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D's Chicken Delight / Mediterranean Grill

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Quality lebanese food, in a unique environment
Smart business to introduce chicken first and then push to the lebanese cuisine. I have never tried the chicken, when I learned they had falafel I went right there. I went in at a slow time of day and talked to the owner, he asked me if I ever tried grape leaves, why yes I have(at a lebanese diner in europe with a lebanese friend!) and they are horrible! AH, the challenge! He told me to wait a few moments and out he comes with a plate of grape leaves and says, "TASTE!". I was changed, grape leaves here, are perfection. The do not have the horrible bitterness I have tasted in most every other grape leaf, and I highly recommend you try them at D's. Stuffed with rice and chicken, they are great alone or with the tzatziki. The hummus and baba ghanoush with pita crisps should not be missed either. Once can make a meal of stuffed grape leaves and the 'chips and dips'.

The location is a bit of a hole in the wall, but inside it is clean and more roomy and it looks on the outside.
Don't forget to get a baklava to go on your way out.

And now for something completely different...
I love D's. I don't think I've ever had anything I haven't enjoyed at D's. The "sandwiches" (more like wraps) with chicken, pickles, lettuce and some kind of cucumber cream sauce are to die for. The stuffed grape leaves are sweet, tart and addicting. The Greek dressing on the side salads is one of my favorite salad dressings in Waco. Hummus--need I say more? I could eat hummus and pitas for days. And there's lamb! Delicious lamb in what's possibly the most unpretentious building in Waco. I can go in there in Nike shorts and a crappy Baylor shirt and not feel like I've brought down the value of everything on the menu.

D's simply delightful. Sure, you have to order at the counter and sometimes it takes a bit for your food to come out, but that's because they have to make it. The people running it are always friendly and always willing to explain the items on the menu to people looking to try something new. There's simply nowhere else like it in Waco.

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On my list.
I admit. I am a fan of mediterranian food. Introduced to it at the tender age of 16, I have looked for it in every place I go...lo and behold, there is some in Waco! Now admittedly it is Lebanese, not Greek, but they are similar in some things. I find the cucumber yogurt 'salad' D-lightful, even if it really is cucumbers in yogurt/dill sauce and NOT a salad. I love to dip the pita in it after I eat all the cukes! I also am a fan of dolmades, but at D's they call them stuffed grape leaves. Not cute to look at but packed with rice and meat and rolled up. (greek version of our cabbage roll)The spanikopita (phillo dough layered with spinach mixture and baked) is a piece of heaven.
Took a greek friend there recently and it was given 'good' marks (seeing it was really Lebanese) but bad marks for price for amount of food. I do agree is pricey, but it is a one horse show for this town. I hear 1424 serves some greek, so we will venture there and compare!! Stay tuned!

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Dont Have to Cross the Ocean
This place my dad has been telling me about for while, just never took to time to pop by and check it out till today. it’s a nice little place down on Colcord, not far from Burger Barn.
You walk in, it’s a nice quite atmosphere and nicely decorated. They have their Mediterranean menu, their Daily Specials and an American Menu (hamburger, chicken tenders etc- for those who bring their kids or those who eat like kids).

So we walk up to the counter to look over the menu and talk to the guy…. asking him what’s in everything and how to pronounce it all. He was real nice, helpful and informative. After looking it all over I settled on the Lamb Kabob on a bed of rice with two sides- spanakopita (sautéed spinach & feta rolled up in buttery filo dough) and I had to try their mashed potatoes, it also came with 2 slices of unleavened bread… and for dessert I ordered one of the lady fingers.
So I place my order, go sit down and wait. Wasn’t very busy when I first got there, but by he time my food rolled out, the place was nearly packed. Had people from all walks of life coming in, which is great to see. They call your number and bring over to you. First thing I noticed was the awesome aroma filling the air from my dish as it approached. You could smell the bell peppers, the seasoning, the lamb… was awesome.

