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Bubbas have Hewitt Drive surrounded

September 21, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town | Comment

We've added two listing to our directory in the last six days. Both are called Bubba's and both are located on Hewitt Drive.

Confusing? Possibly.

Let me clarify. I added Uncle Bubba's Bistro, which can be found in the Cafes and Diners category, on Friday. Then just a little bit ago, I added Bubba's to the Burgers category.

So we launched this little venture a little less than six months ago. And when we launched it, almost immediately, people began to ask us "Are you going to have an iPhone app?"

Our answer: absolutely. Hopefully soon.

In most ways, this past weekend rocked.

As stated, I ate some delicious stadium food in Lorena. We had a fun time at the WacoFork tailgate before Baylor stomped SFA. The Cowboys won. The Rangers won twice. And, maybe the best part, rain came in buckets.

But one piece of news stung me. As we were setting up for tailgate on Saturday, I heard our friends at Taqueria El Crucero arrived at their restaurant Saturday morning to find they had been broken into during the night.

I knew I was in for a treat when I walked up to the grill at Lorena Stadium on Friday night.

About 45 minutes before kickoff, a man who called himself Hervie (that's him in the picture) watched over burgers and the kind of sausage links that you could tell by looking weren't your average, run-of-the-mill links. He also took care to place his tortillas on the grill for just the right amount of time before pulling them off the grill, then wrapping a sausage in each one, and then wrapping that in foil so that it would stay warm until the concession stand opened.

If you've been following this blog this week, you'll know that I've been making an effort this week to eat a little healthier with the help of the McLennan County Publich Health District's Eat Well Waco project.

Have I been perfect? By no means.

Have I even been good? Debatable.

But have I been thinking about it and trying to be wiser? Yep.

We think you should take Club Sandwich's advice.

We think you should take it even if there wasn't extra incentive. Why? Because the more you review restaurants, especially local restaurants, the better our website can serve our community inasmuch as we can offer a credible and extensive view of Waco's dining out experience.

And we want to thank Club Sandwich for making this point with their advertising graphic (as seen in the photo with this blog; that's us just between yelp and urbanspoon).

But there is extra incentive.

Just so everyone knows, I didn't claim to be interested in eating healthy simply as a way of introducing the Eat Well Waco blog on Monday.

Perhaps if you saw me walking down the street, you might say under your breath "That eating healthy mularky must have been mere lip service." And it certainly felt that way when I made the bad decision of scarfing a burger when I arrived home from Dallas late Monday night. Fries too. Bad.

I'm trying to make up for it today, so I went to D's Mediterranean Grill and ordered from the Eat Well Waco menu suggestions that can be found on the wall there.

It's a double blog day because I came across some news this afternoon in Temple.

Word on the street for a while has been that BJ's Brewhouse is planning a Waco location. I even saw someone post that BJ's "announced" it was coming to Waco on Tuesday.

Yes, I'm jumping from writing about obesity awareness and eating healthy on Monday to writing about donuts today. No, I do not find this to be hypocritical.

It's just the news of the day, sort of.

Dunkin' Donuts put out a press release on Thursday of last week announcing it wants to go into five new markets around the country, one of which is here in Waco.

I want to eat healthy. I really do.

Actually I try to do it, though it seems whenever I try the hardest to eat healthily, I end up failing the most miserably. I'll out-smart myself and my "healthy choice" ends up being terrible for me.