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The best thing on a burger ever? Not beef.
If you want me to love your burger joint, serve up some tasty varmint. I love Fudd's game burgers. I actually prefer the game patties to beef because they're just a bit more interesting. You can order beef everywhere. Here, I usually end up with an elk burger, which has a nice, slightly gamey flavor to it that works well covered in cheese, mayonnaise and hot sauce.

I order buffalo a lot, too, which is a lot closer in flavor to beef and a lot subtler with the gamey flavor. Buffalo is actually supposed to be leaner than beef or good for you somehow, but whatever, it's delicious, and I'm not exactly going to a burger place because I'm on a diet.

Even the cheese you can order on Fudd's burgers is pretty good. Cheddar? Swiss? American that doesn't look and taste like a rubber squeaktoy? Fantastic. I got the Fuddrucker's in Austin to give me blue cheese crumbles on a burger once, too, which was divine. I've never tried this here, but next time, time.

This being said, Fuddrucker's in Waco is both awesome and awful because of its bar of toppings. On one hand, you can put all kinds of marvelous toppings on your burger, including that awesome cheese sauce that looks like it's straight out of Taco Bell. It's probably processed beyond all recognition as an actual food product, and I don't care. It's delicious, especially the spicy variety. There's usually a few different kinds of hot sauce AND jalapenos out to put on my burger. That RULES.

On the other hand, it always seems less clean than it should be. Maybe this is because I always get dragged along to Fudd's during the busy parts of the day, but the bar and the rest of the restaurant just seem like a mess. I expect a little mess out of a self-serve bar of toppings, and I expect a little mess out of a kid-friendly place like a burger chain, but this particular Fudd's rides the line of "too messy for ninjacoco to handle."

I'd give it four stars if they'd light a fire under the busboy's bum. I really do enjoy the food, but the mess is a bit much.

Ok, so it IS Fuddruckers...
Considering it is a chain, each one can be a bit different. This one is usually fairly consistant and serves up decent fresh hamburgers with a wide variety of toppings from the bar, that you get for yourself. I like the veggie bar, but am always a bit wary due to the fact that anyone can add their germs at any given time. But I suppose that can happen if they do it for you, as well.
My favorite thing about Fuddruckers, is the fries...really good, and I am not a fry kinda guy!!
The price is comparable to all the other 'fresh' made burger joints so no complaints there.
The cookies are yummy!

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