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One of My Favorite Lunch Spots
Tried a new place today, again with my father. We have been meaning to eat here for a couple of months, just never really got around to it till now. Boy have we been missing out.
He learned about it while working at the post office, a few of his co-workers ate there for lunch. Heard that they were regularly busy and crowded (packed) during lunch, with good food.
From the outside it looks fairly small, but once inside it’s a lot larger and ample seating. When you first walk in, to your right there is sign with the daily specials. You can tell the regulars, cause when they first walk in the first thing they do is stand there to read it. I didn’t notice it till I sat down. Today’s special with roast beef with brown gravy, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and corn bread. Or Roast beef served “open face”, which is roast beef laid on layer or toast and either a side of fries or mashed potatoes “smothered” with gravy.
After reading the special I ordered my drink… they didn’t have sweet tea… so Dr. Pepper it is. Picked up the menu, glanced over it, they have burgers, chicken fried steak/chicken, BLTs, etc etc. I had already made up my mind, I wanted the special.
She asked me if I wanted the regular style or “open face,“ I wasn’t sure if I could handle the “open face” after a night of drinking, but Ill definitely order it next time. So I ordered the Roast beef with two sides of corn (no green beans), mashed potatoes and corn bread. My father ordered their BLT with fries.
When it came, which wasn’t a very long wait, I first tried the corn. The corn wasn’t anything special, tasted like canned. The mashed potatoes were very good, good texture and flavor and they weren’t dry… I should’ve ordered two orders of mashed potatoes instead of corn. The corn bread was a small square, but it was very good and had a nice sweet flavor. Wish I could’ve gotten a bigger cut of it, Ill ask for more next time. The Roast beef was very good. I was able to cut the meat with a fork, it was juicy, the gravy sauce complimented it very well, the overall flavor was very good. It also went very well with the mashed potatoes. I finished my entire plate, and I wasn’t even that hungry.
My father also really enjoyed his BLT and I snagged a few of his fries, I loved the fries.
So all in all it was a great lunch. I will definitely be going back to try the Roast beef “open face” and to try other items on their menu including their breakfast menu. I highly recommend this place if you are in the area.
---Ive come back here several more times for lunch, with my dad, and even got up early one day to try their breakfast. Ive always gotten something off their daily special menu, except for the breakfast where I got flap jacks, poached eggs and hash browns. For their lunch specials Ive gotten their chicken fried steak, their Philly cheese steak, and a few other items.
I really enjoyed their Philly. It doesn’t have a lot of steak in it, but where it lacks is quantity it makes up in freshness and flavor. Along with some of their sweet potato fries and some gravy…. It’s a pretty awesome meal and for only like $6. My dad really likes their Chicken fried steak, I think its alright. I will say its always been tender and of nice size, Im just not a fan of the seasoning in the batter.
The atmosphere is always great there, with great service and the regular customers that are just as friendly. Its deff worth the extra drive out to Robinson to give them a try.

Great food at GREAT prices! We eat there at least twice a month...Breakfast selection is good and lunch specials well worth the money. I recomend the Rocket Cafe for eavery meal!!!

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