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Most Excellent "Fries"
Today after a couple of years, I have finally made it back to Kitoks. Already considered one of the best burger joints in Texas and with several great reviews… I just thought Id go ahead and throw my 1cent in.
The last time I ate here was before I moved to Galveston for college, so that was a while back and don’t remember much expect the Awesome “fries” and pretty good cheese burger. Today I went with my dad and brother. Driving up to it, my dad worried that it might have closed… boy was he ever wrong. The place was packed, thank god my dad is a ‘crippled old fart’, so we were able to park in the handicapped space.

Upon entering there was an awesome aroma in the air and a line and wait of about 8 minutes, not bad at all. Once seated, the waitress took our drink orders and was prompt on bringing them, and took are order soon after that. I ordered their Egg Burger, which is a cheese burger with a fried or scrambled egg, with a side of their Oriental Fries. My brother their famous “Lip Locker” and my father a plain Cheese burger, they split an order of the Oriental Fries.

The fries were as good as I remember. Pour a little soy sauce on them and some ketchup on the side, I ate the whole bunch of them. My brother was trying to figure out all the different vegetables they used in the batches, so he could count them as his serving of vegetables for the day.. figures. Personally I could care less what veggies they used, they are awesome. The burger was pretty damn good. Toasted bun (inside and out), freshly fried egg, fresh and nicely seasoned meat, and topped off with American cheese. Needless to say it was pretty damn amazing, finished every last bite. Though my brother did give me shit for eating it with a fork, but my other hand was being used for my phone- ha-ha.

The place has a great atmosphere, friendly service and great food (they have food other than burgers as well, I have yet to try). it’s a place I highly recommend.

You'd never go in unless you knew what was inside
This is a true Waco dive!

It's poorly rundown and you would never just decide to try it out one day unless you knew someone who suggested it. Great burgers (Lip Locker) and the Oriental fries are original and tasty!

two words: oriental fries (subtext: ...are the freakin s#$%)
The first time I went to Kitok, I was a little unsure. But, being the adventurous food type, I went inside the small, white, and practically condemned building with an open mind.

Yeah, okay, sure, the walls are wood paneled, the menu is the strangest amalgamation of food you will ever see, and the tea has a distinct twinge to it above and beyond the taste of Waco water (side bonus: they DO serve RC cola for those premium cola drinkers out there).

Then, someone ordered oriental fries for a little treat. They come out as this fried mass of Lord-Knows-What, but by golly, I ate them. They aren't too greasy, have a bizarro texture, and disappear before you know what happened. Sure, I was slightly nervous that I might get food poisoning based on the shady atmosphere, but then I thought - give me oriental fries, or give me death.


Oriental fries!
Kitok's has a great hole-in-the-wall atmosphere but the seating is limited. The burgers are great and so is the bulgogi (really, try it!). However the best part of lunch are the oriental fries. Thinly sliced veggies fried tempura style make for shoestring fried heaven!

I'm a Burger Nerd and Kitok's Is My Fav
Their burger (Liplocker) is my favorite. Reason enough to take a trip to Waco. Pair it with the Oriental fries (which I've never encountered anywhere else) - and you've got a winner.

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