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Bangkok Royal


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Food good. Service bad.
I know many of the others who have written reviews seem to all love this place. I will preface this that I'm not the biggest fan of Asian food. I went with friends and attempted to have an open mind. I got one of their salads and found it quite tasty.......once I received it. My group of six was seated quickly in the relatively deserted place. However it took us forever to get our food. The appetizers were brought out with our meal only after we asked about them. While I understand not being able to bring out everyones dish in one trip, but we ended up waiting another five minutes before the other two members got their meal. Meanwhile I'm still waiting. And I wait. Another good five to ten minutes before they bring out my salad. (I secretly wondered if they had to go kill the chicken for my salad out back). Then they forgot my friends dessert order. The meal was tasty and the curry was strong. But I doubt I'll go back simply because of the poor service. Also my aunt had previously visited this place and found their service to be slow as well.