bymghamma, November 5, 2011
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Lone Star Tavern
Let me start this little review by saying that I trust Chad Connie. I trust him so much that I'll go all the way out to Bellmead on a weeknight to eat at a place where good folks from the country go and get a bite to eat. I also trust him so much that I know he'd find somewhere that I will really like to eat. I LOVE that good country folk eat at The Tavern, among other things which shall be chronicled here. That's right, I feel so comfortable that I'm just going to refer to it as "The Tavern" from here on out.

One of my first impressions of The Tavern was that they still allow smoking inside their establishment. I bet you're all, "But Mghamma, I thought that was illegal?" Calm down, ball fans. It's only illegal in McClennan county. That's right, I can get a good dose of good country cooking, camouflage apparel choices (hat? check. waders? check.), AND a little bit of smoke. All of this only increased my excitement for the pending meal.

I ate a chicken fried steak, which I feel is a good staple. It was tender and delicious. The breading (which I initially thought was cornmeal based) was actually breadcrumb based, AND IT WAS AWESOME. If you want some more back story on that breading, just ask Rene or Bobby, and I'm sure they'll tell you. The rolls were also quite legit.

All in all, it's a place you need to check out and add to your new favorites list for sure.
Come on, was WAY too easy for me to make a pun with "oso." We all like a challenge now and then.

I think the most hilarious fact about this place is that EVERY time I've been here (which has been like 3-4 times), someone that I've been with has been all, "This place is owned by Art Briles' wife." 75% of the time, that fact was whispered into my ear like the poor lady's an un-acknowledged celebrity whose adoring public wants to let her keep her privacy. To you, Mama Bear Briles, all I have to say is, you go gurrrllll.

Anyways. The Georgia Peach is amazing. I kind of wish they had cylindrical sprinkles instead of spherical ones, but that's because I am a child who still likes sprinkles, ALL the time.

Anyone notice how this is my THIRD post tonight that somehow involves frozen treats? Okay, so sue me.
bymghamma, August 3, 2011
All I gotta say is,
Why is the ice cream/McFlurry machine ALWAYS broken after 10PM?

Can I get an AMEN?

ps- don't judge me, but I am a sucker for M&Ms in crappy ice cream: a sucker, I tell you.
bymghamma, August 3, 2011
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This place is full of nostalgia for me, and anyone who doesn't share that sentiment was either a) mistreated as a child or is b) severely out of touch with food that is truly awful for you. When I was a little girl, sometimes my mom and I would pick up ice cream from the DQ on the way to my grandparent's house (Papa would always get a vanilla dish [pun intended], Mom & I would get a small dipped cone). I used to be in a weekly dinner group whose headquarters were about a block from this particular Dairy Queen. If someone's dinner flopped, we would walk down to the DQ and get dipped cones or whatever else.

Well, the dinner group has since disbanded. So what keeps me going to this particular Dairy Queen, you ask? I think the best thing about this DQ are its employees. Dairy Queens are sort of a dime-a-dozen, so when you come across a good one, you've gotta stick with it.

There's the blonde lady who automatically greets me with, "Hey honey, how ya doin'? Welcome to Dairy Queen. What can I get you?" over the INTERCOM. She hasn't even SEEN me yet. How does she know I am "honey" material?? She don care. She just "Paula Dean"s us all.

Then there's the guy with the mustache. He is diligent, and I mean diligent, about turning over my M&M Blizzard before handing it to me. He will prove to me, without a doubt, that it has NOT been sitting on the poor and lonely counter where it would certainly melt (to my dissatisfaction). I asked him once if he wouldn't turn the Blizzard over. He said, with a blank face, "No." I'm all, now that's dedication.

So, if you want some frozen treat and really awful food (read: tastes good, is awful FOR you), go to the DQ on LaSalle.
Kind of a lame title, but whatever, Internet, it takes a creation talent close to Jesus' to integrate Health Camp AND a Beatles song.

Health Camp is one of those places you go as a young Wacoan and go back to once a year or so when you've grown tired of some of the other things Waco has to offer. There's something comforting about burgers wrapped in paper (Char Burger, anyone? Holla, Deer Park, Texas natives!), shakes that could be consumed as a meal substitute OR act as the kind of meal topper that makes you unbutton the top button on your pants, and the somewhat less-than-friendly staff that bark your order number over the intercom (irony: the place doesn't even NEED an intercom. it's tiny). Yes, I'd even go as far to say that the burgers are mediocre (tough edges, not very juicy). Granted, I'm not jonesin' for read meat very often, but I like something decent when I do want it.

So why DO I go back, you ponder?

Perhaps I'm a sucker for chocolate shakes that are as pale as I am. Perhaps I like sitting on plastic furniture that I will inevitably stick to (this is Texas, people). Perhaps I like looking at the dozens of old pictures on the wall while I wait a good twenty minutes for a burger.

