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Ooooover-raaaaated! *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap*
I don't understand all the love that Five Guys gets. It's overwhelmingly average at best.

I like that I can get hot sauce, mayo and grilled jalapenos on my burger. That's enough to make me happy toppings-wise. It's just the the burger was pretty bland. The bun had no flavor whatsoever. The meat was almost too done, making it kind of tough and not as juicy or flavorful as it should be.

If it's possible for a burger to feel mass-produced and generic, that's what they have at Five Guys.

East coast In-N-Out
I don't really have anything negative to say about Five Guys, but now that In-N-Out has expanded to Texas, I can't wait for the "upscale" fast food burger showdown to happen in Waco. Among my friends, you're either a Five Guys person or an In-N-Out person (similar to the Freebirds vs. Chipotle argument), and I land in the In-N-Out camp. So, while I appreciate that Five Guys opened their Waco establishment. I'll try to not eat there as much out of principle that a better fast food burger is coming... Eventually...

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Not impressed....
Thought I was in for a treat...not. Burger meat lacked flavor and I don't think one should have to top their burger with tons of things to get a great taste. (like a steak) It should stand on it's own. I will not go back.

Went to Five Guys because I always heard great things. That was many months ago, and I cringe when I think about going back. Burger was overcooked and the fries were soggy. I usually love seasoned fries...I like the idea of enjoying the taste without the ketchup...Five Guys fries require a ton of ketchup just to get the taste out of your mouth. As far as chain burgers go, I'll take Fuddruckers over Five Guys.

Greasy, but not in a good way
I'm a pretty big fan of fast food burgers that are excellent (mostly because they are like four leaf clovers--rare, small, and green). HOWEVER, this one just doesn't add up. The meat wasn't incredible, the fry's were limp-o/wimp-o, and the buns were greasy on top of it all. Blech.

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