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hype and hub bub
Coming into the Baylor "must-eats" scene, Cafe Capp was recommended to me. I was impressed with the expansive size of these golden cakes but the flavor was not anything extraordinary. The wait is usually pretty long. With this being said, the interior isn't accommodating for the large audience they seem to attract. The service is quicker if you order via phone and pick it up. The pancakes are subpar, but the waitstaff is great and the coffee selection is superb.

Continually Terrible Service
I only rate this as "fair" because their food IS delicious, however the service is reliably terrible.

Every single time I have been to this Cafe Cap, crowded or empty, I have the worst experience with service. And each time I go, tops the last.

I would rather go to iHop or the Egg and I and have good service (both chain restaurants), than go to Cafe Cap - the only reason I have gone more than once is because I was with a group that insisted. Each time, we all vow never to return.

If you don't mind rude, negligent servers and REALLY love flavored coffees and breakfast food - then this is your spot.

A few low-carb options, if you're creative
Since they serve breakfast all day, my first choice is the spinach omelet. It comes with a side order of bread (pancake, toast, etc.), which I usually save in a to-go box for the bottomless pits with whom I live. Also, I like their coffee, and they do have Splenda available, but you have to ask for it.

Option B, for me, is the spinach & bacon salad, sans croutons. Unfortunately, I can't find a nutritional breakdown on the salad dressings, but I do like the creamy vinaigrette.

You can't go wrong with pancakes!
Apple wheat....that's all I want when I go to Cafe' Cap!! The rest of it is just stuff and yes, sometimes the service is less than desirable, but if you got up that early on a weekend to work, I don't think you would be little miss sunshine either!! Never had a bad meal there, despite the occasional bad service.

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mixed berry & nut or chocolate chip?
who wants a pancake?
the omelettes come with pancakes
time for some breakfast

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