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Beware of the hamburgers
I usually really like the Elite, especially happy hour. But one Sunday we went with an out of town relative who was treating us to lunch and we all ordered various burgers. Mine was the worst burger I've ever had. It was a cinder. I don't mean over cooked or well done, I mean it was a cinder. And it arrived dry - no mayo, mustard or ketchup. We had to ask for these items and by the time the slow server returned with them the burger was cold. I'll stick to happy hour.

Mostly good!
We have been dining at the 'circle' for nearly 20 years and have seen the changes, good and bad. The past few years have been mostly good in the food and service department, with a few exceptions (very few). the best addition was brunch! They have one of the best eggs benedicts around and the rosemary potatoes are yummy.
Second to brunch, they have THE best happy hour in can get appetizers half price and drinks ($2 margaritas). A party of 6 can get away from there for only 20-30 bucks! The newest appetizer is a plate of chicken fried steak bites with gravy and it is good and filling.
Sometimes the service is lacking, but generally it has been good.

Sloooow as Christmas...
Elite has a good selection of foods, especially appetizers, but we tend to avoid it because of how long the service can take. There is usually no wait for a table, even on the weekends, but once seated be prepared to be there a while. I do recommend the grilled veggie sandwich if you decide to brave it.

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