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This food is the devil. And it's tasty.
If you want a more authentic alternative to all the Tex-Mex places in town, El Charro is pretty good. The tacos are on par with many of the taquerias in town, but the best thing I've had here has to be the Camarones a la Diablo. I'm always super excited to find dishes that are actually a little spicy without having to drench it in hot sauce to make it so, and this is one of them. The shrimp was tasty and prepared just right.

On top of all that, if this isn't the cutest building on Waco Drive when it's lit up in the evening, I don't know what is.

Pretty alright
First time here today for lunch. It was alright.

I loved that it feels authentic, but the food was just ok - maybe I haven't found the right item.

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Our Sunday Lunch Standby
Waco has an embarrassment of Tex-Mex joints. And most of them are, themselves, pretty embarrassing. Seriously, would you take your Mom to Ninfa's? (If you do, then you're officially dead to me.)

El Charro Tapatio is one of the few worth returning to again and again. Their plates are fresh, the meats well-seasoned, and there are dishes for both fire lovers and the faint of heart. I tend to stick with fajitas, because my tastes are simple and I like veggies to go with my protein bomb. But I love watching friends sweat their way through the Chicken Diablo. They don't over-salt the food, and their sides are well prepared. Yes, I'm sure they use lard. Lard is tasty. Refried beans are sexiest with lard. Just don't eat them every day.

They are generous with the fresh green and red salsas, and the service is quick and attentive without being annoying. They have a decent beer list, though the frozen cocktails are unremarkable. That's ok. I can make a margarita at home. When I come to El Charro, I want fresh food and fresh air on the patio, and the company of a few friends.

Sunday lunch favorite
El Charro has beat out many competitors for our most frequent sunday lunch spot. Their al pastor is amazing, and they have the best salsa to go with their chips in town. Great green sauce tops it all off to give each bite just the right amount of heat.

Also, happy hour from 5-8 weekdays with $3 margaritas in big-o glasses.

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