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Chicken. Panang. Curry. Dang!
This review is strictly for the Panang Curry. My favorite dish in Waco. I usually get it to go and I think the to-go has more food. Two meals! I love this stuff, I pretty much drink the sauce from the to-go container when the chicken and peppers are all gone. If I could change anything about it, I would make it more spicy, maybe you can, I'll ask next time.

I do have one complaint though. When I get it to-go, there is usually a line to pay, but not a line of to-go orders. I think it is for dinner only, but when you dine in, you have to go up to the front to pay. Sometimes I get there and my food is ready to go on the counter but there is a line of sometimes ten people to pay that are dining in. Since it's a lot of college students, they mainly pay separately and that takes a long time. I usually have to wait to pay around 8-10 minutes when I go in and have waited over 15 minutes before. I would cut in line (if I notice my order ready on the counter) but I don't want to be that guy. If management reads this, please consider changing your policy and let dine in customers pay from their table. You are my favorite place in Waco right now and I would give you a five stars if it wasn't for this.
jose Antonioby

Food Taste Just About right.
We're from San Antonio, and whenever we visit our daughter attending at Baylor, we come here to dine. The food is great. My favorite is the Kari. The service is not so friendly. I think it depends on time of day you go there, because if you happen to be there and crowd is less, we get more attention from the waiter. If during rush hour, it'll be awhile you get refills, or extra napkins, etc. But overall, the place is authentic. Nice location. Food is great.

Mixed Emotions
I really wish I could give this restaurant a higher rating, but based on horrific service mixed with portion sizes that left a lot to be desired, I simply cannot. I've been to Bangkok Royal a handful of times and the food has always been decent and consistent. Pad Thai is never a bad choice, and their Cashew Chicken is very good. That being said, good luck ever getting a refill of anything, or God forbid, you need to order more food. An understaffed dining room coupled with an incredibly ill equipped waitstaff makes for a dining experience that would be best left to taco cabana. I truly do enjoy their food and the restaurant has a very inviting ambiance, but until they step up their dining experience quotient, I'll be forced to relegate my business to take out only.

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Food good. Service bad.
I know many of the others who have written reviews seem to all love this place. I will preface this that I'm not the biggest fan of Asian food. I went with friends and attempted to have an open mind. I got one of their salads and found it quite tasty.......once I received it. My group of six was seated quickly in the relatively deserted place. However it took us forever to get our food. The appetizers were brought out with our meal only after we asked about them. While I understand not being able to bring out everyones dish in one trip, but we ended up waiting another five minutes before the other two members got their meal. Meanwhile I'm still waiting. And I wait. Another good five to ten minutes before they bring out my salad. (I secretly wondered if they had to go kill the chicken for my salad out back). Then they forgot my friends dessert order. The meal was tasty and the curry was strong. But I doubt I'll go back simply because of the poor service. Also my aunt had previously visited this place and found their service to be slow as well.

Great soup, quick service, I've had better phad Thai
I come from Washington state, which has a plethora of amazing thai food. I'd put Bangkok Royal as "okay" thai food, but good considering what Waco has to offer. It's not bad overall, with average wonton soup (they don't offer a bowl though so it's not a meal in itself), amazing curry (SO good, any type), and average phad Thai. I find that people who aren't familiar with Thai food will go with phad Thai, but it's only "okay" here and thus gives a less-than-stellar first impression of this rather good restaurant.

Curry FTW!
If someone asked me where to go for a nice sit-down meal (say, with someone you'd like to impress) in Waco, I would probably send them to Bangkok Royal. Their new location is spectacularly nice, so much so that it feels like a fancier restaurant than nearby Diamondback's.

Anyway, there's no question that this is the best Asian food in Waco. As a huge fan of spicy food, I love the different curries on the menu. They're even willing to make things spicier if you'd like a three-star dish to be more like a six. They even have tofu, which I love, even though I'm about as carnivorous as it gets.

Even the take-out from Bangkok Royal is nice. Every time I've gotten curry to go, it even comes in an awesome plastic tub instead of the usual "please don't ooze curry on my car seats" styrofoam box that most places give you.

