Let's be honest for a second, Internet--I'm the kind of person that thinks it's perfectly acceptable to eat cake and cookies for breakfast (go ahead, judge me). Therefore, Cafe Capp & I are probably going to be best friends for life. Normally, I order hashbrowns (slightly greasy, but still in the "A" range), scrambled eggs (maybe kind of rubbery, but, heck, I'll eat 'em), and a chocolate. chip. pancake. Not only is the pancake bigger than my face, but it also comes with some pretty righteous syrup.

The best part about Cafe Capp is there are endless, yes, ENDLESS combinations of pancakes that you can order. Apple wheat? Yes. Ginger bread? Check. Wanna go crazy and add chocolate chips to either of those? Consider it done. BE THIS HEAVEN??

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, so I can't vouch for the actual namesake, but, I hear they are pretty decent.
bymghamma, April 21, 2011
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Oh, Cricket's.

When I was twenty-one, I had my free shot there, and that was kind of cool. But that's the thing--there's always someone there getting a free birthday shot/having a bachelorette party/living it up in drunken debauchery. Even if you could somehow reach the counter where beer abounds like milk and honey, you will definitely be bumped by someone you don't want to be bumped by as you attempt to shout over someone yelling, "DO IT! DO IT!" in order to order your humble drink. I don't know what "it" is, but I wish he/she would just do it so I could order mah beer.

The food is pretty typical, but maybe it gets better with the more drinks you have. Maybe I just don't like Cricket's because I'm a chill person and I don't like the fratority vibe that it has. Either way, not my favorite. By far.
bymghamma, April 20, 2011
Best. Mass. Produced. Burritos. Ever.

That's all I have to say, and words are my life.
Ohhh, poor Mickey A's. I will give it to them--some of the friendlist folk are ready and rearin' to give me a sweet tea (without lemon, thank you very much).

That's pretty much where the nice part ends. I always want the broccoli and cheese soup to be good, but it's pretty awful. The paninis aren't too bad, but they're nothing I don't feel like I could make better myself (not trying to toot my own horn; okay, well, maybe a little, tooot toooot). The potatoes are huge, but can you really mess up a potato? The sweets are kind of redeemable, but mostly dry. I don't know, maybe I can't stand this place because I want it to be like Panera but it's not...or maybe it's because Mickey A's was the only decent place to eat at camp one summer, so that's all I ever ate. Who knows. Take this review with a grain of sea salt.
bymghamma, April 20, 2011
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The Olive Branch
When I think of the Olive Branch, I immediately imagine a younger Paula Deen with big, blonde Texas hair who magnanimously greets me at the door with a frilly white and blue apron exclaiming, "Hey, y'all wanna cupcake? Extra butter, just for you." Now, the Olive Branch does not serve anything fried or unidentified, but it just has that sort of feel...sort of like "Home and Garden" meets a young Eames. Everything they have is cute. Cute salads. Cute cupcakes. Cute fruit cups. Cute teas. Cute sandwiches...all meshed with a modern edge, clean lines, and, of course, hipster typeface.

Their food is pretty tasty, though perhaps a tad bit overpriced. Great for business lunches or afternoon reading breaks. The kind of folk that go there range from the business brunchers to the nike-short wearin' sorority folk (who arrive mid-afternoon after karaoke at Scruff's the night before, of course). I would definitely recommend it.
bymghamma, April 19, 2011
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Bangkok Royal
If I want anything asian influenced EVER, please go here. They have tofu if you don't like meat, their vegetables are always fresh, the fried eggrolls are supreme, their peanut sauce is delectable, and they give you drinks in goblets. GOBLETS, I say.

I would say to try one specific thing, but you really can't go wrong. Just try it all.

The only bad thing I could say is that their service is typically a little slow, so be sure to set aside some time so that you can go, indulge, and not be rushed.
bymghamma, April 19, 2011
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Clay Pot
Okay, don't tie my noose yet. I've lived in Waco for six years, and have eaten here at least once a year in hopes that a) it gets better b) it was having an off day last time or c) my palate has changed. It never does...The sauces taste manufactured, almost like you could find the same in a microwaveable dinner. It's normally slow on top of that.

But I will give it to you, the Pho soup is top notch. Otherwise, not impressed.

Go ahead, hate away.
bymghamma, April 19, 2011
Delicious pizza, 7/10 on the DPS (delicious pizza scale).*
The beer may not always be ice cold, but heck, it's drinkable. Yes, they do have budweiser and the like, so just know that only I will judge you (as opposed to the bartenders and I) if you order it.
It's great how everything doesn't match in there; adds to the chill/sports bar atmosphere. Let's just hope it doesn't turn into FratPalace...we do want it to keep up its street cred.

*DPS doesn't apply to you freaks who like Pappa Johns pizza. Yeah, I said it.
Cafe Homestead
I submit there is nothing, NOTHING better than waking up on a Saturday, rolling out to Meonnonite land, and having a Mediterranean chicken sandwich with (sweet potato) fries and a raspberry lemonade whilst gawking at the variety of skirts/up-do's that you never even knew existed. Then, to top it off, there are normally a variety of pies/cookies for you to pick at when you are finished (all, of course, while exclaiming that you can't eat another bite as you stuff a piece of tiramisu in your pie hole).

It's very family friendly--you can go make a coaster at the weaving/yarn house, and you can look at pottery and other goodies in the barn.

On a more serious note, they are some of the nicest people ever out there. You've gotta go make friends. Right now.
bymghamma, April 19, 2011
I'm a pretty big fan of fast food burgers that are excellent (mostly because they are like four leaf clovers--rare, small, and green). HOWEVER, this one just doesn't add up. The meat wasn't incredible, the fry's were limp-o/wimp-o, and the buns were greasy on top of it all. Blech.
bymghamma, April 19, 2011
I think I've been to this pub nearly once a week every week since it's opened (minus thesis/comprehensive exam crunch times). It's like Cheers--everyone there knows your name, except Ted Danson isn't there to look at you with his creepy furrowed brows.

There's always a great selection of local beers and seasonal beers. PLUS, if you are afraid of beer, there's cider for the weaklings (myself included), wine for the pretentious, and Sofias (AKA juice boxes for adults--straw included).
The first time I went to Kitok, I was a little unsure. But, being the adventurous food type, I went inside the small, white, and practically condemned building with an open mind.

Yeah, okay, sure, the walls are wood paneled, the menu is the strangest amalgamation of food you will ever see, and the tea has a distinct twinge to it above and beyond the taste of Waco water (side bonus: they DO serve RC cola for those premium cola drinkers out there).

Then, someone ordered oriental fries for a little treat. They come out as this fried mass of Lord-Knows-What, but by golly, I ate them. They aren't too greasy, have a bizarro texture, and disappear before you know what happened. Sure, I was slightly nervous that I might get food poisoning based on the shady atmosphere, but then I thought - give me oriental fries, or give me death.