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Can't beat Taco Tuesday!
Hand's down the best value for Taco's on a Tuesday, although others try. I also love their chicken fajita's, that's a flavor that can't be duplicated elsewhere. Tortilla's are fresh made hourly. Chips and salsa are not free (or cheap), they have a full salsa bar as well, I enjoy this restaurant.

Rosalita makes an unhappy tortilla
catch that rhyme?? Mghamma for the flow win.

As far as Mexican food goes, I will happily admit that I am picky as all get out. Mexican food and I don't always agree (curse you, poor unhappy stomach that hates me), so if I do happen to eat Mexican food, it'd better be freakin' awesome.

So, just in case you were wondering, that means I never go to Rosa's. I know the price is excellent. I know that Taco Tuesdays at the place to see and be seen. I also know that if I were to make a humble Mexican offering of Rosa's to my poor, picky stomach, I'd probably be seeing my dinner again in a few hours as an act of revolution (can you hear the mucosa lining of my stomach screaming, "¡viva la revolución!"?)

In short: the tortillas are rubbery, the meat is salty, and the pico is wilted.

Rosa's... Yum!
The food is very good, fast and well priced. Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner before heading over to the movie theater. Taco Tuesday is typically crazy busy, but worth it!

5 Stars
Rosa's Cafe. They have over 56 items on their menu. I think I've tried 54 of them. I liked all of the items I've tried. The food is good. The price is reasonable. The atmosphere is great. It is extremely busy for Taco Tuesdays though.

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