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Sweet tea reminds me of my mama's
The best part of McAlister's is their homemade sweet tea. When I first tasted it about nine years ago, it brought back memories of my mom's homemade sweet tea. It's fresh and hot. The warm tea melts some of the ice and just tastes fabulous. The food's pretty good too, though a bit pricy on some items. But with free wifi and unlimited tea, one can't go wrong. Also, the Waco Dr. location normally isn't too busy - so it's good escape from the one near Baylor and I-35.

if I ever turn into a zombie, hittin' this place up first--it alllll tastes like goo brains.
Ohhh, poor Mickey A's. I will give it to them--some of the friendlist folk are ready and rearin' to give me a sweet tea (without lemon, thank you very much).

That's pretty much where the nice part ends. I always want the broccoli and cheese soup to be good, but it's pretty awful. The paninis aren't too bad, but they're nothing I don't feel like I could make better myself (not trying to toot my own horn; okay, well, maybe a little, tooot toooot). The potatoes are huge, but can you really mess up a potato? The sweets are kind of redeemable, but mostly dry. I don't know, maybe I can't stand this place because I want it to be like Panera but it's not...or maybe it's because Mickey A's was the only decent place to eat at camp one summer, so that's all I ever ate. Who knows. Take this review with a grain of sea salt.

Best Potatoes and Sandwiches
The potatoes are really big and are good. They also have wonderful sandwiches. Also the sweet tea is the best.

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