byGGPeel, June 2, 2011
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I love Lolita's!! I can't hammer back the Elephante anymore but no weekend is complete without a taste of Lolita's.
It's good to see the same people always behind the counter, sup Jeremy!
byGGPeel, May 30, 2011
The food is fine, nothing amazing but a variety for all types. The menu changes a lot which is annoying when something you like is no longer available.
Beer selection is great, when the one you want is actually in stock. It's better to go there for beer/apps or dinner than late at night, the bartenders tend to ignore you and it takes too long to get a drink from them. Having a table will help a little to get what you want in a reasonable time.
byGGPeel, May 30, 2011
Great food, quick & delicious! Sesame chicken is a must!
byGGPeel, May 30, 2011
Always a good decision! Quick and delicious and consistent!
I have eaten there twice now. Of course i'm into all things downtown so I had to give it a whirl. The people were very nice and the sandwich was fast but when I bit in I was not sold. The bread is weird and kind of chewy, the lettuce overwhelmed the Beach Club I got and there was very little flavor over all.
The chips were good and I like that they have lemonade though that is not what they are mainly selling. I see it busy all the time but I just don't get it. Delivery doesn't make it ok, I can get the Olive Branch delivered and that always rocks!!!
byGGPeel, May 30, 2011
I love that it downtown and walking distance from so many things. The decor is super fun and the people at the register also sweet. I love the York Chocolate something or other. The other flavors are a little blah for my taste but I am never disappointed with what I choose.
byGGPeel, May 30, 2011
Bangkok Royal
Everything I have had there is excellent! Pad Thai, Cashew Chicken & fresh rolls are a great place to start.
byGGPeel, May 30, 2011
My husband and I consider ourselves sushi snobs, we make it a point to eat it in most major towns! We decided to try Fuji a few Saturdays ago and sat at the bar. We had good drinks, wine & Japanese beer. The rolls listed were ok to read but tasted great, we really liked the Hawaiian Roll with mango on it! That was my pick to which the man said he wouldn't like but now he would order for himself.
Give it a go!
byGGPeel, April 10, 2011
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The Olive Branch
I have a standing meeting at the Olive Branch every Tuesday morning, this never gets old because I can order the same thing every week or change it up and my belly is happy! I love that they make everything in the restaurant, last week I had a bagel that they topped with parmesan, garlic & thyme - delicious!
The coffee is the best in Waco! Especially in one of her super cool to-go mugs you can buy!
Oh and some days I might sneak in a cakeball before noon, totally worth it! Peanut Butter cakeball hits the spot!