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Mexinese Good Time
My dad introduced me to this place, he found it while he was working for the USPS.
He had never eaten there, but had always wanted to. So one day earlier this year we went to give it a try. Mix Delicias is a little place, some would call it a hole in the wall, which it kinda is… but that is part of what makes it unique and genuine. It probably seats 30 people if that, with 1 bathroom and a kitchen in the back.
Its owned by a Chinese husband and Mexican wife… so guess what the “mix” part of their food is. You guess it, their menu consists of Chinese food and Mexican food.
The first time I went, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were greeted by a kinda little lady, who spoke broken English, but enough for us to make out. We sat in one of the booths, and looked over the menu. While “studying”, she brought over some chips and salsa. The salsa, I’m pretty sure is home made, it just has that flavor and consistency that you just don’t see in store bought stuff. It was very good, and ate most of it, but had to stop my self so as to save room for what I was about to order.
For my entrée I ordered Sesame Chicken and rice, while my dad ordered Cheese Enchiladas with Salsa Verde and refried beans. I really enjoyed my dish; it was fresh, the flavor was sweet and a little tart, the sauce was the right consistency, and the chicken cooked just right. The rice was pretty good too, wasn’t too soggy and it wasn’t under cooked either. My dad really liked the enchiladas, the green sauce was great and the cheese mixture was great too.. it might have been a little over salted; but over-all it was great.
The second time I went, I took my friend Mr. Jones. This time I ordered the Enchiladas with salsa Verde and he ordered some kinda Mexican chicken soup… I cant remember the name. Again I greatly enjoyed the Enchiladas and Mr. Jones loved the soup he ordered. We were expecting like chopped or shredded chicken in the soup, but they surprised us by using actual whole bits of chicken.. bones and all.
So if you’re ever in Down Town Waco, this place isn’t a stones throw from it. it’s a great place for home made Chinese or Mexican food for a great value.

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