The downsides? Sometimes the service is a tad slow, and I have a bad habit of ordering the pricier things on the menu. I guess it's the fact that there are seafood dishes and tasty appetizers to order and, well, I can't resist. They have some wonderful inexpensive lunch specials, though, which sort of makes up for it.

Bangkok Royal with cheese
Consitantly fantastic. Confort food at its best. I'll make this simple. This is the bar for any other pacific restaurant in Waco to beat.

I recommend any of the noodle dishes,
Appetizer: toon tong
Soup: can't recall the name. The one aromatic with broth and shrimp, although the one with coconut milk kicks a little Bangkok too.
Main Dish: Any curry dish, any of the noodle dishes or pad tai extra spicy. The seafood always tastes fresh.

do it... do it.... do it

This Is Food Addiction Heaven
There was a while where it was almost every other day, but I cut it out.I love so many things on their menu, it can be difficult to pick just one thing. This is one place where I really do enjoy sitting down and eating a meal. I also love take out- they wrap everything up in an aluminum box which keeps everything hot and tasty! Warning: those containers are not spill-proof and my car mats are evidence of this. Oops.

I adore the Thai Fried Rice and Pineapple Fried Rice and other things I cannot remember the names of because they are numbers, and I don't do too well with numbers. The fried bananas are a treat! I've gotten a few friends hooked on them.

While many people complain about their staff, I think they're just really laid back. I really never have an issue about it. It's just common knowledge what you're getting into when you eat here.

Yes, I will keep coming back and coming back.

Not Quite As Good as I Remember
Ate lunch here today for the first time in well over a year. No reason, just haven't gotten back.

I had the #7 Cashew Chicken with jasmine rice and soup. Some of the chicken in the dish tasted "old," and the portion seemed smaller than I remember. Next time I think I'll try the tofu in the #7. The soup was good and the spring roll excellent.

The iced Thai Coffee was strong and somewhat bitter. I don't remember it being bitter before, but have not ordered it in awhile.

Service was a little better than average probably because it was not crowded.

Being a holiday weekend, things may have been off a bit. I'm hoping my next visit will be as good as I remember.

On Our List of Favorites Downtown
Everything I have had there is excellent! Pad Thai, Cashew Chicken & fresh rolls are a great place to start.

Thai Tea is awesome
Ok, I've heard this place is legit from multiple different people, So my girl and I went to check it out one night. We did not have fun.

Not being super big on Thai food anyway, we decided to take what we thought to be a safe first plate: Chicken Fried Rice. When we got our plates, it honestly smelled like our dog during bath time. It tasted like it smelt. horrible.

Now, when I go here with friends, I have found some things that I can muster, BUT the one thing I ALWAYS get and ALWAYS LOVE is the Thai Tea! So Good!

Best of luck to you guys - Let me know what's good and I can try that!

Some great Thai
They can be a bit slow on busy nights but the food is worth it :)
they have plenty of appetizers and dishes to choose from and you can select by number so you don't have to say the names ;)
Also, great curry and noodles, etc.

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for tie wearin' thai food lovers (who may or may not be named tye)
If I want anything asian influenced EVER, please go here. They have tofu if you don't like meat, their vegetables are always fresh, the fried eggrolls are supreme, their peanut sauce is delectable, and they give you drinks in goblets. GOBLETS, I say.

I would say to try one specific thing, but you really can't go wrong. Just try it all.

The only bad thing I could say is that their service is typically a little slow, so be sure to set aside some time so that you can go, indulge, and not be rushed.

Best Asian restaurant in Waco
This Thai food restaurant is great. I was taken here when I was interviewing for a job at Baylor. They knew I was from California, and wanted to show me there was good Asian food here. I was not disappointed.

This restaurant is also vegetarian-friendly--any dish can be made with fried tofu. They are also very good about custom cooking for allergies: my kids are allergic to eggs, peanut, and sesame, but the cook was still able to cook up some killer fried rice that my daughter loves.

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