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Worst service ever
Took forever, I think the waiter forgot to turn our order in.
People who arrived after us were being served before us. Had to ask them to check on our salads and then ask them about our food twice. Shrimp tasted like it was cooked in grease that was too hot and tasted burnt.
Will never go back.

Heitmiller Steakhouse,
Heitmiller has a great location, just off of I-35 and Texas Loop 340, as well as great food and a very fun atmosphere. My best friend had raved about his time there when he was with his family, so one Saturday he and I drove there for lunch. I have since been back, and I enjoyed it almost as much the second time as the first time. This is the story of the first time I went to Heitmiller, and I plan to go back many more times.

When I first arrived, I noticed that the building was quite huge, but there were hardly any cars in the parking lot. This could most likely be due to the fact that it was about 2:30 PM, hardly a busy time for lunch. The first things I noticed when I walked in, was how they embraced the western atmosphere. The interior looked country-western to the core, accompanied by the Saloon, their bar, to the left and the Veranda, a gift shop, to the right. I felt that Heitmiller really pulled off the theme well, which added to my dining experience.

As for the food, I ordered a 12 oz. New York Strip, with a baked sweet potatoes and corn as sides. It took a while for my food to come out, but once it did I was very pleased. My steak was prepared very well, and was full of juice and flavor when it arrived. Both my corn and my sweet potatoes were still steaming, but the scent was not overwhelming. As I began to eat, I was very happy with the quality of the steak, corn, and the sweet potatoes. All the food was delicious, and I was very happy when I received the bill and it was only about $20.

Overall, I had a great experience at Heitmiller Steakhouse. My food was very good, and I had fun sitting in the country-western themed restaurant waiting for my food. The only negative thing I have to say about the place is that the food takes a bit to arrive, but once it does, the food is great. I have since been back at a time it was much more crowded, but still had a great time. Definitely a new favorite restaurant for me.

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Texas Flavor: A Waco Institution
So after a week of having fellow employees telling me that I need to try Heitmillers, a place Ive driven by probably 100 times, and I didn’t even know it existed. They are a locally owned and operated steak, who has been in Waco for decades, and only changed hands of ownership once. Apparently they are well known for their selection and cooking of steaks, as well as their giant chicken fried steaks.

On my first day off, my father and I decided we go try it out. He had been to the original one, but not this new one. Apparently they used to be hole in the wall with great food; but due to expanding the highway and the government had right of way or whatever it was called, they had to close the old one and relocate. Turned out to be a great deal for them it seems; they got a great location right off I-35 and right between 3 Local Colleges (TSTC, MCC and Baylor), and their new place is just huge and max out. Big enough for over a 100 people, huge ole cast chandeliers, frosted windows, even a big ole gift shop. The only big down side to the size of the place was the acoustics; not exactly nice on the ears… really messed with my dad hearing aids.

As we walk in I notice to the side, a sign with the daily specials- CFS or CFC with corn or green beans and mashed potatoes. Which is perfect, cause I wanted to snag one of those. I almost will never order a steak at a restaurant… only on very special occasions and only if I know the chef… cause I can cook a steak like there is no tomorrow. Since there are two of us we split it up; I get the CFC and my dad gets the CFS. I order mine with corn and loaded mashed potatoes, he orders green beans and regular mashed potatoes.

While waiting for our food, we chill and talk about politics and football. Notice a few movers and shakers of Waco are enjoying a lunch there, together. Blow bubbles in our chocolate milk. Check out the cute waitresses. You know, the usual stuff.

Our food comes, looking delicious and all… couldn’t really smell it, the place is really well ventilated. The first thing I notice is the size of my dad chicken fried steak… it is about the size of a football. My chicken fried chicken is only half the size, weirdly enough it looks like a pre-made frozen one. I try my CFC; it is fork tender, juicy, good flavor and the batter is nice, flavorful and crunchy. It was a pretty decent chicken fried chicken, but not the best Ive ever had. Next I tried the corn, which, just by looking I could tell it wasn’t fresh corn… even tasted like canned corn…. Which was really disappointing, too many places used canned over fresh or frozen. Then I snag a bite of my dad’s chicken fried steak; fork tender, good flavor, very nice batter. Definitely one of the best CFS I have eaten. Last but not least, the loaded mashed potatoes- gravy, bacon, cheese, chives; The mashed potatoes were made from scratch, they alone had really good flavor and mashed texture. What was odd though was the use of freshly chopped chives, but they used canned bacon bits…. Kind of a downer. But Bacon is Bacon…. Except to-bacon and tur-bacon.

Over all I had a really nice experience and enjoyed the food, and will be going back to try some other items on their menu…including the Calf fries. Who knows I just might even snag a steak; as I do recall they have a ½ a CFS with a Steak deal. So ya, if you are ever down in the MCC/ TSTS area or are heading to/from Dallas or maybe you just want a giant CFS or Steak… go ahead and give Heitmiller a try. I doubt you will be disappointed.

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