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Rumors circulated again on Monday that Fat Ho Burgers was closed.

The rumor reached me as I was sitting at the Elite watching Game 3 of the Rangers-Rays American League Divisional Series. And since I had heard such rumors before only to drive past Fat Ho and find it alive and kicking, I did not leave my perch at the Elite bar. The Rangers were in the midst of hanging on for dear life.

Nonetheless I checked it out this morning and indeed found the Fat Ho doors barred and locked.

The month in reviews: September

October 3, 2011 | Chad Conine | Promotions | Comment

Oh, baby, it's a beautiful Monday morning.

As I sit here at my favorite coffee shop, it's  sunny and 75 degrees. The high today is supposed to be 88 and the overnight low is predicted to be 54. Is it time to break out the hoodie? A man can dream.

Friends, we made it. I kept telling myself all summer that God gave Texas the heat because He knew we could handle it. I believe that. But He also blesses us with the pleasure of feeling like a day on which the high temperature is 88 degrees is a little slice of heaven.

Hey, Waco, let's just file this one in the category of any press is good press.

Last week, our city landed on's list of "The 10 College Towns with the Worst Food."

It's a tough one to take, especially for me, since I pretty much base my self worth on websites like's appraisal of things. However, in the interest of us all having some perspective on how much we suck, I'm going to continue writing about this woeful blemish.

Thank you, Lord, for Texas: Stubb's BBQ

September 29, 2011 | Chad Conine | Profiles | Comment

A bunch of us Waco folks took over an Austin institution on Wednesday night.

That is to say, the Waco products and Waco-proud boys in the David Crowder Band headlined the opening concert of their current tour at Stubb's Barbecue just off 6th Street in Austin.

And a big group of Waco fans enjoyed the show from among the sold out crowd in Stubb's back yard.

We know you want a WacoFork app. We want one too. It's been in the plan all along.

But when will it ever get here?

Well, it's like the story my dad used to tell about the cat whose tail got run over — it won't be long now.

Click "Read more" for a link to a quick demo that shows some of the things our app will do in helping you make the best possible restaurant selection here in beautiful Waco.

There was a time when Bill & Bob's virtually cornered Waco's burger-joint market.

There was a time when, wherever you found yourself in Waco, a Bill & Bob's could be found close by. There was a time, even as recently as this summer, when this writer sat down with a cheeseburger at Bill & Bob's and grew nostalgic for those bygone times.

But now Bill & Bob's, as a restaurant at least, is closed.

Among several truths by which I strive to live life is this: watching sports on television, especially with friends, is ALWAYS a good idea.

I've never watched a game on TV and afterwards thought "What am I doing with my life?" And I've tested the boundaries. Believe me.

But in case you think spending Monday night watching Monday Night Football, or all day Saturday or Sunday watching college or NFL football, is a little bit of a waste of time, then let me put your mind at ease. As of this past weekend, The Dancing Bear Pub is giving you a way to watch football all season long and feel as though you are working toward an end goal.

(Guest blogger Wade Mackey, pictured standing with Taqueria El Crucero owner Jesus Betancourt on the left, has been a faithful WacoFork friend since the beginning of our venture. He's also a loyal El Crucero patron.)

By Wade Mackey

This past Saturday morning I made my weekly visit to Taqueria El Crucero for breakfast only to be met with the bad news that they had been robbed the previous night. I went by Common Grounds and ran into Jake Patterson, another faithful Crucero-er, who suggested that in response to the thief's cowardly actions, we could do our part to refill Crucero’s coffers by eating there every day this week.

It's parents weekend at Baylor this weekend, and we all know what that means. Mom and dad are in town to pay for dinner! So we thought we'd make a few suggestions to help show you Baylor parents what Waco has to offer. By the way, check out our ad in the latest issue of the Lariat. It's right next to the Sudoku puzzle in the sports page.

Right now, I'm sitting in downtown Columbus, Ohio thinking about the fact that this is not a food blog.

It's a restaurant blog. Perhaps even a lifestyle blog. But today, it IS a Foo blog. That's because I came here to visit my friend Zach McFarlen, a Robinson High School graduate, and see the Foo Fighters tonight. So, see, Foo blog.

And I realize there's a picture of fajitas featured along with this blog. And I realize that has nothing to do with Ohio or the Foo Fighters. But it's because I flew out of Texas relatively early this morning and so I stayed the night at a hotel by the airport.