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When someone brings a new flavor to town, Waco Fork takes notice. But this time it’s a film festival that’s looking to spice things up.

My name is Louis Hunter. As one of the festival co-directors, and a fellow foodie, I appreciate this chance to tell Wacoans about the Deep in the Heart Film Festival premiering February 16th - 19th at the Waco Hippodrome.

Anyone who knows anything about Texas barbecue has heard of Franklin Barbecue in Austin. We've all heard stories of people getting in line at Franklin at 8am (3 hours before they open) just to make sure they get their fill of smoked goodness that day, because everyone knows they sell out fast. There was even an entrepreneurial teenager who made a side business out of waiting in line for people at Franklin so they didn't have to. He made some pretty good money until Franklin shut down his operation for the sake of fairness to those loyal customers who actually stood in line for themselves.

The WacoFork Club has been live for a little over a month, and we have been really excited to partner with some fantastic local non-profit organizations so far. We are excited to announce the addition of another organization to the list: The Waco Downtown Farmers Market! We already have several vendors at the Farmers Market, and now the Market can benefit directly from their partnership with the WacoFork Club!

WACO, TX (Sept. 15, 2016) – Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, the popular Baton Rouge-based restaurant company known for its ONE LOVE® – quality chicken finger meals – will open its third restaurant in Waco on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 801 S. Kultgen Expressway, on the west side of I-35 at 8th Street.

The WacoFork Club just keeps getting better and better, folks. Our friends at Cricket's have officially joined the club! For those of you keeping score, that brings us up to 26 restaurants! And we're not done yet.

Cricket's is offering WacoFork Club members a FREE order of deep friend dill pickles with an order of an entrée. That's a $7.49 value! If you use this deal just 4 times, you've covered the cost of your WacoFork Club membership. And that's just 1 of the many deals (32 at last count) that are available to club members. Seriously, why haven't you joined yet?

BRÛ Artisan Coffee Works is a newcomer to a growing and thriving Waco coffee scene, and they are the newest addition the the ever-growing WacoFork Club. Chad wrote about BRÛ a couple of months ago, and in that post he made the statement that downtown Waco now has a legitimate coffee district with 3 great coffee shops/roasters in a 5-block radius. I have to agree, and I absolutely love it!

WacoFork Club Restaurants - Tea2Go

September 8, 2016 | Cory Webb | Profiles | Comment

The latest addition to our ever-growing list of WacoFork Club restaurants is Tea2Go. This news makes my wife very happy because she absolutely loves Tea2Go. In fact, sometimes she stops by Tea2Go before going to other restaurants to get a drink to bring with her.

Folks, we're signing up new restaraunts for the WacoFork Club left and right this week! First it was Cupp's Drive Inn, and now Diamondback's! And there are still more to come, so stay tuned!

With the purchase of an entrée, Diamondback's is offering Wacofork Club members a trio of their house-made signature rosemary cheddar popovers to take home with you after your meal. It's the perfect end to a nice meal at one of Waco's finest restaurants.

I hate crowds, and I hate waiting in line. I avoid both as much as possible. The only time I will go to Six Flags is during the 2 weeks at the beginning or end of the summer when the park closes at 6:00 pm, because there are no crowds and no lines during those weeks (but that's our little secret, so don't tell anyone).

I know what you're thinking. "Didn't they already launch the WacoFork Club? Why are they announcing another restaurant?" The answer to the first question is yes, we launched the club on August 15. As for the second question, you didn't think we were going to stop adding restaurants, did you? We intend to keep adding great restaurants and fantastic deals to the club for the foreseeable future to keep adding to what is already an incredible value.

The next restaurant to join the WacoFork Club is Cupp's Drive Inn. They are offering FREE hand-battered onion rings to WacoFork Club members with the purchase of a burger, fries, and a drink at the regular menu price. I watched them hand-batter their fresh-cut onion rings this morning, so I know first-hand that they are made and hand-battered fresh daily.