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It was a splendid and nostalgic evening at my old stomping grounds, Panther Stadium at Midway, right up until the moment when the actual football game took a turn for the unexpected.

For one thing, it was just the right kind of September evening. Not exactly sweatshirt weather just yet, obviously. But not oppressively hot either. Really nice weather actually. That was the splendid part.

I arrived on the old campus about an hour before kickoff on Friday, in time to catch the end of a tailgate party just outside the stadium. That was the nostalgic part.

(Disclaimer: In the following blog, the devil is metaphorical for spicy food. WacoFork does not support the devil or any of his friends).

According to the Charlie Daniels Band, the devil went down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal. Conversely, a band of WacoFork folks went to downtown Waco looking to show that old devil who was boss.

It was meant to be WacoFork's deal with the devil as two of our most brave food challengers — Toph Whisnant and Cameron Weed — fully intended to savor Hell's Kitchen Wings at Metro followed by the El Diablo tacos at Taqueria Mexican Taco.

There's a new development in the seemingly ever-changing category of Mexican food restaurants here in Waco.

We like this one, or at least we're optimistic about the possibilities.

El Charro Tapatio will soon be opening a second location as it has taken over the location formerly held by Burrito King.

It's a weird day in the news (sports news) and I feel like my attempts at wittiness in regard to whatever I choose to have for lunch will be too trivial.

I'm as narcissistic as the next guy, but I recognize that the fate of our local university, or at least its ties to the once-great Big 12, is in jeopardy. So I'm disinclined to rattle on about food. For the record, I believe Baylor is a great school with an outstanding athletic department and the Bears will be fine in the long run. And I'm a Red Raider who has struggled to love Baylor for many years, so that's no piddly vote of confidence.

In the void of restaurant chatter, though, I will remind everyone in the WacoFork family that we are giving one of you an iPad2 sometime soon. Sometime soon meaning sometime between now and whenever we reach 1,000 reviews. We are currently at 534 reviews, which is about 100 more than when we announced this new contest four weeks ago. So we'll leave it up to you to predict when we'll reach the mark.

There was a time when I would have been self-conscious about walking into the Bill Daniel Student Center at Baylor to eat lunch.

That time, perhaps, was as recently as earlier this year before a friend who worked at Baylor insisted we eat in one of the dining halls. I suppose that helped me to discover that no one really sticks out like a sore thumb in those places simply because everyone sticks out like a sore thumb in those places.

Seriously, is there a better place in the world to people watch than a college campus? Particularly Baylor?

At any rate, I ventured into the Baylor student center again today to grab some lunch from Mooyah.

Can anyone tell me how the Baylor-TCU game came out?

Just kidding.

I carried our WacoFork banner out to tailgate on Friday afternoon and had a fantastic time pre-gaming with everyone. We had hot dogs and burgers and beverages. You should really come by and see us next time. Sadly, though, I didn't get to go into the Floyd Casey stadium as I had a game of my own to cover in McGregor.

Right now, I'm sitting on a blue park bench at Katie's Frozen Custard eating hot dogs and washing them down with cold Coca-Cola and a creamy strawberry cyclone.

This is me reading summer its Last Rites for this year.

The month in reviews: August

September 1, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town | Comment

At the end of every month, I comb through all of the fantastic WacoFork reviews and pull out what I find to be some of the best individual lines.

I try to leave it pretty ambiguous by, where possible, extracting both the user's identity and the restaurant in question. However, one reviewer has risen to the top of the heap and must be named. It would be silly to act like mghamma isn't coming up with a bunch of the lines that I'm using in "Month in Reviews."

But … as of this week, mghamma has a challenger to her status as the witty, slashing swordswoman of the WacoFork reviews. And that challenger comes correct with with a ninja blade.

We don't get to choose our given names.

From that point forward we put careful attention into naming things, whether it be pets or cars or websites.

What's the skinny on Cafe Cappuccino?

Word on the street recently has been that one of Waco's favorite breakfast spots is closing one location and opening another one. And of course, we at WacoFork want to be the source that helps suss out these questions. So I found out a little information for you this morning.