which makes it that much better. I love to support local business, especially when they are this good. They have both a drive through and inside seating. The inside still looks the same, for as long as I’ve been going there.
So if you’re ever up town, and are in a mood for a great burger. Forget MD, BK, or WB… stop on by Capt Billy’s and tell them DavieG sent ya.
Plus~ If you’re looking to throw a party and want some great burgers, the Captain Caters.
--- Since I wrote the original portion of this review, I have eaten there nearly 1once a week. Always the same no matter what Ive gotten; Great quality, great food, great service. They’ve also added Blue Bell Ice Cream and shakes; Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry! Yum yum.
byDavieGBBQ, July 24, 2011
Today after a couple of years, I have finally made it back to Kitoks. Already considered one of the best burger joints in Texas and with several great reviews… I just thought Id go ahead and throw my 1cent in.
The last time I ate here was before I moved to Galveston for college, so that was a while back and don’t remember much expect the Awesome “fries” and pretty good cheese burger. Today I went with my dad and brother. Driving up to it, my dad worried that it might have closed… boy was he ever wrong. The place was packed, thank god my dad is a ‘crippled old fart’, so we were able to park in the handicapped space.

Upon entering there was an awesome aroma in the air and a line and wait of about 8 minutes, not bad at all. Once seated, the waitress took our drink orders and was prompt on bringing them, and took are order soon after that. I ordered their Egg Burger, which is a cheese burger with a fried or scrambled egg, with a side of their Oriental Fries. My brother their famous “Lip Locker” and my father a plain Cheese burger, they split an order of the Oriental Fries.

The fries were as good as I remember. Pour a little soy sauce on them and some ketchup on the side, I ate the whole bunch of them. My brother was trying to figure out all the different vegetables they used in the batches, so he could count them as his serving of vegetables for the day.. figures. Personally I could care less what veggies they used, they are awesome. The burger was pretty damn good. Toasted bun (inside and out), freshly fried egg, fresh and nicely seasoned meat, and topped off with American cheese. Needless to say it was pretty damn amazing, finished every last bite. Though my brother did give me shit for eating it with a fork, but my other hand was being used for my phone- ha-ha.

The place has a great atmosphere, friendly service and great food (they have food other than burgers as well, I have yet to try). it’s a place I highly recommend.
byDavieGBBQ, July 24, 2011
Tried a new place today, again with my father. We have been meaning to eat here for a couple of months, just never really got around to it till now. Boy have we been missing out.
He learned about it while working at the post office, a few of his co-workers ate there for lunch. Heard that they were regularly busy and crowded (packed) during lunch, with good food.
From the outside it looks fairly small, but once inside it’s a lot larger and ample seating. When you first walk in, to your right there is sign with the daily specials. You can tell the regulars, cause when they first walk in the first thing they do is stand there to read it. I didn’t notice it till I sat down. Today’s special with roast beef with brown gravy, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and corn bread. Or Roast beef served “open face”, which is roast beef laid on layer or toast and either a side of fries or mashed potatoes “smothered” with gravy.
After reading the special I ordered my drink… they didn’t have sweet tea… so Dr. Pepper it is. Picked up the menu, glanced over it, they have burgers, chicken fried steak/chicken, BLTs, etc etc. I had already made up my mind, I wanted the special.
She asked me if I wanted the regular style or “open face,“ I wasn’t sure if I could handle the “open face” after a night of drinking, but Ill definitely order it next time. So I ordered the Roast beef with two sides of corn (no green beans), mashed potatoes and corn bread. My father ordered their BLT with fries.
When it came, which wasn’t a very long wait, I first tried the corn. The corn wasn’t anything special, tasted like canned. The mashed potatoes were very good, good texture and flavor and they weren’t dry… I should’ve ordered two orders of mashed potatoes instead of corn. The corn bread was a small square, but it was very good and had a nice sweet flavor. Wish I could’ve gotten a bigger cut of it, Ill ask for more next time. The Roast beef was very good. I was able to cut the meat with a fork, it was juicy, the gravy sauce complimented it very well, the overall flavor was very good. It also went very well with the mashed potatoes. I finished my entire plate, and I wasn’t even that hungry.
My father also really enjoyed his BLT and I snagged a few of his fries, I loved the fries.
So all in all it was a great lunch. I will definitely be going back to try the Roast beef “open face” and to try other items on their menu including their breakfast menu. I highly recommend this place if you are in the area.
---Ive come back here several more times for lunch, with my dad, and even got up early one day to try their breakfast. Ive always gotten something off their daily special menu, except for the breakfast where I got flap jacks, poached eggs and hash browns. For their lunch specials Ive gotten their chicken fried steak, their Philly cheese steak, and a few other items.
I really enjoyed their Philly. It doesn’t have a lot of steak in it, but where it lacks is quantity it makes up in freshness and flavor. Along with some of their sweet potato fries and some gravy…. It’s a pretty awesome meal and for only like $6. My dad really likes their Chicken fried steak, I think its alright. I will say its always been tender and of nice size, Im just not a fan of the seasoning in the batter.
The atmosphere is always great there, with great service and the regular customers that are just as friendly. Its deff worth the extra drive out to Robinson to give them a try.
byDavieGBBQ, July 24, 2011
My dad introduced me to this place, he found it while he was working for the USPS.
He had never eaten there, but had always wanted to. So one day earlier this year we went to give it a try. Mix Delicias is a little place, some would call it a hole in the wall, which it kinda is… but that is part of what makes it unique and genuine. It probably seats 30 people if that, with 1 bathroom and a kitchen in the back.
Its owned by a Chinese husband and Mexican wife… so guess what the “mix” part of their food is. You guess it, their menu consists of Chinese food and Mexican food.
The first time I went, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were greeted by a kinda little lady, who spoke broken English, but enough for us to make out. We sat in one of the booths, and looked over the menu. While “studying”, she brought over some chips and salsa. The salsa, I’m pretty sure is home made, it just has that flavor and consistency that you just don’t see in store bought stuff. It was very good, and ate most of it, but had to stop my self so as to save room for what I was about to order.
For my entrée I ordered Sesame Chicken and rice, while my dad ordered Cheese Enchiladas with Salsa Verde and refried beans. I really enjoyed my dish; it was fresh, the flavor was sweet and a little tart, the sauce was the right consistency, and the chicken cooked just right. The rice was pretty good too, wasn’t too soggy and it wasn’t under cooked either. My dad really liked the enchiladas, the green sauce was great and the cheese mixture was great too.. it might have been a little over salted; but over-all it was great.
The second time I went, I took my friend Mr. Jones. This time I ordered the Enchiladas with salsa Verde and he ordered some kinda Mexican chicken soup… I cant remember the name. Again I greatly enjoyed the Enchiladas and Mr. Jones loved the soup he ordered. We were expecting like chopped or shredded chicken in the soup, but they surprised us by using actual whole bits of chicken.. bones and all.
So if you’re ever in Down Town Waco, this place isn’t a stones throw from it. it’s a great place for home made Chinese or Mexican food for a great value.