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MMmmmmm...... Mmmmm.....
Oh wow! what girl/lady/women wouldn't like this place. Very girly but the men where there too. Large portions and so fresh. The waitstaff especially Jesse were so accommodating. Mercy me, let's just talk about the muffins....alrighty!!! Yum! Chicken salad, pasta salad, fresh fruit and some homemade poppy-seed dressing! Oh my, my mouth is watering just thinking about it again.
And for heaven sakes don't forget that dessert. Chocolate Texas Fudge Pecan cake ( however you say it) all warmed up and just some serious goodness. You know it was made with L-O-V-E
Whomever owns this place has done Waco proud! Great food, great shopping and nice people. I would think one would earn bonus points if they brought their friends here!! Ciao!

My fav for a girl's get-together!
Never had bad food here. I really don't know why every one seems to think it's so pricy....did you really take a look at your bill at say....Five Guys, or Sam's on the Square? Really people....quit whining! For heaven's is NOT mickey 'D's (and they are pretty pricey as well!). There is something about the flavor of the vermicelli salad that keeps me ordering the trio. AND those muffins are a bit of heaven in a basket! The soups and quiche are super, as are the yummy desserts.
What more can I say, you just can't go wrong here with the food! However, sometimes the service is a bit lacking!

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how do you make those muffins?!
pricey but tasty
pardon me, more trio please
grown up tea party!

i've been a couple of times. the food is ok, but the desserts are delicious. the prices are kind of high, which keeps me from going more often...overall, though, a nice treat when i'm in the right mood

Eggcellent Quiche
Amelia's is a really fun little restaurant in the middle (literally the middle) of a great gift store. The menu is limited, but really i go for the quiche. They rotate the types of quiche they serve daily so I try to call ahead to see what is available. The only downside is the cost... it is pricey for a lunch spot but the quantity and quality of food you get for the money makes it all worth it!

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