Will we ever know??
bymghamma, July 6, 2011
bymghamma, July 6, 2011
Okay, okay, let me start off by saying I'm all for frozen yogurt. I like frozen ice cream, frozen custard, etc. and I don't like to discriminate. What's awesome about 3 Spoons is they lure you in with their well designed atmosphere and their super friendly staff. Before you know it, you're paying six bucks for "a little" bit of yogurt that you covered with healthy things, like strawberries, blueberries, sprinkles, and just a TEENY BIT of chocolate chips. I mean, come on.

They also cleverly blast you with healthy propaganda that all starts with Pro and ends with Awesome. By the time you walk out, you are patting yourself on the back for successfully pleasing your sweet tooth and your waistline.

BUT BE WARNED. You will eventually become addicted, eat frozen yogurt all the time, and no one will love you. True story.

All jokes aside, I loved 3 Spoons when it opened. I felt like I had found the metaphorical closet that leads to Narnia. Then, every sorostitute and her new BFF were there after every possible Crush, along with a ton of high school kids who went there to escape their middle class white lives. It's hard to be a teenager, okay?!
Now, while I wish that "What About Cupcakes?" had taken the pun route when naming their business, I'm still pretty impressed with their little establishment. It's kitchy, cute, and pop-a-lur ta-boot. They have their basic cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry), but get there early if you want to try some of their daily specialties.
bymghamma, May 25, 2011
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Patio? Small, awkward dining area? Party area with long tables? You know, I'm not quite sure where I wanna sit, but, like Rebecca Black, I'm pretty sure such a decision will not keep me from a bowl of cereal (metaphorically speaking, of course).

As an old fan of fine places such as Luby's, I was excited to try George's famous chicken fried steak, paired with delectables (yes, I did just make that adjective a noun) such as macaroni and cheese and fried okra. I ordered the aforementioned at George's and was not disappointed. I even had a little adult beverage with it, and the new addition to a childhood dish made it even better. The service was above par, the bread was pretty nice, and the somewhat honky-tonk atmosphere made me wish I were a rhinestone cowgirl. All in all, I'm not sure why I stayed away from George's so long.
bymghamma, May 25, 2011
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Oh. Em. Gee. Nothing hits the spot in the morning (particularly, after a night at Scruff's [for those of you who don't mind VDs that abound on every surface]) like an elephante burrito. What's even more awesome is they are so unbelievably cheap and filling. Eggs, potatoes, cheese, beans, need I say more? They have quite a few other breakfast items on the menu, but I normally just stick with what I know and love.

And, if after a night of fun and frivolity, you can't seem to make it out of bed past 11AM, there is plenty on the menu as far as typical Mexican food goes. My dad once ate the Menudo soup there and said it was pretty tasty, so there's that.

Plus, they have lots of Mexican drinks in glass bottles, which I get super excited about. It's like drinking sugar (sort of like Big Red. Anyone? Anyone?), and I must admit that I do like such a drink every once in awhile (for nostalgia's sake, of course).

Side note: Little pink cake in the display case? Not all it's cracked up to be. Be advised.
You know what I love about Food for Thought? Its employees. Seriously. I mean, where else can you be served by someone with white boy dreads whom you silently ponder how they keep their weave out of your treats? I love it. It's sort of like adventure dining -- you put your stomach at risk whenever you eat there, and that's a risk I wanna take.

There are so many solid choices - black bean burrito, nacho mama, marghertia pizza, tank, chicken salad sandwich...all are delectable, depending on your mood. The only sassy thing I would have to say about FFT is that what I order is not always consistent: I had an incredible margherita pizza last week (thank you, Jesse), but sometimes they aren't quite as good (and by good, I mean melted). It kinda varies. BUT, AGAIN, that's part of the experience.
I only like drinking martinis every once in awhile. They aren't my favorite drink, and they don't make me feel classy, necessarily. But, there is something about recessed lighting, light piano jazz, and sliders at the ready that make me want to drink a caramel appletini or two (literally, OR TWO. More than that makes me woozy). If you're thinking about laying out some cash for some steak, I know (from experience when my parents are in town) that the steak lives up to its reputation. Plus, I ordered asparagus with it that time, and I was pleasantly surprised at their buttery crunchiness.

Another great appetizer to enjoy with half off on the day of the martinis is the spinach dip. Okay, I'm kind of hungry now. Good job, Diamondbacks!
A good gyro (read: "euro"...don't worry, I've made that novice mistake) is a delicate thing. Everything must be perfect to create a happy balance in the Greek world: the pita must be warm and firm, the onions and tomatoes should be fresh, the tzatziki (don't even ask me how to say that one; I still don't know) sauce should be fragrant and homemade, and the you should see the lamb somewhere rollin' around on an electronic spit.

GUESS WHAT?? D's has ALL of the above. Charlie said it best..."Winning!"