The first thing I tried was the mashed potatoes, I like mashed potatoes a lot so I had to give them first shot. They were alright, nice texture, decent flavor, served with classic white gravy. They weren’t anything special but… they definitely weren’t bad either. They serve a chicken fried steak, so I bet they go better with that than my lamb. Next I tried the spanakopita (he told me how to pronounce it a couple of times, I still cant get it… hahaha). It was freaking great, the dough was the flakiest dough Id ever eaten, lightly sweet, crisp, was just amazing. If I could’ve made my dough that flaky in pastry class I would’ve been set… ;) . The spinach and the feta cheese stuffing had a great flavor, nice and creamy texture, these were definitely made from scratch. Then I tried the rice on which the main dish rested upon. Its not your plain white or brown rice, it’s a Mediterranean style rice I suppose. It was pretty good, welled cooked and a decent flavor Now we come to the main dish… lamb kabob with grilled squash, zucchini, shallots and red bell peppers. The lamb was well seasoned, perfectly cooked with still a little pink in the center, tender and flavorful. Some of the best lamb Id every had. The veggies were seasoned as well, nicely grilled, nice and sweet. Really loved the bell peppers and their nicely blacked edges.

Over all I had a great experience and will most definitely be going back again, real soon. They have all kinds of interesting things on their menu, even the classic falafel. And as soon as I try the dessert I purchased I add it into my review.

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Worth the wait time
Be sure you have lots of time when you go to D's. They're never really speedy! But the food is worth the wait. I love the falafel sandwich (sans the pickle ... blech!), and always intend to eat only half and take the rest home. It never happens. It's just too good!

It's a Jewel...Really.
I love D's. Everything about it. The bars on the windows...the gyro...the fried chicken...everything. Except the price. It is, in fact a little pricey...especially for lunch. And if you're in a hurry, this is not your spot...even when calling in.

But, if you've got some time and a little extra cash, it's a definite.

Cutting carbs? Not to worry...they've got you covered. Fried green beans, baby!

If you're prone to after lunch burps, don't say I didn't warn you. Seriously.

Cheers to D's!

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Really Good - Not Amazing
This is a fun change of pace from typical dining in Waco - Greek food.

The hummus is KILLER with the pita chips. And it's one of the cleaner dives in town.

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The Myth the Legend
D's...everyone always talked about D's like it was some mythical experience that every good white Baylor kid had to do in order to gain some Waco street cred. I will admit, I felt a bit pensive as I was driven there the first time by a life long local friend of mine. You really do pass right out of any place that you would find familiar in Waco. As you sink deeper into what seems to be a run down residential area, all of a sudden BOOM there it is...mythical D's right next to brokenness and redemption on Colcord. When you first walk in you are very confused in a very good way as to what you will be tasting today. It's like walking into Paula Deen's kitchen, but not the TV ready Paula Deen's kitchen. The one where she actually sweat when she cooks. You get that earthy lebanese spice tone going on because D's doubles as a Lebanese restaurant. I was never really brave enough to try the Mediterranean fare. Something about the meat on the heating skewer that resembled steaming turd kinda turned me off, but the chicken tenders...Oh my God slap yo momma good. And they are freakin huge! I mean really D, what kind of chickens do you grow in Lebanon? The are like the amazonian chickens from Lebanon that taste so awesome. All joking aside, he puts just a hint of some kind of paprika/curry something in the batter that just gives the chicken a very unique kick that keeps you craving it, and this my friends is why the myth becomes legend. It's got that vibe, you know the one that was never meant to be a vibe. Its that rootsy cool type of place that never set out to be that way or would even admit to it, and that is what makes it cool. If you are brave enough, make the trek. I miss it. I love it, and if your are really lucky you might run in to some really cool people down there with great stories to go along with the Amazonian Fried Chicken of Lebanon.

This is what I love about Waco: The random mesh of two unrelated (yet amazing) things
A good gyro (read: "euro"...don't worry, I've made that novice mistake) is a delicate thing. Everything must be perfect to create a happy balance in the Greek world: the pita must be warm and firm, the onions and tomatoes should be fresh, the tzatziki (don't even ask me how to say that one; I still don't know) sauce should be fragrant and homemade, and the you should see the lamb somewhere rollin' around on an electronic spit.

GUESS WHAT?? D's has ALL of the above. Charlie said it best..."Winning!"

And, if the thought of roasted lamb makes your gag reflex go into hyperactivity, you can have some D-licous (PUN) fried chicken fingers instead (roll, gravy, and crinkle cut fries [the best kind] included).

love this place
family-run mediterranean place. food is amazing and prices are good. sometimes it's a bit slow, but totally worth the wait

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Hands down, D's is amazing! The Mediterranean food is top notch. (I go for the gyro usually!) But the fried chicken! SO GOOD!!! You can get it regular or spicy (not too much, just a nice kick.) It is so flavorful and tender, never dried out like some chicken places.

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