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Wow, there's a review page up for Chipotle and nobody's said "we need a Freebirds" yet? All right, then. Let me be the first to say it: we need a dadgummed Freebirds.

Chipotle needs more options and hotter salsas. That cilantro-lime rice that everyone raves about is disgustingly salty to me and does not make up for the lack of actual leafy cilantro to stick on my burrito. Salt is my least favorite seasoning ever, and Chipotle, unfortunately, uses way too much of it instead of actual...spice. The hottest salsa they have is a total disappointment.

Chipotle is okay in a pinch. I like the fact that I can tell them exactly what I want in my burrito, the fact that they have Izze drinks and that the big sizes mean it's like ordering two meals in one. Is it rude to bring in my bottle of Death Sauce, though? Haha. If you want a big burrito, Taqueria Arandas still has the best one in Waco, even if they don't assemble it in front of you.

Best. Mass. Produced. Burritos. Ever.

That's all I have to say, and words are my life.

I could eat here every day...
and I come pretty close with a couple of times a week. Everything is always fresh and hot! The portions are huge, and I always have enough left over for a quick lunch the following day. Highly recommend!

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