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yes, I DID just review a Dairy Queen. deal with me.
This place is full of nostalgia for me, and anyone who doesn't share that sentiment was either a) mistreated as a child or is b) severely out of touch with food that is truly awful for you. When I was a little girl, sometimes my mom and I would pick up ice cream from the DQ on the way to my grandparent's house (Papa would always get a vanilla dish [pun intended], Mom & I would get a small dipped cone). I used to be in a weekly dinner group whose headquarters were about a block from this particular Dairy Queen. If someone's dinner flopped, we would walk down to the DQ and get dipped cones or whatever else.

Well, the dinner group has since disbanded. So what keeps me going to this particular Dairy Queen, you ask? I think the best thing about this DQ are its employees. Dairy Queens are sort of a dime-a-dozen, so when you come across a good one, you've gotta stick with it.

There's the blonde lady who automatically greets me with, "Hey honey, how ya doin'? Welcome to Dairy Queen. What can I get you?" over the INTERCOM. She hasn't even SEEN me yet. How does she know I am "honey" material?? She don care. She just "Paula Dean"s us all.

Then there's the guy with the mustache. He is diligent, and I mean diligent, about turning over my M&M Blizzard before handing it to me. He will prove to me, without a doubt, that it has NOT been sitting on the poor and lonely counter where it would certainly melt (to my dissatisfaction). I asked him once if he wouldn't turn the Blizzard over. He said, with a blank face, "No." I'm all, now that's dedication.

So, if you want some frozen treat and really awful food (read: tastes good, is awful FOR you), go to the DQ on LaSalle.

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