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Great Little Place to Grab Some Grub
Veronicas restaurant, a small quiet Mexican restaurant owned and operated all by women. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7 to 9 on most days. Their menu consists predominately of Mexican food, but also have some American foods. The waitress there are very nice and friendly, the atmosphere of the place is very nice too and all kinds of people eat there. Ive eaten there one time before this and really enjoyed it, so Im not sure why its taken me so long to go back…. hopefully next week I can go back for breakfast.

While waiting for your food they bring you some tortilla chips and a couple salsas. They bring you one green and one red; the green is a home made jalapeno based salsa, it was alright but I didn’t really like the strong-ness of the jalapeno flavor. The red one was much better, it’s a very like chili salsa and it too is home made. It has a much more subtle flavor that is nicely rounded out with the peppers used. I know some people that like to just eat the salsa with a spoon.

The first time I went I ordered their combination plate, which consists of a taco, chalupa, enchilada, rice and flour/corn tortillas. It was about a year ago, but I do remember that the meat for all three were beef and everything tasted really fresh, was well prepared and had great flavor. This time around I ordered the Asado De Peurco (Pork Roast) in red sauce with rice and flour tortillas. The tortillas are fresh and I believe home made. The rice is nicely seasoned and well prepared, deff not over cooked like some places.. The pork was nice and tender, could just peel the chucks of meat apart with no trouble and it wasn’t dry. The sauce the pork was cooked in was very flavorful, it had hints of cumin and peppers in it that blended nicely. You mix it with the rice and wrap it up in one of the tortillas… its pretty awesome. Probably some of the best Peurco Ive ever had.

Ill expand on this review more in the next week or two after I try out their breakfast. But I would still definitely recommend Veronicas for some great authentic Mexican food from a great local restaurant…. Probably one of Waco’s best locally owned restaurants. They get pretty steady around lunch time and there is very limited seating, so get there before 12 or around 1. if you wanna grab lunch and miss the crowd.

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