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Surprise, surprise!
OK, we went last weekend, mainly because we had a coupon that was expiring (I LOVE coupons)and to ride with the top down on my hubby's newly purchased 'stang' down Hwy 6. We really didn't expect much, but were pleasantly surprised!
My hubby ordered a sirloin and I, a burger.
It was actually very good, the steak was juicy, tasty and tender, but a tad overcooked for how he ordered it. He got a side of mixed veggies that were not canned and were cooked right, and a baked potato that came with butter, bacon bits and sour cream at no extra charge.
My burger was d-lish! tasty, not overcooked and not too thick, with fresh tomato and lettuce. I opted for the 'hog chips' instead of fries. They are house made kettle style chips and were very tasty but a tad over cooked....some were close to burned.
There weren't many in the main restaurant, but there was a wedding reception going on upstairs, which could have accounted for the slight overcooking of the few items previously mentioned!
They have good prices on their beers as well. tap and bottle.
My only complaint, is that they serve iceberg (head) lettuce, and I detest it. I cannot see why a place would even want to degrade their food with that addition, when it wouldn't cost much more to switch to a leaf or romaine. Beware restaurant owners...if you serve any iceberg at your place, it will NEVER get an excellent rating from me!

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