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Yummy low-sugar option
It is nice to find low-carb/low-sugar options at a dessert place, and Katie's low-carb vanilla is so dense and creamy that it will trick your tastebuds into thinking you're eating the fully-loaded variety! Add chopped peanuts for crunch, and you've got a guiltless dessert. It is prohibitively expensive for me to visit often, but it's a nice splurge now and then.

Nice Summer Treat
Even though the commercials on the radio for Katie's are terrible, the frozen custard is great! It may not be as healthy as a frozen yogurt place but that is the point. Frozen custard has that smooth, creamy taste that you cannot get anywhere else. Katie's offers so many choices that everyone in the family will be happy. My favorite is the pumpkin pie, which is seasonal only in the fall.

The only negative is that it seems their prices have gone up over the past year or two. If they would offer more specials, I would visit more often.

Overall, great dessert place and popular hangout for Baylor folks.

best custard I've ever had...and I like custard.
I haven't been a ton of places in my life, but I normally like to try custard wherever I go, just in case you were wondering. Out of the handful of places I've travelled in my life, nothing rivals Katie's. It's rich, creamy, and tastes cold, if that makes any sense. Sometimes custards can just taste sweet, but you can taste the machinery with this one. Don't ask me why it makes it better; it's a custard-makin' mystery that Katie and her peeps have mastered. Anything and everything is good, including the steal of a hotdog. Granted, I'm a non-discriminatory hotdog lover, so maybe that's just me...but they are pretty delicious for the price.

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