And, if the thought of roasted lamb makes your gag reflex go into hyperactivity, you can have some D-licous (PUN) fried chicken fingers instead (roll, gravy, and crinkle cut fries [the best kind] included).
bymghamma, April 27, 2011
What are you looking for tonight?

a. The chance to hear someone sing Frank Sinatra/Rat Pack style
b. An older guy to ask you to dance, and you awkwardly consent (crossing the floor to go to the bathroom does not equal begging for a partner, FYI)
c. Chicago style (?) deep dish pizza
d. All of the above

If your answer is D, Rosati's is the place for you.

I'm pretty sure Thursday nights when all of these magical things could occur. I'm not an expert on Chicago style pizza (never been to Chi town), but I'll take the reviewer below's word for it. I would ask for light tomato sauce as a personal preference, but I've got nothin' else to say but "hellz to the yeah" to Rosati's.
bymghamma, April 27, 2011
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Okay forkers, when I eat out, I want to eat somewhere whose dishes I couldn't quite replicate perfectly or with ease. I want to eat something and put my palate to work. I want it to be all, "Dubya tee, what is that taste? Is that...ROSEMARY and LEMON??" so that I can be all, "Hello, palate, did you not read the menu description?" I hope you follow.

That's the problem with Cheddar's: it's all bland, same old-same old, basic dishes. I don't wanna put salt or pepper on my plate. Is it too much to ask for it to be spiced already?? Plus, I've tried multiple things there (including chicken fingers, which I feel like you can't mess up), and nothing wins me over.

I only eat here at other people's request, but I never, and I mean never, eat here myself. I feel kind of pretentious as I write this because I used the word "palate," so I hope you can forgive me...I just want you to exercise your senses by trying to find something appetizing elsewhere.
Baris holds a dear, tender place in my heart. As a freshman, my posse and I would always go to Baris on Sunday nights since all the dining halls were closed. If I was feeling rich, I spent a whopping $11 on the Chicken Cacciatore (which, as a frugal spender, I ate half of and saved the rest for later) and an iced tea. If I was low in funds, I spent $4 on two slices of cheese pizzas and the aforementioned ice tea. DANG! Little ones, that's what you call legit.

We were always waited on by Aurora/Vanessa, and she became part of the routine of our weekly ritual. She eventually said such famous things such as "making bad decisions" in the greatest of contexts. She refilled our drinks with rapidity and ease. Mary, the owner, came over and talked to us in her raspy voice and told us we were beautiful. Ahhh...(begin relapse into nostalgia).

So here's the summary: Baris is above and beyond delicious, especially considering the price. Everything is quite good, and I always crave it when I stay away for awhile. I love this place. Eat here.
bymghamma, April 27, 2011
catch that rhyme?? Mghamma for the flow win.

As far as Mexican food goes, I will happily admit that I am picky as all get out. Mexican food and I don't always agree (curse you, poor unhappy stomach that hates me), so if I do happen to eat Mexican food, it'd better be freakin' awesome.

So, just in case you were wondering, that means I never go to Rosa's. I know the price is excellent. I know that Taco Tuesdays at the place to see and be seen. I also know that if I were to make a humble Mexican offering of Rosa's to my poor, picky stomach, I'd probably be seeing my dinner again in a few hours as an act of revolution (can you hear the mucosa lining of my stomach screaming, "¡viva la revolución!"?)

In short: the tortillas are rubbery, the meat is salty, and the pico is wilted.
Forgive me, fork readers, but I am not what you call a BBQ connoisseur. Truth: I generally like BBQ. Truth: I generally crave BBQ 1-3 times per year. Be I a blasphemer?! Whatever.

Here's what I love about Vitek's: The bread comes from a bag (a classic mark of good BBQ places), the sausage is always tender, and HELLO? the Gut Pak! Never have I seen a perfect mesh in sweet harmony of my love for Frito Lays, pickles, and BBQ mess in one happy little red and white paper canoe. Can I get an Amen?
bymghamma, April 21, 2011
Common Grounds
I think what I love about CGzzz is the people who work there. They are all of my hipster friends that I wish I were as cool as, but know that I can never a) grow a full beard, b) have vague musically referenced but still totally awesome tattoos, or c) stop showering for longer than 2 days in order to save water. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? that's okay. We still like each other (me more than them, probably).

Again, not a huge coffee drinker, but I hear the "Cowboy Coffee" is pretty staple if you want a quick caffeine high. It's kind of overpriced, but hey, it's a local business, and you should support it. I mean, if you want to truly transition into hipsterhood, then you must stick it to the (starbucks) man, wear your chacos, and your v-necks all at once! Let your chesties fly free, JUST LET THEM FLY. 'Nuff said.
I haven't been a ton of places in my life, but I normally like to try custard wherever I go, just in case you were wondering. Out of the handful of places I've travelled in my life, nothing rivals Katie's. It's rich, creamy, and tastes cold, if that makes any sense. Sometimes custards can just taste sweet, but you can taste the machinery with this one. Don't ask me why it makes it better; it's a custard-makin' mystery that Katie and her peeps have mastered. Anything and everything is good, including the steal of a hotdog. Granted, I'm a non-discriminatory hotdog lover, so maybe that's just me...but they are pretty delicious for the price.