bywade, September 18, 2012
I have had very few free birds experiences, so i didn't really know what to expect. Got the burrito bowl, and was very satisfied. Adding the queso on top of the bowl set it apart.
bywade, May 2, 2011
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Common Grounds
Common Grounds has been there for me for a variety of needs over the last 6 years. No matter why i was there- studying, hanging out, coffee, pleasure reading, or escaping from home- i have had a comfortable place at cg. Plus great coffee (cinnamon buns and columbian supremo are my favorites) and friendly baristas make it a great place. except for that charlie pierce...
bywade, April 30, 2011
Clay Pot
I have had a few dishes, but the curry chicken stands as my favorite. I can hardly imagine than anyone would object to it. Plus, sitting on the floor is great, as is the tea that comes with your meal.
bywade, April 30, 2011
I have generally stuck to the gut-pack, but there have been a few occations where I have branched out, and have been rewarded everytime. Apparently, you just cant go wrong at vitek's. The spud-pack was great today, even a little more filling than the gut-pack if thats possible. And on the occations I have had various sandwiches, those always did the job as well.
bywade, April 30, 2011
El Charro has beat out many competitors for our most frequent sunday lunch spot. Their al pastor is amazing, and they have the best salsa to go with their chips in town. Great green sauce tops it all off to give each bite just the right amount of heat.

Also, happy hour from 5-8 weekdays with $3 margaritas in big-o glasses.
bywade, April 19, 2011
That's about all there is to say, best burger in Waco, I think that is a pretty good title to have.
bywade, April 19, 2011
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Taqueria El Crucero
It has become difficult for me to enjoy mexican food at other places because the bar has been set so high by Crucero. My body is never happier than as I walk out the door of Crucero fully satisfied.

The "El Oso" burrito is my favorite meal. But a hairs width below the "el oso" is the green chicken enchilada combo plate, any of their breakfast burritos, and anything with al pastor. Al pastor is my favorite meat, and while I have found many great places to get pastor in Waco, this is certainly my favorite. And somehow, I have not mentioned the green sauce yet. It is the single best topping or sauce of any kind I have ever had. It can be super hot, but the heat never kills the flavor, only enhances it.